The Ghanaian Celebrity Lifestyle: First Class Travel, Expensive Bags, Exotic Holidays, Designer Wears—WHO IS PAYING FOR ALL THIS?

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Ghanaian celebrities
Who is the financier?

I’ve always ‘envied’ western celebrities for one reason and that is, despite the huge amount of cash they have, they never really pay for anything—mostly, people offer them certain luxuries like free hotel accommodation, flights, designer wears and even exotic holidays.

My envy springs from the fact that, they never really have to pay for anything even though they are stinking rich. However, ordinary Kojos and Arabas like me with not much sitting in our bank accounts have to pay for everything. Who actually needs freebies? The broke individuals or the millionaires…? But that is the world we live in!

Interestingly and probably unknown to many of our Ghanaian Celebrities that most of their western counterparts do not pay for their ‘exorbitant lifestyles’, our celebrities have plunged themselves into this sort of class race—sitting in Accra and wanting to live like Kim Kardashian or Jay-Z.

Prior to Lupita Nyongo’s recent Oscar appearance, it emerged that several of the world’s expensive gown designers flooded her with their dresses for free—hoping she will just choose to wear their brands to the prestigious awards. At the end of the day, she rocked a stunning sky blue Prada dress and I will not be shocked if on top of it being a freebie, Prada even paid her to wear the dress.

Meanwhile, back home in Ghana, upon seeing Lupita’s freely acquired beautiful dress, some of our celebrities will be scheming through different means and tunnels, so to wear Prada or repeat the Oscar de la Renta that Halle Berry recently wore for one of our red carpet events.

I’ve come across Kim Kardashian and some western celebrities occasionally showing off a watch, a hotel they stayed in, a gym and sometimes even a drink. The hidden truth behind most of these social media exhibitions is that, Kim Kardashian, Justin Bieber, Chris Brown, Rihanna and the rest who engage in these activities are mostly PAID to do so—subtle advertisement for these brands. Though such conducts are regarded as unethical with UK advertising regulators recently requesting that celebrities who engage in these promotions should let their fans understand they’ve received some sort of compensation for their tweets, Instagram or facebook posts, some of the celebrities continue to ignore this requirement.

Once again, visit the Instagram page of a Ghanaian celebrity and you will be shocked by the sort of free promo the person gives to some fake designer watch purchased from Mainland China, a Cambodia LV bag or British Airways on the false premise that, he or she is ‘balling’ and repeating exactly the high class lifestyle of the western celebrities.

When these western celebrities are getting paid to do something, you are rather spending your borrowed or little cash on replicas—and putting them on display for free, to engrain the self-pity that you are on the same pedestal with them…

The validity of a person’s celebrity status very much depends on his or her actions and the number of freebies his/her personality can fetch in the world of the big brands, a friend once said.

Usually, I ask myself this simple question; how come our Ghanaian celebrities only seem to know of the Kim Kardashian approach to marketing and branding, when in fact, the Denzel Washington’s approach and brand is probably the greatest, untouched and well respected. Denzel is reported to have said in an interview that he does not even have a Twitter account, let alone to show off cheap fake products. Of course our celebrities will not be interested in his style; they will be hooked on the Kardashian pill when they cannot even afford it. Eventually, they end up taking a Chinese version of the pill with long running unpleasant consequence.

Even if the western celebrities do not get most of their high class lifestyle bills discounted or cancelled by virtue of their status, they have enough in the bank to afford that lifestyle.

There is a hazy consensus out there that most of our Ghanaian Celebrities who bombard us with their so called high class lifestyles cannot afford them—in reality, the likes of Kojo Antwi and the rest who can afford them are probably not interested and won’t even flaunt them.

The question worth asking at this stage is this; who is actually paying for First Class Travel, Expensive Bags, Exotic Holidays, Designer Wears and the out of budget lifestyles that our celebrities want us to believe they are living?

Chris-Vincent Agyapong Febiri, Founding Editor
Chris-Vincent Agyapong Febiri is the Founding Editor of GhanaCelebrities.Com , a Film Critic and a Human Rights Advocate; he holds 2 masters degrees in Law; International Human Rights Law (LL.M) and Legal Practice Course (LL.M) from University of Leicester and Nottingham Law School--and also a degree in Law (LL.B) from University of East London. He's a Professional Truth Sayer and he is the author of the popular eBook “Success is a Right, Not A Privilege.” He currently works at Adukus Solicitors in London--where he uses his legal brains to kick real ass, for the good of clients and humanity. Contact: [email protected]


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  1. Let me tell you something about Ghanaian celebrities, they are just too DUMB to know that the western celebrities are paid to advertise those things. All they do is copy copy. Chanel Bag, LV Bag, Prada dress and all that when they don’t get any movie roles or make any good music. So where is the money coming from? The women re opening their holes and the men are scams or sharing their sticks with some old married “patheric” women who call them when they are horny

    1. True and some of the men are all over face book breaking hearts. They also using their fame to get married to desperate females without any payment just to acquire their staying permit. Bunch of suckers, the industry president needs to banned them for years. Upon all their ashawo most of them cant even afford the authentic goodies… Imitation is their bestfriend.

  2. Interesting article but it will only have an effect if your celebrities will learn from it. Some of them behave as if their full time job is on instagram when they are even being paid for that.

    I remember Naa Ashorkor said in an interview on here that her Ghanaian celebrity friends just wake up in the morning,dress and take photos just to put on social media. The financier behind all their spending is not their work rather the big men they are fuking. the peoples husband that they hide to fuk for cash

  3. Good morning GC family… I have to post before i go to work. Some of us have to work 12 hours straight, unlike certain so called Celebrities who sleeps around to live their dream live. Anyway Chris thank you so much for stating the truth. These girls gets paid between 300dollars to 500dollars, We all know Ghana movies has been down lately and cant even afford to pass roles to these wannabees yet some of them spend their fellow women hubby’s money like there’s no tomorrow. Shame unto you all. Sandra and Yvonne are the leaders in the game. AS for John we all know he dupe’s innocent girls abroad for his first class tickets and things. Very soon these girls will cut their hair like lupita and rock the cantamanto version of her beautiful designer wears. They are ashawo kekeles… Disgrace to ghallywood.

    1. Good morning and I agree 1000% with all you said. One day one of the people they keep duping will juju one of them to go mad and they will see

  4. Chris the actual issue here is that these so called Ghanaian celebrities are not exposed so they just don’t even know what being a celebrity is about. Secondly, they do not have the money and connections to live the life they see on MTV and E! being lived by the foreign celebrities. As a result, all of them have become small pocket thieves and deep hoes at night.

    The men are deceiving young women to take their little money and the women even those who are married are fucking other men for some dollars so they can buy Brazilian weave. If you want to know who is paying for all that they do n claim to leave, the answer is that they are not the ones paying themselves some mogu somewhere is paying and they thing is being exchanged for the payment

  5. I think the problem with the Ghanaian celebrities is that they try hard to look too western when in fact, they do not have the capital their western counterparts have. Even with all that capital, the western counterparts are still paid to wear designer dresses or freely wear them to advertise brands. I know Ghanaian celebrities are also sometimes approached by local designers to wear their clothing for them. But you know what, they would rather appear in Versace than a local brand so they end up using desperate measures. It applies to regular people too. It’s a matter of living within your means. If you cannot do that, you will end up using desperate measures to get what you want because the foreign designers are not going to call Ghanaian celebrities to wear their clothing and carry their bags for free.

  6. I will always like Chris,u always says it candid as it is….. I wonder if these celebrities read your articles at times?It’s a very shameful

    1. of course they read it. most of them frequent here, its just that most of them have no shame and are not willing to change.

      1. Thanx for letting me know they do read the articles…..if they read and can’t change from that dirty lifestyle, then it’s up to them to keep ridiculing themselves to the public

    2. I know J’melo, Yvonne, Jackie and so many of them are always on this site.. John used to comment with his facebook acct. This is the only outstanding site so far so am sure all of them are here.

  7. Hmm we all no what they do.everyone is becoming a celebrity in a shame this people will do anything to stay relevant. I laugh when i see those pics they post claimin they are ” balling”. Real ballers dont need to put it in peoples faces

  8. Their jobs are paying for their lifestyle… Not acting I mean..Their other jobs. . Let’s celebrate them for their good works lol

  9. I just think they use their paychecks to buy first class, as far as the expensive bags, dresses they are all fake, i havent seen none of them in any exotic place other than strutting themselves at cheap hotels. They go to expensive stores like Chanel and all these fancy places, take pics like they are balling. None of these celebs have $500 thousand in their account as we speak but they act like they balling on $million account. So lame and wack of them and the biggest culprit is, iron-box head sandra.

    1. Meanwhile the forbes list for the richest people in ghana came out, i didnt see none of these so called celebs name on the list? Whats your net worth, sandra?

  10. i have wondered some time back on this same issue. Because i don’t think they are making enough money to be able to afford all this luxury. No wonder they are full of fake stuffs.

  11. I just feel for the young girls coming up…those who look up to celebrities/ghanaian celebrities in general…not just in Ghana but everywhere across the globe

  12. Well the truth is all these female celebrities sleep with the politicians,footballers and business men in Ghana and Nigeria to finance their sophisticated lifestyle. Why do you think Yvonne and Sandra are no longer friends? its all because of someones husband whom they were bonking. They likes of John Dumelo are all frauds….It really amazes me to see people admire them,or want to be like them. They are all empty barrels.Africans like copy copy kraa too much.

  13. Look at Yvonne posing like she has over 100,000 usd in her damn account. Seriously we all know how Yvonne acquired her first Visa to the united state. She was invited by the couples in ohio, along with agya koo, mercy asiedu, kkd, obour, Jackie appiah, kalsum and prince David for their big wedding. Each actor was given 3500usd to attend the wedding in 2011. Yvonne was so broke the time so she couldn’t refused the offer, even accepted because of the multiple U.S.A visa involved. Now look at her acting like she own half of the states in the country. All these expensive stuffs they put on are fake even the real ones are the money from their so called Charity work.

    1. Hahahahahaha hmmm this is too funny.. I kinda remember that wedding is all over Youtube now. Those couples must be very rich because heard so much after the wedding.

  14. King Kweku Quincy 68 comments

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    AkosuaGhana 51 comments

    It looks like I’m in the lead thus far with 68 comments. Which means I dethroned Miyagi the all time top commentator on GC. So, in that case I’d slow down till someone overtake me before I start commenting again. Hakuna matata~~☆☆♤♧♢

  15. That’s a true question!
    And come to think of it..These celebs koraa what r their networth as someone mentioned below.

  16. I can see a lot of you are comment about GH celebs net worth!!!! Something we’ll never know. But Yvonne N. did say so in her interview with the Delay Show (youTube) that she have build a house! So this should give you an idea of how “rich” she is!! At the end of the day, I don’t know who these people are fooling!! But then again that’s Ghana, people want to live the western lifestyle, when wages are build to suite GH-ian living!!!! Why life is hard in GH!!!!