Is Yvonne Okoro Almost BROKE? | When The Cheques Stop Coming, You Will Be Forced to REPEAT the Same Dress…

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Yvonne Okoro
Yvonne Okoro

Actress Yvonne Okoro drives a Mercedes Benz which she is rumoured to have received from a certain businessman in Ghana, for FREE. And don’t repeat this anywhere else you will get your butt sued…

Over the years, we’ve talked about Ghanaian celebrities living beyond their means—claiming to be ‘balling’ when in fact; they don’t have that much of a bank balance.

When it comes to those western celebrities our local stars desperately want to copy, you will hardly catch then repeating a dress—that is what makes it difficult to be a real celebrity, especially when you want to be seen everywhere.

About two years ago, Yvonne Okoro attended the annual Showbiz Honour, rocking a yellow dress—and we swear, we just spotted her wearing the SAME goddam dress in Nigeria, where she is shooting a movie.

If this was any ordinary person, we wouldn’t have been bothered with it but considering the fact that celebrities like Yvonne Okoro and the rest want to tell us they are STINKING rich, showing their wealth with their first class airplane photos, designer wears among others, we decided to point this out.

It looks like things are getting tough for Yvonne Okoro, financially—and probably her sources of income are closing up. If not, what else would force a ‘baller’ to repeat her dress? After all, it is the ‘changing and changing’ that make her a ‘baller’…

These people need to learn the hard way and stop all the pretending…

We are patiently waiting for her to come and say she has 15 of the same dress-same colour. Anyway, when was the last time Yvonne Okoro featured in any big movie?

Yvonne Okoro
Yvonne Okoro
Yvonne Okoro-Last two years

Chris-Vincent Agyapong Febiri, Founding Editor
Chris-Vincent Agyapong Febiri is the Founding Editor of GhanaCelebrities.Com , a Film Critic and a Human Rights Advocate; he holds 2 masters degrees in Law; International Human Rights Law (LL.M) and Legal Practice Course (LL.M) from University of Leicester and Nottingham Law School--and also a degree in Law (LL.B) from University of East London. He's a Professional Truth Sayer and he is the author of the popular eBook “Success is a Right, Not A Privilege.” He currently works at Adukus Solicitors in London--where he uses his legal brains to kick real ass, for the good of clients and humanity. Contact: [email protected]


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  1. Wo ara ankasa you will talk the truth. Akesesem no will not take you anywhere. I bet the thing has opened too wide so the master is no more interested and he has stopped paying. So if the payments are not coming in because no one wants the thing anymore where will she get the money from to show off or buy a new dress? it is either she sits indoor or recycle the old ones hoping that we will not spot it

    1. hahahaha the thing needs hotwater, kakaduro, Pepr3 and nkitinkiti for recovery. Is a good home remedy for xxl pea… James you are too funny

      1. omg too funny you also know the terms pea? well is very true she needs to treat the underpart so she can gets client for the summer. Brokeness is all over her.

    2. Is she not a human being like you.
      Why do Ghanaians talk too much without minding their own business.
      The fact that she’s an actress does not mean she has the whole worlds money packed in her bed room

    3. Why do you guys always have the thought that every rich and prominent woman or celebraty sells their bodies to be or remain wealthy? Shame on you. Tell me, if it were your mum, sister, aunty, coursin, niece or girlfriend would you ever have or believe such about them? Go get the book “As a man thinketh” and read. Have good thoughts for in life that is what makes or break you and your spirit

  2. Hahaha OMG Chris u got me laughing out so loud. I guess she now wears it as a casual dress. I think dere is nuffin wrong with dat especially since she did nt take it out to any program bt to meet bervlyn n co. To me dey dont worth a new cloth

    1. She doesnt even have new clothes I think since Yvonne will snap every moment to show us her 10,000 dollars dress. lol

  3. Chris I couldn’t stop at “And don’t repeat this anywhere else you will get your butt sued…”. As I always say, these girls are better described as ashawo than the celebrity we throw at them. She is on a movie set wearing the same dress which she may be claiming she bought for 10,000 dollars. Fool, With that 10,000 you could by over 200 dresses and wear them that is if indeed she has that money lol

    1. Ankara don’t forget you’re a woman too. Don’t tell me you have never repeated a dress. Besides don’t we all turn some of our news dress into casual when its old and the timing is right for such? Or do you just throw them away.? Be real.

      1. Let them act like idiots… Yvonne already shoes pics of Instagram of Hollywood celeb repeating clothes… Chris u have mouth to talk, funny u were here 2 months ago begging pile to give you money so that you can attend cannes festival. . I bet u r broke ugly ass could not spousal ur evil self… want thing people most realize is jealous pple do not succeed. . That’s why chris has not.. he’s bitter, and bias. U never criticized Jackie Appiah ur fav who got divorced and also showing off like others. I guess her old habit of sleeping with rich married men never stopped after marriage hence her divorce. . U need to stop being personal with celebs. It’s not ur business how they choose to live their life. U are evil and bitter and that’s why you will remain a begger.. Ghanaian celebs started way bf lindaikeji’s blog. But she is way bigger and better, u do not see her insult her fellow 9jarians on her blog.. but here u use ur platform to be a hateful useless mangot.. If u continue to be a jealous bitch, u will never succeed. To whom ever reading this, excuse my typos.. don’t feel like proof reading.. PS, Chris followers who agree with this article or other hateful articles about these celebs are broke and bitter just like their master.

        1. You sound like a confuse bratt.. A broke ass? are you okay? Chris was joking when he made that statement. Seriously do u know how much money he has in his acct by managing this blog? You’re the same person saying he needs to stop being personal with celebrities and you here criticizing Jackie appiah. How does Jackie concern’s okoro’s article. Shame on you come out and defend your self Okoro we all know how bitter you and your sidekicks can be. Whenever there’s an article of okoro thats when you see stupid people making silly comments. Who says linda ikeji doesn’t insult her nigerians? Girl you must be lost here. She’s the worse blogger ever, posting irrelevant information and lies about celebrities. When it comes to Chris everything he post is legit and the truth.

          1. I’m sure you do, becos as his personal assistant you re supposed to know.. fool he was not joking.. He was thanking people for donating money to his broke ass… you re a fool making excuses for what I saw.. I atheist these celebs re making donations to orphans and not begging people like GC aka chris to go to cannes like is a most.. now who is living above his means now… nd and u r dumb leader disrespect these celebs like they are not humans.. If they re what you say they are (Ashowo) I’m sure all the females in us fam who are rich thru their hard work are ashowo as well.. yell feed on rumor becos u live a miserable like… GC wanted to generate comment so he can get paid.. so he did this.. and u fools joined..

  4. Aaba chris easy on da gal.i dont think she is broke maybe cuttin her cloth according to her size now lol

  5. Good spotting Chris. Is time these people are called out so they will see that there is sense in the saying, cut your coat according to your size. They try too much to be what they are not. African Kim Kardashians cannot afford new clothes? Damn

    1. Why should they be called out, do pple judge u for what u do in ur life?.. or u re just pressed that a low class street where like u don’t get paid as much as they do.. carry ur bitter self somewhere . U sheep’s are just like ur evil broke begger blogger.. self hate is real yalll.

      1. tammy get the fuck out of here. Seriously is called konkonsa blog and if you think you cant contribute to the jokes you need to stop coming in here period.

        1. I guess your life is a joke.. that’s why I’m here making fun of u nd ur sheep of leader aka chris.. I’m having fun just like u.. If u thru stone in at pple expect it to be thrown right back at u by their fans.. u support Chris becos u re hos fans… I support the two Yvonnes and other actress than u and u r sheep throw stone at.. it’s hurt right when u re the one being insulted.. fools… now u get the duck out idiot..

          1. Having fun buy using the name Ashley, tammy and fifi to responds to comment at the same time? I’ve been online for a while and i see you’re the same person defending your miss african who doesn’t even know the difference between Continent and country. you must be very sad. this is normal when it comes to public figures.. I’ve noticed that anytime there’s an article about okoro you will see weird names responding to comments like never before. If you truly okoro would advice to be bold and login with your real name than these fake names. Mtcheww

          2. You are sad and pathetic just like chris… u are a do for that.. below are few celebs repeat stuff that they like.. not becos they cannot afford it, but becos like normal people celebs home or abroad repeat stuff that they love.. Google is there for people to use fools..

          3. Christmas did not post the pics of Beyonce and Rihanna repeat shoes and clothes.. of course he does not want his assistant to be exposed.. beyonce, Rihanna and other celeb repeating clothes u will see a lot on google.. The blog do not insult them over it, they simply say “when did they wear it beta”.. here Chris is being an angry bitter fool.. Black devil ugly mangot..

          4. Stop comparing Bey and Rihanna to your broke broke celebs, the two of them can buy all the celebs in ghana wardrobe, cars,homes etc. Of course they repeat some of their clothes and shoes but if you bought a bag or shoe over a $1000, wouldnt you repeat wearing them? Unlike these ghana celebs who are prancing around in $50 shoes and clothes but act like they are so rich.

          5. Thanx for placing her in the right direction. Beyonce them has the money and yet they don’t brag or talk about it. These celebrities are loud and all they do is to show off with their china wear.

          6. You are a fool.. The purpose of this article was that ur broke sheep leader chris said Yvonne was broke becos she wore her dress twice. So I decided to post pics of higher celebs doing the exact same thing.. The moral here is that, broke or rich; we are allowed to wear what we love more than once without being called out.. Chris is an illiterate and his letting is personal issues get in the way of be cordially and respectful.. at the end of the day Chris is a he goat, and should have respect for woman.. These celeb did nothing to him or u his followers why call them out of their names.. This is a rude article instead of you idiots to tell him to be more articulate, you are here being rude just like ur goat of a leader.. matter of facts these people are entertainers, you can criticize their work, but you have no right to want to personal hurt/attack them.. He did the same thing to nelson, I started feeling so bad for her and wondered if she was the reason chris’s father left his mom.. Chris has no right calling pple broke, because he was the same person begging his commentators for money… If they claim to be rich or poor, let them be.. Some attacking people’s personal live…

            And to the fool that said do not compare bey and rih becos they are way richer.. I guess u re one of the people that respect moni more than people… bey and rih are rich not becos they are better but becos, people here (fans) support their owm.. but you people don’t support. Some of you even claim that you do not watch African movie, like that is something to be ashamed off.. If Americans do not support their own, bey and rih won’t have enough moni.. so please seat ur ass behind the computer and be downgrading celebs.. at least they re rich and famous.. As for you insulting them you re a nobody, and you will remain so until u change ur heart and stop being jealous and hateful towards pple you do not know personally. .





          7. stfu with your stewpid essay, aint nobody got time for that, it is what is, dont ever put Bey or Rihanna in the same sentence as your BROKE BROKE celebs, and you damn right they far far better than your so called ghanian celebs, get your panties out a bunch cos you are fighting a loosing battle, stupid biatch or queen, whoever you r.

          8. Thats okoro her self, She just gave this description on twitter and person is saying exact same. These celebrities are always here with fake names. Okoro cannot spell, she sucks all she know’s is to act childishly over stuffs.

          9. Exactly. …more reason why she shd’nt get pissed that she’s being criticised for repeating an outfit.

  6. So a man bought her car for her and things? eii these girls what did she give in return for the car? Ashawoing paa be this, I didnt know her car was even bought by a man for her. After all the work, she can’t even buy her own car?

      1. Oh she really live at home? I guess most of them except Jackie Appiah has her own place. Even Nadia Buari does live at home right?

        1. Their asses are so broke… Jackie is always shooting so lets imagine her fat acct. Nadia invested her Pea with Jim ike since last fall. So how do we expect her to make the earns meet? Martha is so humble and cute, although the producers she shoots for are horrible but the same time better than prostitution.

          1. Jacking is always shooting.. Please give me the names of all her movies you bitter bias fools.. calling people you do not know prostitute. . Duh you will know what a prostitute look like becos that how the woman in urban family make hence meet.

          2. Why are you so butt hurt if they are broke.. you are not feeding them.. are u.. If they are prostitute so re every women in urban fam… since woman cannot archive stuff on. Merit.. fools local idiots..

          3. Tammy please tell them, they simply cannot give constructive criticism without hurting like it’s their personal lives… Chris I will not sink to your level or others who support this, but you are 100% wrong for this.. These pole u lay insults on are humans.. let them leave however they are.. I visit a lot of blogs and they are not this personal with people they do not not.. you said native thing to this girl just for repeating her own clothes twice.. I’m sure your houses are full of clothes be cos you guys do not repeat stuff…

        2. Becos Jackie cannot stay In Her husband house. .. where exactly does Jackie get her money from, she does not even do that much movies… plz were does her money come from ooo.. since Chris said Gh actresses don’t get paid enough. . Christian didn’t question Jackie sons real father, he didn’t even know she had a child.. and he didn’t questions. Why she got divorced either.. I guess his favorite is just as bad as the rest of them.. I guess Jackie also sleep with rich married men to help her live her lavish life style.. All you sheep never question Chris motive behind his hatered for other actresses.. u blindly for his ass..

          1. I think you are Yvonne herself hiding.Dont be bitter girl,that is the price you pay for fame!

      2. In 9ja, a won is supposed (no matter how rich and established you re) live in their fathers house until they married.. keyword married. . The only reason pole move out is if they are married, or go a job far far away, or school far, or in another state.. There nothing wrong with her living with her family.. it’s her house.. she smart enough to stay there and save moni… so what if a man buys her. Car? What is freaking wrong with that. . It’s her busi.. and this news of a man buying a car was Chris created news.. He made it up becos he wish he was a woman so that men can also spend on his behalf.. I feel bad for Chris wife or gf.. be cos this guy’s actions and behavior is that of an angry bitter woman … Chris shame on u for create and spreading hate among us peopld.. I’m sure ur mom and sisters and female fam got men to screw them for free that’s why u re jealous and better that the female in ur fam were not smart or pretty enough.. cut seeing are ugly u are shows that u come.from family of monkey.. hateful batches still got opinions when they let street boys get their koochie for free…

        1. thanks for clarifying the naija marriage thing… i didn’t know it was a must for women to stay with their parents till they get married…

    1. My dear that incident happened 2years ago when i visited Ghana that summer. That was the same time Jocelyn was given the range rover. I heard they were both not on great terms after a while because these two women had crush on the same man. The man chopped okoro and then Ms dumas, thinking of it who will give these expensive rides to a female without any juicy thing in return? I even think the bang just didn’t happened in a day probably on a 5years contract with this man. Shameless mugus

      1. A simple google search will tell you that Joselyn got her Range Rover as the 2012 brand ambassador of Range Rover Evoque. Why are ppl so gullible? I bet u are so bored with ya life u go about looking for ways to bring others down. Stupid ppl spreading stupid rumours cos u got free wifi. Abeg park ya dim sideways. Jealousy!

        1. I read that when she was awarded.. But dude do you think that offer was given to her for free without anything in return? Come on don’t be naive is written on the wall lets reason like males here. Her total packaged called for that car rumors says the man was the same person spreading her celebrity life style and all. Don’t be slow when it comes to women. a 2pounds mcdonald sandwich would get these girls under the sheet. Reason Reason please

          1. LOL u humour me when u say we shd reason like males but u thinking like a typical female. Men are not gullible believing every ridiculous rumour that comes out a miserable excuse of a mouth. U sound chauvinistic when u assume Joycelyn couldnt have achieved that based on merit. Cut her some slack please! P.O.C, a £2 McDonald sandwich can get some* women to bed. U dont write all women iff because of a past sour experience? Come on

          2. Ghanaians are too funny n gullible. Its only in Ghana dat female celebs can’t become ambassadors of any brand without rumours about them sleepn around. Luks like y’all hav an agenda against any female celeb exept ur ‘holier Dan thou Jackie Appiah’. Thus for u pple dese celebs can’t afford anythn. Ur hatred is cloudn ur judgment. Like Damian Marley noted in ‘Patience’ : the average man can’t prove most of the things he chooses to speak of and still won’t research to the root to find the truth he seeks. Am not sayn they r saints but y’all seem to have classified Dem as Ashawos which I believe is farfetched. GC wont become d best peddln rumours n dis constant negativity abt our ‘so called’ celebs.

        2. which range rover evoque.? range rover has no show room in gh waii. the person selling those cars is a private biz man who is banging all the cheap holes cos of a car. i think u need google more

          1. hahahaha thanx jay.. Same man gave the benz to okoro. He started with nana ama anamoah, mzbel, okoro and looks like his keeper is Joycelyn so far she’s the perfecto for him lol. Nxggawut some of us are close to them so whenever you hear or see something listen more rather than contributing to what you don’t know.

          2. LMAOO. Did u say u r close to them? Then y u always talm bout I heard, I heard? Ahaha gtfoh wit yo wannabe ass. Bitter stalker

    2. Why are you guys guys being so naive as if you don’t know women. All women are the same whether actress of not actress so just cut the crab and mind your useless business.
      The fact that she’s an actress does not mean she can’t live the way she wants to. You Africans haven’t got a heart towards others. You don’t care about the feelings of the person you’re talking about and that’s a bad habit. I repeat “MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS”

  7. Most celebrities do repeat their clothing.Kate Middleton,Beyonce,Michelle Obama and even Kim Whoredashian.I find nothing wrong with that.

    1. Can you show us when Beyoncé did so? Stop talking what you don’t know. Or when did Kim do that? Why do Ghanaians like to lie like this?

      1. Ghanaians may talk but am a Ghanaian who wont talk for nothing.Kim K. wore a denim top to Paris this year and wore the same top on her way back to L.A. but with a different bottom,i think a yellow bottom.She also has these gold high heels sandals which she’s worn several times ranging from when she initially starting dating Kanye,a day after the engagement to the day they had the wedding rehearsal in Paris!For Bey,she wore Solange’s dress to her New Year Met Gala in 2009.Go check for your self if am lying and come back and prove me wrong.I will accept.thanks

        1. I think you are lying because if Kim did this, some of the USA websites will definetely talk about that so why don’t you send me a link. You can say what you want.I dont trust you. Anytime a celebrity repeat dress in America they call her out or she makes the news. it is a celebrity offense to repeat dresses even if Kim Kardashian did it. So should Okoro be called out especially when she says she has a lot of money

          1. I wont waste my time dear,take it or leave it.Kim recycles some of her clothing.Go read about Bey’s recycle at media take not lying and just becos you don’t know doesn’t mean am lying.Done,girl!

          2. EXactly my point. Some people needs to google the word celebrity seriously. They are freaking public figures and we have every right to talk about them. If they claim they are well to do and will be riding expensive cars, they should also find means to buy excess clothes than the repetition.

        2. Bey wore Solange dress to the met gala in 2009? Abaaa what kind of lie be this? Of course Kim repeats her some of her shoes, who wouldnt repeat a Tom ford sandals.

          1. Am not lying check it out on mediatake only her shoes,shortly before Kimye’s wedding,she repeated her denim top she wore in Paris when she was about with Serena.

    2. Catherine Middleton sometimes wears the same dress because she doesn’t want to be accused of spending the British Tax Payers money.

  8. Is it not the same bitxh who was buying cheap stuff from some china shop some months back and saying they were some top designer? This people are just disgrace

    1. hhahahahaha yes that was her.. The seller actually confirmed she was a vivid Customer of hers thats why she displayed her photo. Okoro was so stupid enough to send the seller a picture of her self in that dress. Who does that?

      1. The thing is these people must just accept that they are not what they want us to believe and gradually everyone is seeing that. Yet they wont stop with their big big things. I guess GC has made some of them really careful now. I remmeber some years back these people use to lie off their teeth anyhow and each day

        1. Okoro is a broke ass chic who can’t keep her mouth shut. Yet she has the nerves to go on twitter to rant insult whenever there’s an article on her. Who does that? She rides a benz which we all know is fa wo to b3g3 golf. We all know the truth behind that Mercedes. She’s so stupid she could have asked for her own 3bedroom house and ignore the stupid benz. Yet she rides a benz and at her age still lives with her parents. Lack of knowledge.

  9. This is why I love GC and to be specific Chris. He pays attention to the small details making entertainment fun in Ghana. Not like the many copy and past bloggers you always start the discussion and has this interesting way of reporting things. I like the bit you said don’t repeat this anywhere else you will get sued lol.

  10. You guys bashed them only a day or two ago for showcasing to much wealth..Now that they’ve heeded to your advise to live within their means , you’re still complaining about them being broke..Don’t force these ladies to steal other ladies husbands by force ooo…hmmmm ……

  11. This is the stupidest article i have ever read,what if she wears the dress 100 times or has she told anybody that she will never wear dress twice?You are the same person who write another useless things about her if she spend her money unnecessary

    1. I also think you are the one who cannot read or the most stupid person in the world to spend your time reading a stupid article and going forward to even comment on it. A fool name Maame lol

    2. Maame why are you here if you think the article is stupid? I also think people like you shouldn’t be here because some of us enjoy the juicy stupid article so much.. My user name says it all. JUICENET.

      1. My dear, that fool called Maame is here to defend her cousin. She only shows her hands when there is something about Okoro. It’s so irritating and boring.

        1. Trust me thats okoro her self… These celebrities comes here a lot from a reliable source the two Yvonnes are always here commenting and insulting.

    3. and you are the stupidest whore out there because why will you spend your time on a stupid article. Someone said you are Okoro’s cousin so now we know why

      1. AkosuaGhana so you think Okoro and her family have time for low life people like you?all you do is to sit on your computer and write trash about celebs. Come to think of it are you and chris jealous of her and Yvonne Nelson?caunting the number of times you post here i can see you have nothing to do, go get a life and leave them alone.

  12. Now this is making me pissed off.. Okoro claims she’s a highly paid actress on her fatherland website and yet repeats a dress from 2012? This girls must be bragging. Instead of them to lay low and gets more roles they over there going on expensive cruise…

  13. Everything you do, ppl will talk. Do you baby. Broke or not, u still talking about her so she’s relevant. I don’t get why these so-called “broke sluts of celebrities” are able to evoke such emotional & mental breakdown for some ppl on here. Worry bout yall perfect lives yeah? Hypocrisy at its crux

    1. This is the best reply.. I guess the got their jealous ass all worked up.. lol.. crying and hailing chris for being a jealous bitch… Chris Will not make it and so are his dumb followers if they continue to keep this hatred and jealous attitude. . This is what Christmas wanted.. more comment so that he can stop begging his commentators for money to attend big events… Chris learn a thing or two from Linda ikeji.. Becks that woman is making it big.. and ur pathetic self is still begging… fool do grow up… let them love their lifes…

      1. You’re very useless and stupid.. So is your boss okoro has it come to a point where you have to use my name to back up your boss? girl or guy you must be confuse.. I remain the original Juicenet. We all know am siding and complimenting Chris so get a damn life. Stop this childish act by putting some sense into your okoro’s head.

        1. Don’t worry yourself with this person. Just flag her comment and soon Chris will see it and ban her sorry ass lol.

          1. Haven’t you noticed is Yvonne her self? she’s here with tammy, ashley, gifty and fifi.. An actor friend of mine told me last year the two Yvonne’s are ave always in here insulting and complimenting themselves. Which i’ve noticed now.

  14. Lmao this is too funny.. Seriously i don’t think our celebrities are rich enough to afford new clothes all the time so repeating is well accepted. They should try and lay low tho. I cant stand them whenever they act like they have it all knowing they don’t. She still looks good in her dress lol

  15. Who hasn’t repeated any dress,pls let all grow up and stop this unnecessary fuse.will it be wise to have all the money in the world ,buy a dress wear it once and damp it .why do we always keep putting pressure on our stars.let them live their lives the way they to…think about ur self mr. Writer….what do u have

    1. He has nothing obviously. . Weren’t you here when he was begging pple to spousal his trip to cannes… His broke ass could not even buy a ticket, lol.. what an idiot making fun of pple better than u…

  16. This so stupid. Just like Africans to assume like the know what goes on in this woman’s life. If she repeats her dress that means she’s poor how stupid was her dress ripped or something. Wether she rich or poor who cares. Get a life

    1. hahahaha So now you claiming to be Juicenet? we all know i always agree with Chris so go ahead and use my user name to type shit. Kwasia paaa lol now i feel too good.. Some fools out there want to be me.. Chris Juicenet always compliment you so whenever Juicenet insults or disagree with you type a question mark lol

  17. I see a lot of ignorant comments flying around all over the place. What is wrong with Yvonne Okoro repeating clothes? She may be a celebrity but she is just as human as you and I. In fact, If I was not in a good mood today I would have start a big cyber war. Nobody dare talk bad about my Yvonne again or else??

    1. Are you sure you’re not the same person using all these names to defend her? Seriously i suspected it was you when Tammy and those 3 names started. No offense but i suspected you. Well your yvonne has the loud and bragging mouth so we never expected her to repeat this known yellow dress she wore 2years ago. She could have wore that without posing. Come on she claims she’s a public figure on facebook so we all have the right to interfere in her affairs. No one dares talk about your yvonne? Are you serious? who’s she kraa? Well if you like her so much then tell her to change her ways. Like all the childish behavior she displays on twitter. She also dare not disrespect Chris again.

      1. Lol….Juicenet, according to u, you suspected Tammy and those other monikers to be Yvonne Okoro herself and now you think it’s me? Sorry to disappoint honey, it is not me. I am not a coward to hide under strange names to spew nonsense. I can say whatever I wanna say using my name. Anyway, she didn’t wear the dress to any program, she only went out to meet her friends so it’s not a big deal.

        1. lol yes i suspected tammy but who know’s our only king kweku could be the one in disguise. oh well am glad you replied me without any insults this time lol as for your favorite okoro am sure as far as she remains a Ghana celebrity, we will always talk about her lol.

          1. Hahahahahaa… ikr! Anyway, let me rephrase what I said earlier. I’m off to the kitchen to cook jollof rice, I am the jollof expert. Any challenger? Hehehe

          2. Am excellent when it comes to jollof hun.. lol just use some good aromatic curry, bay leaves and nut meg. Blend more onions, ginger and garlic to start the meat seasoning. add adobo, one or even half of a maggie cube, Less salt because you will need to use the meat stock for the stew and the rice. Let the stew cook for while so you don’t get the tomato after taste, you know our tomatoe paste and sauce has sugar in it so the garlic and onions will help eliminate the sweetness. What i do is i add plenty oil to help boil faster. After all the oil comes out then it means the stew is well cooked, so you scoop out all the oil. That oil can be reused for the next stew or even okro soup since my hubby is allergic to palm oil. Please add the seasoned meat in the stew for flavor. I don’t fry my meat i grill them in the oven. trying to live healthy. when you ready to add the rice preferably jasmine rice. try and leave some of the stew because when you stiring you have to to be tasting for flavor, when the taste is not as great as you want do add more stew and some sprinkle of curry for good aroma. The water content should be less because you don’t want to end up with rice water. When is hard all you have to do is add a tablespoon of the stew add 3 tablespoon of water in a bowl and sprinkle it on the rice. Cover it with a clear plastic bag. next is a clean napkin to help cook faster. Try this and lets see.. I also add cloves and anase seed to my stew in our dialect is called nkitinkit and peppre.

            had to edit don’t forget a slice of ball red pepper, blend it with your ingredient. Sometimes when am out of fresh tomatoes i used the canned stew tomatoes, and the paste. i only add half habenero or scotch bonnet pepper because of my kids. I know men likes pepper so is all up to you.

          3. Oh wow!! What a wonderful explanation. I humbly give you the jollof expert crown coz you deserve it.

          4. Hahahaha my hubby and friends always makes me blush. Whenever you’re in Atlanta, georgia on thanksgiving or Christmas hit me up would invite you over for our family feast.

          5. Wow such a delicious lol meal, are you in Georgia? I moved there from Dc last year maybe one day will find you and taste this scrumptious meal. Your spices is what my mom uses too and her food is always on point.

  18. Errmm but why shd ppl be fighting over u think what all the Hollywood bloggers write about the big celebs(Rihanna, Jay Z, Kim K) are true?did she even have to come out and reply? Is she owing someone? And I’m sure she wants to be as big as them kraa….If she can’t handle petty bloggers here in Ghana, how is she gonna go international?

  19. It’s crappy of her to go and write that “girls should put their backs into it when in the bedroom ” did she forget that some children are looking up to her? Or did she forget that she recently built a playground for the dzorwulu special sch and those children will be looking up to her.what is she pissed about anyways? The fact that she supposedly repeated an outfit or the fact fact that they’re saying she’s broke? Bcos on E! TV channel on dstv stars that are spotted in repeated clothes are put up and they dates on which they wore those clothes are put on there too.even before bloggers pick it up and fuss about it.even the collage that she put up of Rihanna and Kanye and Brad Pitt wearing repeated clothes, wasn’t made by her.ppl criticise celebs.if they are saying she is broke and she isn’t, she owes no one no explanation. She should learn to deal with criticism in a much more diplomatic way.Bush girl

  20. She was the one picking on Yvonne Nelson when her bleaching issue came up, together with her sisters and friends.always writing “I don’t use cocoa butter” and other shitty statements on some photos on instagram, knowing very well that her sister is the face of Ghandour Cocoa Butter, how can they even be joking with this comment.Yet see how poorly she’s handled this issue.for me, she the best actress in gh but personality wise, she has disappointed for that Sandra Ankobiah….I will not even waste my time.the girl doesn’t even know if she wants to be a lawyer, fashionista, socialite,rich ppl ‘ s girlfriend etc.she thinks life is a joke.we can’t wait for her yawa to come for her dier, she will be sorry!