Why Are Africans, Especially Ghanaians So GREEDY? It is SCARY!



Let me throw out my disclaimer by saying, I’ve not dealt with all Africans or Ghanaians and therefore, I cannot say for sure that all Africans or Ghanaians are this way-GREEDY. However, I’ve dealt with enough Africans, especially Ghanaians to be able to spot a reoccurring trait in all of them.

In fact, if you think it is only our African leaders who are greedy—filling their banks with more than necessary leaving the masses to suffer in absolute poverty, then you might not have had any previous dealings with the ordinary citizens.

It is difficult to separate greed from corruption and this is because, they all use the same railway and are definitely cousins. Mostly, things start as GREED and develop into corruption.

Based on previous cause of dealings and experience, I’ve sworn to go every length in avoiding any sort of business dealings with my fellow Africans (especially Ghanaians) and I know several people who have taken this oath too.

Be it business or casual, dealing with Ghanaians when it comes to money can fetch you an early death, if care is not taken. Whenever money is involved, your fellow Ghanaian will forgo everything that matters and put on his or her greed hat, to hurt your pocket or business for his or her benefit.

It is even worse if you live abroad and want to engage in some sort of business with those back home. It seems truth and loyalty have vanished from our Ghanaian communities, giving way to selfishness—and the concept of each one for himself, God for us all.

Forget the family members; they are even worse than friends. I cannot count the number of times I’ve come across people who have struggled to send stuff back home to their family members to sell and return the profit to repeat the cycle—who have been left heartbroken and in debt, because greed and lies took the better part of those back home.

I personally have two Uncles who have decided not to step foot in Ghana because their many years of hustle abroad was solely enjoyed by some family members back home to their detriment. These men (now old men) worked day and night and sent everything they gathered back home to certain family members to build houses for them. And eventually when they went back home, what they saw were contrary to the photos and stories they had always been fed.

It hurts when someone swindles you and takes you for a fool, it even hurts more if the person is of your own blood—and all you wanted was to be able to get things going so you can help this same person.

Greediness has annexed its legs in the hearts of almost every Ghanaian to the extent that, you do not even know who to trust when it comes to money. When you are not in contact or into any sort of money related business with a Ghanaian, you may think that person is different and has no element of greed in his or her blood. Just wait and start something with the person, and that person will totally change over night—GREED at work!

How do we expect things to get better for ourselves, country and continent when we cannot give to people what is righty theirs and we always want to keep everything to ourselves, to the detriment of those who deserve them?

I wouldn’t want to deal with a Ghanaian or any African when money is involved but is that even possible? At best, I try not to get into any serious business with any African or ask anyone to do anything for me, except when I wouldn’t mind losing the money involved.

Though they say, you will never know until it happens, I think I have had different but closely related experiences with my fellow Africans which give me enough reasons to be able to say, be careful when you are entering into any sort of business with Africans because GREED is our best companion.

Probably, I am the same too so watch out because I remain an African. I just hope I am one of the few honest Ghanaians out there…

The next time you want to deal with a fellow African, think TWICE!


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