Why Are Africans, Especially Ghanaians So GREEDY? It is SCARY!

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Let me throw out my disclaimer by saying, I’ve not dealt with all Africans or Ghanaians and therefore, I cannot say for sure that all Africans or Ghanaians are this way-GREEDY. However, I’ve dealt with enough Africans, especially Ghanaians to be able to spot a reoccurring trait in all of them.

In fact, if you think it is only our African leaders who are greedy—filling their banks with more than necessary leaving the masses to suffer in absolute poverty, then you might not have had any previous dealings with the ordinary citizens.

It is difficult to separate greed from corruption and this is because, they all use the same railway and are definitely cousins. Mostly, things start as GREED and develop into corruption.

Based on previous cause of dealings and experience, I’ve sworn to go every length in avoiding any sort of business dealings with my fellow Africans (especially Ghanaians) and I know several people who have taken this oath too.

Be it business or casual, dealing with Ghanaians when it comes to money can fetch you an early death, if care is not taken. Whenever money is involved, your fellow Ghanaian will forgo everything that matters and put on his or her greed hat, to hurt your pocket or business for his or her benefit.

It is even worse if you live abroad and want to engage in some sort of business with those back home. It seems truth and loyalty have vanished from our Ghanaian communities, giving way to selfishness—and the concept of each one for himself, God for us all.

Forget the family members; they are even worse than friends. I cannot count the number of times I’ve come across people who have struggled to send stuff back home to their family members to sell and return the profit to repeat the cycle—who have been left heartbroken and in debt, because greed and lies took the better part of those back home.

I personally have two Uncles who have decided not to step foot in Ghana because their many years of hustle abroad was solely enjoyed by some family members back home to their detriment. These men (now old men) worked day and night and sent everything they gathered back home to certain family members to build houses for them. And eventually when they went back home, what they saw were contrary to the photos and stories they had always been fed.

It hurts when someone swindles you and takes you for a fool, it even hurts more if the person is of your own blood—and all you wanted was to be able to get things going so you can help this same person.

Greediness has annexed its legs in the hearts of almost every Ghanaian to the extent that, you do not even know who to trust when it comes to money. When you are not in contact or into any sort of money related business with a Ghanaian, you may think that person is different and has no element of greed in his or her blood. Just wait and start something with the person, and that person will totally change over night—GREED at work!

How do we expect things to get better for ourselves, country and continent when we cannot give to people what is righty theirs and we always want to keep everything to ourselves, to the detriment of those who deserve them?

I wouldn’t want to deal with a Ghanaian or any African when money is involved but is that even possible? At best, I try not to get into any serious business with any African or ask anyone to do anything for me, except when I wouldn’t mind losing the money involved.

Though they say, you will never know until it happens, I think I have had different but closely related experiences with my fellow Africans which give me enough reasons to be able to say, be careful when you are entering into any sort of business with Africans because GREED is our best companion.

Probably, I am the same too so watch out because I remain an African. I just hope I am one of the few honest Ghanaians out there…

The next time you want to deal with a fellow African, think TWICE!

Chris-Vincent Agyapong Febiri, Founding Editor
Chris-Vincent Agyapong Febiri is the Founding Editor of GhanaCelebrities.Com , a Film Critic and a Human Rights Advocate; he holds 2 masters degrees in Law; International Human Rights Law (LL.M) and Legal Practice Course (LL.M) from University of Leicester and Nottingham Law School--and also a degree in Law (LL.B) from University of East London. He's a Professional Truth Sayer and he is the author of the popular eBook “Success is a Right, Not A Privilege.” He currently works at Adukus Solicitors in London--where he uses his legal brains to kick real ass, for the good of clients and humanity. Contact: [email protected]


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  1. For me I learned it the hard way. I will never encourage anyone to do business with another Ghanaian without his eyes wide opened. I sent 3 cars home for taxi and I ended up with debt. Can you imagine this? Fro, driver to family I was made pasaaa


  2. Asem wei na woabo so? I will be going home thia year to purchase a land.my family told me so sake of land dat why wanna come home that they can do that for me. I say no i have to be there maself and do the papers in my name and bring it along.i fear o

    1. In fact speak less of your ideas and if you believe in God, pray a lot. Be even careful with the very one who says I care, lets go to church… Just be unassuming outside and vigilant from the inside…

  3. Rule number 1, don’t ever do a business with a Ghanaian or any Africa because you will be duped. It has happen to almost everyone I know. I think it is in our bodies to be greedy. Even your own friends will want to cheat you because of their greed.

    1. Talking of business, I used to send down clothes, shoes and bags to sell. A friend was the one selling them. This is someone i grew up with, we both same age, same school from KG to Achimota sss. I trusted her so much so first time i sent goods worth 3500. My husband warned me to send something worth 1000 or 500 for a start but due to the trust and the friendship length i sent a lot. This girl suddenly left facebook, instagram, twitter and even using a different no now. I called her land line she will pick and pretend to have a bad network. She used to call me with unknown numbers and anytime i pick up this girl will say helo helo for 8 times and hung up too. Is been 2years and i’ve never seen or heard from her. Last i heard she had blocked me off all her page which is cool. Will not attack her but no one can dupe you and go scot-free.

  4. Some people living outside the country build houses (uncompleted) and give it out to squatters to take care of the building till they come down to complete. Funny enough, some squatters in turn take the owners to ‘juju’ so that they never think of coming down to complete their houses. This allow them (squatters) take ownership of the buildings.

    1. Say it again.. Those people are not even your relatives, you had pity on them and gave them a place to perch next is for them to kill you and take over the property.

  5. This is so true; very glad u’ve brought this issue up. It gets worse day by day; with all sorts of juju and curses adding up to it, etc.

  6. My husband shipped a car home so we use whenever we are down for holidays. We got there and his younger brother who’s only 29 had sold the car to some millionaire. We got to the country hoping my 4kids and my self would be riding in the pathfinder, not to find out his bro was on a run. We were stranded at the airport until i called my uncle to pick us up. He had even rented partial of his bro’s house without his consent, we couldn’t get to the house because this naughty boy had locked the door and the entrance with chains. How sad, my same uncle had to host us for 4 weeks, because my parent’s house were too full with family members. My husband cried the entire vacation period, he couldn’t do nothing to him because of the brotherly love he had for him. We got back and heard this boy was back in the house hoping he would call to apologize omg. My hubby called and he insulted him talking about 10,000usd is a piece of shit to him and the current economy so he should go to hell. Seriously i think best is whenever we ship stuffs like this we should go down to clear and register in our own names. We couldn’t even report the issue to the police because the car was in his name. Due to the trust his blood brother had for him he made him cleared the car and everything. Thank God the house he built was in his name or else this small boy would have sold without us knowing. I personally reported this issue to my inlaws who are only 40 minutes away from us and the only thing his mom said was, He’s only a young man and also has his personal needs. I had to change the topic because seems the mother was siding with her last baby. This same guy is a U.s citizen who suddenly relocated to Ghana claiming he’s working for some NDC minister. Oh well lesson learned, no more second party or third party whenever it involves money and documents.

    1. Wow your bro inlaw must be a real pain the butt. WTF he’s so heartless, well am not surprised because my own cousin duped my father over some lands. This is very common in Ghana now due to the heavy hardships.

    2. Are you serious? i honestly think Ghanaian young men has an eye when it comes to vehicles. My dad was a victim on his own elder brother years back. They were both business partners and he got duped heavily. This is bad now we don’t even know who to trust when it comes to family members. Your bro inlaw must have used that money to spread some cheap hoe on the street. And of cuz his mother will forever defend his son, he cant say nothing bad about his blood. Am sure she was so ashamed when she heard it, but due to guilt she brushed it off. Is normal

    3. Don’t you know that those who are closer to you hurt you the most? Come on, is now a normal thing at least your hubby should thank his God this kid didn’t sell his house. My own friend sold his sister’s house 3years ago and run with the money to uk. Now Ghana is more like naija everything is possible. It hurt but never trust family members again.

  7. I think no one outside ghana should send money down for something. Some people send money to sew clothes and even gets duped. There are seamstress, and some designers now sells their already made on facebook through a third party in the state. So we all should be wise and stop sending the money.

  8. Africans are too greedy and too unprofessional to do business with. I
    find it impossible in 99% of cases to do any business transaction with
    an African of African descent.

  9. The way of thinking of any African person, be them African-Americans, Africans or Blacks is similar. They just do not make any sense and they are greedy as hell. They have no sense of direction of business, no skills and they think that they will buy a few goods, sell and make millions then they wish to become kings overnight. You can not remove a primitive man from the jungle without gruesome consequences.

      1. This is yet another proof that people who protect the Africans do not make any sense themselves. What did you just say now? Fish have brain and heart too, so do the worms.

  10. Never able to make a deal with any African, Negro, Congoid, Primitive being or Black. They always want 3 times to 50 times more than the item is worth.