The ‘Ewes Have Bad Body Odour’, the ‘Ashantis Are Thieves’ the ‘Akwapims Are Fools’ & the ‘Fantis Are Lazy’ | Tribalism in 21st Century Ghana

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No one can underestimate the importance of a tribe and its significant position in creating a true sense of belonging. Divisions in general kept us alive some centuries ago, fighting together and marrying our own—opening our arms for those we identified as our blood and protecting ourselves from those who were not part of us—the enemies.

It was very important to belong to a tribe and to have clansmen who will pull out the sword to cut throats so you and your family will live on. Without such organised groups of people living together and serving as watchdogs over one another, people from far away lands would have probably conquered and taken away lands and put certain men and women into slavery.

Even though there were days when tribes had important role to play in our survival, such divisions have always created tension between people. The tension didn’t matter much those days since you didn’t really have to deal with other people that often—or travel out of your land to meet others.

Today, we are not grouped by tribes but by vision and a search for a better life for ourselves—and offspring. Increasingly, people from different tribes have had to abandon their own people or land and travel miles away to foreign lands to settle. And those who even stayed behind on tribal lands had no option than to welcome alien tribes who found their place of settlement their best option.

Things have changed, technology and innovation have brought us far closer than ever. We are able to trade, communicate, share ideas and even fall in love with people thousands of miles away. The fight for survival has ended, giving way to what I call “the fight for our betterment” —making the benefits of holding onto tribes insignificant.

A lot has changed over the years in Ghana. Education has played a huge role in reshaping our human direction and interaction. The law has taken up the challenge in bringing justice to all those who deserve it. Morals have strengthened our relationships and exchanges with one another.

Nevertheless, one thing seems to have not been touched and unmoved—TRIBALISM. Reasonably, the closer we get, the gaps found in-between the walls of divisions such as tribes should be bridged but this has not been the case.

Even though you do not often find Ghanaians playing the tribal card when dealing with one another face to face (except of course the politicians), the tribal war continues—but it has taken a different form and it is at its peak on the internet.

As I mentioned above, except the politicians who occasionally take up tribal stance, hoping to win votes or upset others, the ordinary Ghanaian has succeeded in camouflaging his tribal sentiments—making it seem the era of division has ended.

Even with education, civilization, the need for togetherness and the fact that it is impossible to avoid other tribes, some Ghanaians still hold tight whatever misconception or belief they have in relation to other tribes.

Obviously, it is of no huge benefit to dictate your dealings along the lines of tribalism. This together with some sort of over-reaching moral consensus has made it unattractive for people to be ‘openly tribalist’—-but that has not been able to quench the fire of division in Ghanaians.

You may not be hearing of one tribe throwing stones or insults at the other in Ghana. But it does not mean this is not happening. It is just that, the insults and stone throw have taken a different form and shape—it is actively happening online and behind closed doors.

I’ve stopped reading comments on one of Ghana’s most popular website simply because, a great number of people use that platform to set free their unfortunate tribal thoughts.

Apart from that particular platform, there is not a single day I will not come across a facebook comment or tweet which suggests that indeed the tribal war has not ended; we are not seeing much of it because it’s hidden behind technology and innovation.

No tribe in Ghana is superior and no tribe can claim to be more Ghanaian than another. Of course we say so but do we really think and believe so? Behind closed doors and with the freedom to change our usernames or alias on the computer, we ignite the tribal hostilities which should have been long dead.

How many times have you read online from someone hiding behind a computer that ‘ Fantis are lazy, Ashantis are thieves, the Ewes smell, the Akwapims are fools, the Northerners are not human beings, why should a Northerner rule us and blah blah’?…

We’ve come a long way as people but if with our level of civilization and so-called ‘spirit of tolerance’ we cannot completely get rid of the inappropriate tribal nonsense manifested through our growing virtual world activities, then we surely have another century to fight each other behind closed doors before we can catch up with the others.

There is strength in division but you wouldn’t want that compared to the force behind a great union…

If you think the issue of tribalism is not that bad in Ghana, try marrying someone from a ‘despised tribe’ and you will be sentenced to death by hanging—by those you call your own people or her people. In a 21st century Ghana, this should have been in our tearing apart history books.

I don’t want to imagine how things will turn out when more and more Ghanaians get access to the internet…

Chris-Vincent Agyapong Febiri, Founding Editor
Chris-Vincent Agyapong Febiri is the Founding Editor of GhanaCelebrities.Com , a Film Critic and a Human Rights Advocate; he holds 2 masters degrees in Law; International Human Rights Law (LL.M) and Legal Practice Course (LL.M) from University of Leicester and Nottingham Law School--and also a degree in Law (LL.B) from University of East London. He's a Professional Truth Sayer and he is the author of the popular eBook “Success is a Right, Not A Privilege.” He currently works at Adukus Solicitors in London--where he uses his legal brains to kick real ass, for the good of clients and humanity. Contact: [email protected]


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  1. This is a sensitive and thought provoking article. I will come back and speak on it when am done with what am doing.

  2. hahahaha very true.. Not all ewe’s stinks but most of them are stinky folks especially their men. I wonder if some of them bath. Akuapim men are strict and educated, they are not fools. They don’t take no nonsence from anyone. Am a full fanti. Fanti men were known as lazy men in the early 70’s especially those in tarkoradi. Those men were all about the ship, some will tell their wives am waiting on the ship to come so i can get a job. That was then, now they’ve improved. They are hardworking men now, most of them are educated with their own business. Ashanti’s are diverse, a big empire which has the good, the bad and the ugly. I’ve seen an Ashanti respected doctor, pharmacist, engineer and many on and at the same time has their credit card fraudsters, liars and womanizer. Which i think can be found in any of the tribes in Ghana. Tribalism in a country needs to stop because we all not perfect. Am not big fans of ewes due to personal issues but i see them as those causing the rivalry between us. When an ewe is a manager at Ghana Port and Harbour Authority and a position comes, the next in line will be an ewe regardless of qualifications or not. They just likes discriminating around akans which i feels should stop. When you’re in their midst the only thing they would do is to speak their native language knowing too well you don’t even understand. I always fight my charge nurse over that, She’s an ewe and my other coworker is one whenever we go to lunch break she speaks ewe and forget totally about me. I try to communicate in English with them but the two will talk in their dialect and makes me feel stupid. I always feels am not welcome around them, although she’s older and co worker is also my mom’s age. I feel we three are Ghanaians at work and should come together but she doesn’t sees me as that, so am also trying hard to avoid her.

    1. You see an example of an Ashanti saying shyt that Ewes stink. This is exactly the actions the article is saying must end. But you have an ashanti right away here saying all stupid things about ewes. How many ewes have you met in your life? Do you know the number of Ashantis or your tribe people that stink? it is your mouth that stinks. Stop lying you are not Fanti fool

      1. I think you should go back and read what i typed.. I said not all of them but some. You’re here insulting ashantis and has the nerves to get at me? girl you must be confuse and frustrated so swallow your own pill.. We all knows people with weird language discriminate most. Akans in general are loving people if we are not loving and caring then how come some of the ewes and northerners are married to akans? Are their men many enough for them to marry their women? you a psycho today being a sunday will let it go like you never get at me.

        1. @Juicenet, You just went to school to do chew and pour. Try and use your brain little bit..okay. The ashanti’s I have met smell really bad and can’t speak proper english. Can I just conclude and say most ashanti spell. Do you understand the meaning of most?

          Let me educate you little bit. Most means, greatest in amount or degree or majority. Now, my question is, how many stinking ewes have you met? You need to go back to school..All those who think like you are educated fools…Use your common sense little bit.

          1. hehehe the way you’re attacking Juicenet am sure you would have done her ayigbe taupe if she was closer to you abi? Come on this is a simple joke. I am a 100Percent ga from nungua and personally don’t like ewes and thats my opinion no one can force me. Is my choice and it must stand. If you care to know i know a powerful pastor who couldn’t marry her ewe fiancée due to the severe evil attacks he was having from Volta region. You people are too deadly.

          2. Whoever thats using my user name should stop i’ve created disqus account with a rose flower so whoever is using my sign in should stop please.. If i want to insult ewes would do that with this sign in is not something am scared to do. I keep getting notifications on my phone and next will simply insult the person. thank you and good night. For those of you hunting me I stated my opinion and not changing it.. Deal with it or go hung your self this night.

          3. Why are you using someone’s id name to reply? You talk like you were born from the anus…How old are you?… I know you are an ashanti so stop trying to hide behind the GA tribe from nungua…You are a coward..

            Some ashanti’s are cowards. They will immediately start saying they are from north and east to enable them gain the support of other tribes…

        2. @Juicenet, You just went to school to do chew and pour. Try and use your brain little bit..okay. The ashanti’s I have met smell really bad and can’t speak proper english. Can I just conclude and say most ashanti’s stink. Do you understand the meaning of most?

          Let me educate you little bit. Most means, greatest in amount or degree or majority. Now, my question is, how many stinking ewes have you met? You need to go back to school..All those who think like you are educated fools…Use your common sense little bit.

        3. Never argue with an ewe,, they are always twisting their words. Trust me none of them understand simple joke or a word. Their tribal issue has turned them into terrorist always attack individuals especially if you an ashanti. Please ignore them all.

    2. @Juicenet, you sound very ignorant and uneducated. I can also say that Fantis are promiscuious and lose but i wont cause i am not like you. Just because you have encountered the wrong ones does not mean that all Ewes are like that.

      1. fuck off seriously!!! if you’re going to take anything personal then am sure you would be crying often. Didn’t you see me typing hahahaha nonsence go and make good use of your education and stop being on my case.

        1. Nobody is crying..You are just an ignorant person…We all complain when white people say most African’s look like monkeys, right?…Does it mean we are taking things personal?…Stop being a condescending person and go back to school…okay

      2. When you read through her post you will know she started like this hahaha not all ewe’s stinks but most of them especially their men. It means she’s talking out of those she has encountered before. We all have our freedom of speech. Don’t be too fragile over tribal issues. She didn’t mean any harm. the above is whats going on at her work place and reading through shows her senior nurse is a racist she obviously doesn’t like her presence. Truth must be told sometimes. you all should understand we one family. No one should be looked down.

        1. Kristine, so are you saying because she started like “hahaha” makes what she said less offensive? Get your brain checked ASAP!!

    3. How many Ewes have u met in ur life for u to conclude, even if jovially on a platform like this that their men smell? Don’t you respect men? Is it that you are being mischievous or just sheer stupid. Most Ewe men are artisans. They are bricklayers, carpenters, fabricators. They do work that involves a lot of dirt and sweat. Is that reason enough for you to conclude that most (Ewe) men smell? But then you do know that they are responsible. They take care off their kids.
      Respect ur dad.
      BTW… I am Ewe/Fante/ Wangara

  3. Well this is how i heard it that ewes are thieves/smell, ashantis/pompous, gas/lazy/dirty, fantis/fools, akwapims are insincere. Unfortunately that is how it going to be, it will never change.

  4. let me start by asking one question and answer it myself. Will Ghanaians ever stop this tribalism? No they will not and the sad thing is it is those educated who do this the more. Even political leaders will be heard saying Akyem this and Ashanti that, Instead of us realizing that we are one people, we wont see that.

    My friend met this ewe girl and loved her but right from the beginning of their relationship, his family was his neck saying ewes are wicked, they use juju and all kind of things. There was no future for the relationship so they broke up and now my friend married another ashanti who has finished him. he can’t even see his own kids

    1. hmmmmm thats a sad story tho.. abaaaa when will all this tribalism end???? relationships its there, politics its there, everywhere ghanafuorand tribalism… smh

  5. Even though I believe all the tribes in Ghana are tribalist towards one another. The Ashantis are the biggest culprit. They think they are better and smarter than everyone in Ghana. If tribalism will end in Ghana, then the Ashantis must first realize they are not better than anyone n Ghana is for everyone.

    I used to comment on Ghanaweb and anytime there is a story, you will see Ashantis ganging up to insult the people from the north and volta region. All the internet troll tribalist people are Ashantis and I swear they are. Foolish!

    1. Why did you dated an ashanti guy and he dumped you or what? you seems bitter.. Mind you ashantis has the mouth alright but at the same time don’t take no nonsence. This is because ewes/ northerners likes to take things to heart due to the language barriers. Ashantis are blunt yeah but it doesn’t mean they discriminate. Some of their typical twi will throw you off thinking they don’t like you but is very wrong. You seems to be on akan’s if you don’t stop this harsh behavior you will be very miserable around Ghanaians please. stop and eliminate this idea of your head.

      1. Jeanie, She is telling the truth. Stop being ignorant towards the truth. Akan’s are the biggest tribalists. Uneducated Ashanties want everybody to speak their language because they can not speak english. Some of them are so insecure and intimidated thats why they hate Ewes so much.

        1. hahahaha this is too funny.. i agree 100% with jeanie tho. Ashantis are large. as i said in my post, they have the good the bad and the ugly. Now majority of the ashanti’s are educated compared to before. Twi is a must and a common language for everyone whether you are an ewe, northener, ga or whatever you have to learn. Beside english twi is next so get used to it. AShanti’s open their arms for everyone. seen the area the girl mentioned in her post? they have it all in kumasi unlike volta region where they don’t even accept humans from different culture. Please if you an ewe stop taking stuffs personal here and enjoy the juicy comments. we sit behind our screen and type stuffs without any harm so enjoy. lol

        2. Nobody hates ewes but yall inward looking behinds think akans hate yall. Let your guard down and let go of the inferiority complexes that is killing yall, then embrace all tribes. We tired of nagging/whining, like akans are the source of all your problems

          1. Yup they need to be called out on their bs, they are like the taliban, if you dont speak their language, you are their enemy.

          2. You hate ewes… Have the courage to accept it and stop being childish..It is a fact that, most ashanti’s are uneducated…Even the educated ones can’t speak proper English.

            Please I need a shoeshine boy to shine my shoes… Can you do that for me…I know ashanti’s are good in that…..hahahahahahaha….Look at this shoeshine boys and girls calling someone inward looking….ewes are better than shoeshine boys…

          3. Thank you Lisa, i totally agree with you.These Mofo’s (like Juicenet and the rest) want to back-peddle and call it a joke. Even the Ashanties that have traveled straight from the village to abroad are so disgraceful. Majority of them don’t dress well, smell like expired fish and will be disgracing themselves with their ratchet behavior. I was in a shop and this twi lady had to only fill in her name, adress and phonenr, she told the salesclerk i can not fill it because i can not write. What kind of embarrassment is that. I can name so many bad things about Ashanties but i don’t have time to be arguing with ignorant fools.

          4. hahahaha you must be hurting wow sorryoooo… This is only an entertainment site.. One reason why i don’t get closer to ewes because every little thing you people would be cursing and acting up. Is very nasty change your ways.

          5. Afriyie, that’s why you will continue to do shoeshine for life…. I want to prove to everyone that you are uneducated..

            Let say you are sick and then the Doctor taking care of you is an ewe…Will you refuse to get close to him because he an ewe?…Please get proper education…okay

    2. Ashantis are the biggest culprit and yet they are the only region with all the tribes living together in kumasi. Anloga, Aboabo/Northerners, Fanti new town are all in Kumasi, do they have Ashanti town in the volta region or any of the other regions? If you dont want it, dont bring it.

      1. Thank You for responding to this girl… Voltarians are the worse when it comes to discriminating. They make it so obvious.

      2. You are an educated fool…Kumasi is a city and so it is normal to see different tribes living over there…Go to your village and see if you will find Anloga, Aboabo/Northerners, Fanti new town… Stop talking your anus…

        Northern part of the Volta region is inhabited by Akans… The ewes actually gave those land to Akans because the Ashanti’s were killing and fighting other Akan tribes…

  6. Tribalism has been the downfall of Ghanaianes.. I see people are calling ashanti and ewe’s names here. Of cuz ewes likes to discriminate a lot. They are so sensitive so the least thing they will be fighting an akan. Ashanti’s has the heart of gold they might talk a lot with promises alright but at the end of it they helpful. An ashanti will hook his or her own ghanaian on a job without looking at the background and as Juicenet stated, ewe will only introduce stuffs to their ewe partners. i personally don’t think ashanti’s are harmful they are the nicest ppl to be around with. talking about marriage, ashanti’s wouldn’t mind settling with ewes but 1% of ewe will settle with an akan or even a ga. Their fathers have control over their lives and future so people should know this is where all the discriminating begins. akuapim folks are not that foolish some says they drink a lot which we know is a cheap talk. People from the 10 regions do drink smoke or womanizer we cant predict anyone. On the ewe stinking issue hahaha well i think they stinks tho because everything about volta region is horrible lmao am jokingooo no harsh comments.

  7. So to Ewe’s every akan is an ashanti? what kinda stereotype is this? We are all Ghanaians and should be remained one and fight the boko haram’s. If you think you ewe don’t make any internet war over tribal stuffs. Ashanti’s are down to earth and thats a fact nothing can change that. The ewe’s i know likes to discriminate with this tribal talks and all. My own bestfriend is an ewe and she’s always insulting akans, i never take it personal or cursed back, but whenever i jokily says eish no 9 people and this she would act up and fights me for weeks. Cant we all take simple jokes? We are one people no preferences. We all rule, ashanti’s will have odor when they don’t take care of their bodies. Ewes will go through same.. My own bestie used to say stinky akan folks whenever she’s upset with an akan. knowing too well am an akan akuapim i don’t take that as an insult because i know i don’t have any odor. When i also tells her stinky ewe folks thats when she will react towards me. Is a simple joke, we should all learn to control our emotion over stuffs. one love.

    1. It is obvious you don’t know what you are talking about…We all have different temperament. Just because your ewe friend act up and want to fight with you doesn’t mean all ewes are like your friend and so will react the same way… Some of you guys think like children…I have ashanti friends who will fight with you for insulting their tribe. Does it mean all ashanti’s will react the same way?..

      As for your story about discrimination, check your ashanti NPP party.. Almost all the top men are from ashanti and akyem.. They basically discriminate against other tribes.

      But for NDC which is perceive to be an ewe party, most of their top men are in all the 10 region in Ghana.. This is a fact.

      So now tell me, who is doing the discrimination?

      1. You sound ewe and must be upset sorry cant argue with you. Because i know you sound and seems too difficult. I stated my opinions without any insult so go ahead and do your worse.

        1. You also sound like an ashanti… I was just trying to educate you, so that you don’t go and make the same argument somewhere…

          1. Lisa and Veronica do you two understand English? the girl only stated her point with peace. She even wants we all to reunite so why the insult? Look here the more you become defensive on this issue the more people look down upon you. I read through her comment and she want us to be one her friend’s issue is only an example she gave out. I am half ewe and it saddens me how my own people allow others to insult us. We should know how to handle akans without them cursing us out.

          2. Kwabena, you are a hypocrite…I’m 100% sure you are not half ewe.. Please stop lying and be bold enough to say you are an ashanti…These ashanti are just cowards…You are half ewe my foot….hahahahahaha….

            I’m giving it to you like this because you cleverly ignore all the stupid things alot of people here have said against ewes and then decided to rather respond to me for defending the ewe tribe…Ewe are not cowards..They are ready to defend themselves… I think you are a fool by saying ewes shouldn’t be defensive…Your argument doesn’t make sense…

            Is like telling Africans not to respond, when white people says they look like monkeys…. Go tell your shoeshine boys and girls to stop the insults.

          3. Linda u seem to be uncivilized at all.u r an ewe and the article and peoples comments offend u,so what?the whole world shud crumble bcoz we touched ur sensitive spot?shoeshine boys and yet they wanted ur good for voting for the right man to lead country.tell me,are u working and how much do u earn?are u renting or staying with a family or boyfriend?if u have issues,deal with it and stop being bitter over comments strangers posted.u r an ewe and forever will remain one but the fact that u r alive doesnt mean whats obvious aba ur people shud change.we all have our opinions and u nor ur people can change that.its called freedom of speech.get that into ur so called educated head.

          4. Nana….First of all, you are already confused… My name is not Linda..My name is Lisa….So freedom of speech suddenly means you can insult other tribes and call them inward looking, right?…You must be crazy.

            I normally don’t respond to these tribal issues, but I got tired of the insults from your uneducated tribesmen…I wanted to educated them little bit.

            I also want your shoeshine boys and girls to know how it feels to be insulted…By the way, I work and I get paid in Euros…How about you?..Have you got some proper work doing or you are also a shoeshine boy?….hahahahahaha.

            I can tell you for a fact that I don’t have any issues.. I live a comfortable life.. Your tribesmen rather have alot of issues…They are racist and I hate racist…..

          5. get paid in euros?is it prostitution or what?i can tell its working for u,big time.well since u seem to be so concerned aba some uneducated shoeshine boys and since u claim to be swimming in euros,why dont u do a lil good for someone?instead of sitting here commenting on every silly ur energy on something good for ur community bcoz its this same community ur kids will grow up in.

          6. So you mean when someone get paid in euros, they are a prostitute, right?….Then I think alot of your uncivilized ashanti women in Europe are all prostitutes….Your mother is also a prostitute, because you still don’t who your father is…

            I’m helping my tribesmen by responding to uneducated shoeshine boys like you…I’m channeling my energy on racist like you… Stupid fools

          7. So you are still here preaching, if you are full of energy why dont you go back to your “tribesmen” and preach them to stop practising TROKOSI?

          8. I’m your worst nightmare….I’m gonna be in your faces 24 hours…If the insults continue, my responses will also continue with vigour… You midget looking ashanti people think you have the license to insult….kwasia bi ba

            By the way, TROKOSI is better than killing innocent people and then cut off their heads for your ashanti king’s burial..When your Asantehene dies…He is buried with at least 10 Human Heads….Only uncivilized people practice this Devilish Act…

            Mr. Shoeshine boy, tell your tribesmen to stop practicing this Devilish Act…..

          9. Ohhhh no, I rather pissed on your mother face…..hahahahahahahahahaha…. midget looking shoeshine boys….

          10. ths lisa gal is talking shit u see how uncivilized and stupid u ewes are no ghanaian respect ewes everybody makes fun of ewes,witches and wizards,i wonder who u dating how can ur bf stand such a stupid uncivilized loud gal like u oh sorry ma bad u are an ewe u people hv nothing in ghanas history,if u get paid in euros then u rich go build a house in volta and lets see whether u can visit this website again coz u will be dead by now,u talking shit here and u dont even go to ur hometown coz u know u wil die if u do so,if volta region is a place to live then all what im saying is go build a house there since u rich u…im ashame of u

          11. You talk like a JSS student…Your head is full of Grass Cutter “shit” faeces…It has made you confused. I really don’t know why ashanti’s like eating animal faeces. The twi word for the animal is akrantia

            You are a block head.. You don’t know anything..You went to school for nothing… You say ashanti’s don’t respect ewes, but our ewe men are sleeping with your women every day…An Example is Jerry John Rawlings sleeping with your ashanti woman, Nana Konadu Agyeman…

            Take note that, Nana Konadu Agyeman is connected to your ashanti king (Ashantehene)… You don’t respect ewes, but we are sleeping with your royal family members…Foools….Hahahahahahahahaha

            You say ewes kill each other with juju, right?….It is only uneducated people believe a human being can sit somewhere and then use spiritual means(juju) to kill someone….You are watching too much of the twi kumawood movies..The kumasi movies are full of this spiritual nonsense. As for me, I don’t believe in that crap and so I go to my home town…I have a nice house there.

            Come and say this spiritual nonsense in Europe and the white men will slap you because they will think you are going mad…..hahahahahahaha.

        2. B*tch, you started the argument now finish it.Ashanties down to earth my foot. Lisa did not insult you but since you are a coward and can not handle the truth, you hide. Nonsense

          1. ashantis are not down to earth coz they rule ghana ashanti empire represent ghana in africa,u hv to know ghana is in the top 10 greatest empire in africa and ashantis represent ghana and u all hv to learn the twi what do u see when u arrive at kotoka….akwaaba..all the foreigners try to learn twi when they are in ghana and matter of fact they are rich,6ashatis were on the list of top 11 millionaires and billionaires in the country ashantis are like british and i know u know that our great grandfathers fought and we now reaping from the good seeds they sow,how many rich ewes hv build a house at their home town,nope they cant coz u will get killed,is only ewes that will park their nice cars at eastern region and enter into volta region coz u wil get killed if they see u driving a nice car is only ewes that will kill u when u visit them in volta all bcoz u looking nice volta region is still shit coz the rich voltarians cant develope their own hometown,dare to do it and u will get killed

          2. So you have admitted ashanti’s are not down to earth, right?…Which did you attend?…eeeeeeii, waaa bon papa…..hahahahaha

            I can speak Fante very well because my mother is a Fante..I will never learn how to speak ashanti twi….Ashanti’s don’t own the twi language…You have your own type of twi so fuck you…

            You are obviously one of these uneducated shoeshine boys so let me educated you little bit…Akwaaba is not Ashanti word…. It is an Akan word….Most Ghanaian are trying to learn how to speak the Akan twi not your Ashanti twi….What did you learn in school at all?…hahahahahahaha… You sound stupid

            You claim ashanti’s are on the list of top 11 millionaires and billionaires in Ghana, right?….Just name one of them who owns a private plane…Ashanti’s just like to boast. Most of them don’t have anything….Billionaires my foot.. hahahahahaha

            I can name one ewe Billionaire who owns private plane… He is called Togbe Afede….He actually lives in Volta region and nobody has use juju to kill him because he is rich….You have lots of gold in ashanti region, but your ashantehene can not boast of a private plane…You are all busy doing shoeshine.

            You have been exposed…..Uneducated shoeshine boy…

          3. You are still talking from your ass huh? You are very jealous envious and obsessed with ashantis, you will always be beneath us and that is a fact, if you dont believe me go and ask the only rich ewe in your tribe togbe afede, Asantehene is known and respected by kings/queens in europe, like the Queen ok. You squatters have the mouth to talk when ndc is in power, who respects you ghana? Your tribe is the most hateful, jealous, wicked, stinky pathetic people ever, your fellow tribesman jj, another hateful troskosi bastard is married to ashanti woman,can you explain that? if you have something to say, go and educate your people about accepting people who dont speak their lang. cos you are wasting your time here talking ish. Foolish boy or girl, your people need your help, those kids in your village are being sold into slavery, go rescue them, u quack doctor and stop bragging, nobody gives a sh9t about yall and your inferiority complexes behind. you must have been a shoeshine boy/girl yourself, you know too much about it, siaaaa.

          4. No,… I’m not talking from my ass..I’m rather talking from your mother’s stinking vagina…..Hahahahahaha.

            Mr. Shoeshine boy, Your ashantehene is only respected in Ashanti Region…When your Asantehene went to Norway, He was robbed of his jewels by certain Norwegian thieves….

            If your ashantehene was really respected by Kings and Queens in Europe, how come a common thief was courageous enough to rob him….Have you ever heard news about Barack Obama or the Queen of England being robbed by a common thief?

            Look at this midget shoeshine boy…You really sound stupid…

          5. Another stupid argument from a fool who thinks hes so smart, wo ye aboa papapapa, is it Otumfuors fault that he was robbed, so becos he was robbed hes not respected, you are not only stupid but dumb also, you mean to tell me the Queen and the royalties do not get robbed? Kwasia, if you are so smart, find a cure for ekro, which you and your people suffer from, nobody in ghana RESPECTS your tribe,you can rant all you want behind the computer, but the fact remains, of the the tribes in ghana, your tribe will always remain at the bottom which you clearly belong,next time otumfuor celebrate akwasidae, i dare you to go to kumasi to talk sh9t, lets see if you come back in one piece. You cat eating, ekro infested, evil, wicked ewe twat., eww

          6. My dear lol Ewes should know that whatever they do The ashanti kingdom rules. Even Rawlings and Mills respected the ashanti kingdom. Have you heard them mentioning any ewe king besides the wicked king agokorli? lmao this should tell you they have no better culture is all about their juju and fights.

          7. hahahaha thats all they are known for, killing people they disagree with, whiles Ashantis are always thinking of ways to make money, no 9 people are always at the juju place read to kill, no wonder God made them so poor.

          8. They are typically poor but due to corruption and sika eduro most of them are on top now. Ewe’s at the tema harbour are always stealing. Stealing is their middle name i guess

          9. You can say that again, we used to have a wash-man who was ewe, every time hes done washing/ironing our stuff, and we count it there’s something missing, another thing was instead of him washing the clothes, he will be hunting for cats.

          10. Yes, You are working hard to earn money by damaging your agricultural lands with galamsey. You don’t even care about the fact that you are poisoning your rivers… Your Cocoase Kroaseni ashanti leaders are not intelligent enough to stop this….

            The ashanti’s recently went on a demonstration In Ashanti Region claiming they were the only region experiencing the power outages in Ghana….This is an example of a tribe that thinks they are superior than other tribes….

            You hated Osagyefo Dr. Kwame Nkrumah because he was not an Ashanti man….Your tribesmen finally conspired with the white man to overthrow him….What a wicked tribe..

          11. Your ekoro infested brother JJ, another damn lazy, totalitarian, power drunk, crook, scammer did nothing for ghana, other than steal and loot, all he knows is rant whimsical nonsensical words. nkwasiafuor, half of ghana problems comes from your useless pathetic no good tribe, cos your inferiority complexes and inward looking asses wouldnt vote for any akan, dont come back and talk atta-mills blah blah, cos yall killed him as usual, poor man, may God continue to punish you people for your wicked deeds. hahahahahahaha, eff you

          12. I’m back with vigour…. Ashanti men are not circumcise and so almost all their men are Koti Boto….Hahahahahahahaha…Koti boto useless guy… kwasia like that…

            That’s why most of your women don’t like your ashanti men…They prefer openning their legs to other tribes…Do you know why Nana Konadu Agyeman who is from your ashantehene royal family got married to an ewe man like Jerry John Rawlings.. It is simply because your tribesmen are Koti boto….hahahahahahahaha

            Ashanti’s are matrilineal because they don’t trust their women..

          13. You are not intelligent enough to understand my argument…Your ashantehene went to Norway with his midget looking body guards and they were not able to protect him from common thief…

            This clearly means your soo called big man ashantehene can easily be assassinated by someone…If you were an intelligent person, you would have understood my argument…Your king is an easy target…Block Head midget looking ashanti shoeshine boy… Your ashantehene is considered to be an other black monkey from Africa….

            If your ashantehene was really respected in Europe, the Norwegian government would have provided him with 24 hours security….

            Your people are suffering doing shoeshine and galamsey…Most of them are uneducated…Instead of educating your people, You are happy your ashantehene is celebrating akwasidae….You are a clown.

            I wonder why you are not using your real name…Ohh I forgot, ashanti’s are cowards…….hahahahahahaha

          14. hahahha you dumbass, you are very very stupid, all your arguments doesnt make sense, you are talking out of hate, jealousy and envyness, wo ni twease, i will take a northerner over your evil wicked jealous klepto tribe anyday. Yall make my skin crawl, you ewes are nothing but despicable evil terrible thieves. I get on your nerves but you people disgust me, you people belong with animals, you can never ever educate me on nothing, go and educate your useless people on how to be receptive to other tribes, wo ni twease once again, kwasiato. And oh, the only way you can talk sh9t about OTUMFUOR is behind the computer, am a PROUD PROUD ASHANTI, i thank GOD i came from the ASHANTI tribe, not some ekoro infested, cat eating, downtrodden, jealous, wicked, lazy. useless thieves tribe. A.B.O.A.A.A, bye felica, hehehe

          15. If you are proud to be an ashanti then you are also a proud Koti boto….hahahahahahahahaha..

            Aboa bi ba…..Uncircumcised Koti boto ashanti boy…..hahahahahahaha

      2. Nyaho Tamakhloe, Alihu Mahama, Jake obetsebi Lamptey, Courage Quarshigah(RIP), Hopeson Adorye, Dr Bamumia and current chairman of the NPP party Paul Afoko, all these men hold top positions in the party, can you tell me what tribes they are? Shame on you for being ignorant and pathetic.

        1. You are an educated fool…Hopeson Adorye doesn’t hold any position is NPP… Courage Quarshigah and Alihu Mahama are dead. You included dead people in your list because you were desperate to make a point.

          Out of 25 million Ghanaians, are these the only people you could mention?…I challenge you to mention an additional 10 top personalities in your NPP party…This time around don’t include dead people….okay

  8. this is the first time sharing ma opinion here but u people shouldnt insult and hate on ashantis,people say ashantis are uneducated and cant speak english which is a big lie,they hv some respectful celebrities like kod,kkd,jacky appiah,reggierocstone,ama k abebrese,james gardner a whole lot,is only in the ashanti region that u wil see moshie zongo,asawasi,aboabo,anloga and fanti new town where in the 10 region can u see this apart frm the ashanti region,ashantis are large and 90% of ghanaians speak the twi language here in accra everybody speak twi more than ga,all the propgrammes and advert on tv are twi programmes,asahnti empire represented ghana in the top 10 greatest empire in africa…american rnb singer ashanti was even name after this great empire in 2008 i watch a p diddy movie and one american woman said she knows a lot abt africa the first empire she said was the ashanti empire..american rapper nas once said in his music that hes stronger as an empire in africa the ashanti empire and matter of fact all our songs are in twi 90% of it u now see the so called english rappers throwing some twi lines in their music,coz everybody hears u better,expressing,urself in twi,when u arrive at the aiport the first thing u see is akwaaba all the foreigners try to speak twi when they come to ghana even in the northern part of ghana we speak twi coz i hv a friend whos a dj at wa and he told be the only language he speaks on the radio is twi and english …

  9. Hehehe let me also contribute my little cent. Well i know one or two ewe men who stinks to the highest degree. And the truth hurt lol you all ewes stinkssssss too many juju dey your blood. Witches and wizards. Am sorry but you people are too weird. ayigb3 mafias are deadly, every little things they shed bloods. So the men who stinks i wonder how their women kiss them? Is it the money or they just date without kissing. Anything about ewes are scary. hehehehe ewes can lick my anus if they think am being a pain in the butt. At least am not pretending i hate ewes and my entire family do. hehehehe you all go and form your country, Ewe’s cant be ghanaians and they will never be accepted lmao. fuck all the ewes lol

    1. As for you, i think you are going mad.. You need to see psychiatrist to help you with your mental illness….No ewe wants to associate themselves with an ugly person like you…I can say your entire family is very ugly…Your mother was soo ugly to the extent, your father had to close his eyes before he was able to impregnate her….

      Don’t make a habit of dogmatically disliking something just because you feel like it… educated fools.. fuck your entire family.

      1. That was so lame wow… When people insult me i don’t even respond back because it makes you a fool.. I think you should do same next time. Bernice typed shit but now you made it worse and people will see you as the stupid one instead. Learn not to responds to ignorant comments.

        1. You are rather a fool if you don’t respond to the insults…Is like telling Africans not to respond, when white people says they look like monkeys..

          I will advice you to rather learn to respond to insults so that the shoeshine boys and girls will know they can’t bully you around…I’m ready to respond to their insult anytime..

    2. Bernice, you must be an ugly obese Ashantie woman that got screwed and dumped by EWE men. You are a scorned shapeless woman. Jealous that EWE woman are beautiful, educated and endowed. You want all the qualities that we possess. Bernice, come and clean my shoe and carry my toilet in my house you swine. Ashanties are swines, midgets, ugly and uneducated. And tell your guys to stop chasing us Ewe women. We don’t need your secondhand men they are just like the foes you wear.

  10. I thought Chris wrote this article so that we will all try and solve the problem at hand, but you guys are doing exactly what he’s complaining about. . Is simple we all love where we come from and this Ashanti and Ewe issues are never going to end but I guess in the end we’re all ghanaians and that’s the most important thing…. But the truth is Ashanti men like to spread women. Lol. …Ewe man wouldn’t mind taking from you.. But I love my ewe men lol

  11. I am a fanti and i have lived with ewe ppl and i love them.they dont stink so i dont no wat u ppl re talking about and if ewes re trabalistic then some akans made them so esp da ashantis.we like talking down on ewes and da northners. We start first and they also hit back.

    1. You are not an akan.. Ewe’s are all about their people sorry but you don’t sound akan. Ask your folks about ewes.

      1. What is this Ama shoeshine girl talking about kraaaa?…You sound like a typical uneducated ashanti who think they are superior than any other tribe….Please go and do your shoeshine and stop bothering us with your useless comments.

  12. Stupid black monkey niggers.. chicken feet bones cracking coons, porch monkey fat lipped, big nostril baboons… Leave them to kill themselves. Next time I hear a bongo bongo nigger complain about racism, I will point them to this article’s comments… Niggers will be niggers.

  13. Okay first of all if you are an ewe get the hell outta GC. We are not doing any tribal war here so to cut it short ewes shouldn’t come in here period!!!

    1. Maame, First of all go and tell your shoeshine boys and girls to get the hell outta GC because they started the tribal war here…You don’t own the internet so fuck you…

      1. Too much cat eating has affected your already demented brain, I need an wash-man, but he/she not have ekro on their skin, that is what makes most of you smell and stink as hell, fuck you too

        1. It is fact that, only ashanti’s who put Glass Cutter’s “shit” faeces into their soup. They claim it is delicious…How can an animal faeces be delicious?

          That’s why most of them can not learn how to speak proper english…Their mind is full of animal shit…I will prefer cat meat than eating animal “shit” excreta.

          1. I rather eat faeces than eat an animal who is considered demonic, eating cats has made yall evil, jealous poor, i mean you cant even stand to see your own fellow no.9 get successful, yall will kill him or her right away. Juju infested trokosi bastards, ok bye

          2. Okay, so you have admitted you put faeces in your soup, right?If that’s the case then come and get my faeces for yourself and your family….I think your mother needs my faeces to enable her gave birth to another child because you are going mad..

            Only mad people eat faeces.

          1. hahaha one girl said is called ayigb3 jersey is a must for every ewe to have that. Symptoms of their juju work.

          2. So only ewes are synonymous to juju, right?…Go to your hometown Ashanti Region and find out why they all worship a god called “Antoa Nyamaa”…As you can see, your people also like juju paaaa…

            When your Asantehene dies…He is buried with at least 10 Human Heads…They basically kill innocent people and then cut off their heads for the king’s burial…So now tell me, who is doing the proper juju?….Your block head has made you blind….

      2. At least us shoeshine boys/girls we are hard workers, we not looking to the govt for handouts, we contribute a lot to the ghanaian economy unlike yall lazy asses, we build houses with our shoeshine money for yall squatters to occupy and take us to juju to kill us to take our houses. Alright bye, am done with your tribalistic ass this time.

        1. You are a shoeshine boy and I’m a Doctor…You always come and shine my shoes and so how can you build a house for me for occupy?..Shoeshine boy and girls don’t pay tax so how do you guys contribute to the Ghanaian economy?

          You are just a chicken feet cracking coon…I’m ready to deal with vagabonds like you….Stupid little sissy.

  14. y’all are here dissing urselves like no man’s business… anybody dare talk abt racism u can kindly go to h*ll … disgusted reading thru some of these comments.. Ghanaians can be such a shame.

  15. Ohhhh no no no lmao. Ei? why are some tribes so sensitive? If a person says something bad about one tribe, they automatically are stereotyped as comin from a particular tribe. Well, from my personal experience, I think Ewes are too sensitive. They are also the biggest indulgers in nepotism. They seem to have this idea of them being a cult/lodge so when they are in a position of power, they do everything to put their tribesmen ahead of other tribes without regard to their merits. Its really a shame. I know two people who have being victims to this attitude of theirs. + ive hrd stories of other ppl being treated like this so I believe i can safely conclude that is a trait of Ewes. Most of em seem to have an aura of inferiority complex hoverin above their heads so they take offense at the slightest thing. Its really sad. I guess they’ve already stereotyped me as an Asante so i wouldnt bother statin my tribe. They seem to classify everyone who call them out on their shitty traits as Asantes smh

    1. Your argument doesn’t hold water..You just came here to disgrace yourself…If what you are saying is true then how come your NPP party only elects an ashanti or an akyem as their flag bearer? It is because you are the biggest indulgers in nepotism… There are lots of capable personalities from other tribes in your NPP party who can easily be elected as your flag bearer, but they are all relegated to the background because you put your tribesmen ahead of other tribes without regard to their merits.

      But for NDC which is perceive to be an ewe party, most of their flag bearer are from diferent tribes. In the NDC party, anybody from any tribe can be a flag bearer.

      So now tell me, who is the biggest indulgers in nepotism? You have been exposed…..hahahahahaha

      You obviously don’t see nothing wrong with an ashanti calling an ewe inward looking, right? But you have the nerve to say ewes are too sensitive… How do you expect a normal human being to react to these insults? If you want to see real sensitivity then go to Nigeria and tell boko haram, they are inwarking looking people and lets see if you will live to see the next morning…You can only do these stupid things in Ghana.

      1. INWARD LOOKING EVIL TWERPS, yall better pray none of my family members become president one day, your demonic evil asses will be kicked out of ghana to where ever Nkrumah brought from you, most of ghanas problems stems from your tribalistic asses. Cos yall inferiority complexes asses cant stand any akan become a president except someone yall comfortable with, useless petty sad folks, ok bye

        1. Hahahahahaha…You are confused..Have you forgetten John Atta Mills is an Akan….Ewes loved him like he was their own and they voted for him massively. They were even ready to go to war for him.

          Your head is full of Glass Cutter’s “shit” faeces…And I think you are going mad because of that. Tell your mother to stop putting animal “shit” excreta into your food. It is not good at all…Why should a normal human being eat animal faeces? The twi word for the animal is akrantia… Very soon they will graduate into eating human faeces.

          I will advice you to tell your tribesmen to stop eating Glass Cutter’s “shit” faeces because it has made them confused….

          1. Aboafuuu, you call yourself a doctor and you cant even spell grass, what the hell is ‘glass cutter”? You are no doctor, you are stupid troll who is butt hurt cos i called your evil inward looking tribalistic ass out, no doctor has the time to spend on here being tribalistic. Go fo fcking hell thats where you lot belong to though. Your mother is somewhere selling charcoal or yoko gari, get off this blog with your fag ass, go and find a job to support them and stop talking nonsense. stupid idiot. ok bye, lol

          2. i’m just being sarcastic by typing it the same way an ashanti person will pronounce it….Hahahahahaha, you bring yourself…We all know Your L is R and your R is L…If I ask you to pronounce grass cutter, you will say glass cutter and If I ask you to pronounce glass, you will say grass…..Hahahahahahahaha, I was waiting for you to point it out….My shoeshine boy

            I want to give you a shoeshine contract…We need your service at our work place…When will you come and sign the contract?

          3. Oh btw where is atta mills? Didnt yall sacrifice him already? Kwasiaa i thought you said dead people didnt count in NPP when it comes to Alihu Mahama and Courage Quashigah? You are sick, stop eating cats, its affected your brain.

          4. I will always enjoy cat meat than eating animal “shit” faeces…Only a lunatic can confidently eat animal “shit” and be happy about it….

            Since you are specialized in eating “shit”. I want to donate my “shit” for you and your family for free….When are you coming for it?..My “shit” is really delicious..Your mother will like it alot..She really needs to give birth to another child because you are going ballistic….hahahahahaha

  16. This is a very sensitive issue and i was expecting a rational discussion but unfortunately sentiments took over. Word of Advice, Lisa you giving them the opportunity to taunt you cos you are taking a defensive posture.It would help if you advance your argument with facts and not get worked up. And to Juicenet and the like i think you guys are being sarcastic and it’s not fair on Lisa.It’s working her up.There are some painful truths in all the argument but that’s just the way it is.

    1. hahahahahaha, well Lisa’s first comment shows she was already worked up before commenting. Those people are known to be all defenssive when it comes to issues like this.

      1. Hahahahahaha, Your shoeshine boys and girls are rather worked up..Ask yourself why im still commenting..It is simply because I’m enjoying myself…Just checkout my comments, I’m actually educating your tribesmen through this medium…

          1. Yes, I know you are from the midget looking tribe who think they think they are superior than any other tribe…

            Mr. Shoeshine boy, don’t try to run away from your tribe…okay

          2. To every ignorant ewe every akan is an ashanti.. Yet they blame ashanti’s for discriminating. She must be a frustrated no 9 who wish she was born an akan. Lisa go and dump your self in the volta lake with your stupidity.

          3. My mother is a Fante and so I don’t have any problem with the Akan tribe…My problem is with your ashanti tribemen who thinks they are superior than other tribes…

            The ashanti’s are cowards….They have a tendency to hide behind other groups in the Akan tribe to enable them gain support for their diabolical agenda…Have the courage to face me…okay.

            I can tell you for a fact that my educated ewe tribesmen know the difference between a Fante and a Koti Boto ashanti man….The ewe tribe loved John Atta Mills even though he was not an ewe…This is simply because he respected the ewe tribe…. This midget looking ashanti man doesn’t know anything……hahahahahahahaha

      2. Oh say it again ooo lol well back in Ghana around 1999 right, i took a cab and the men were all having a decent discussions about NDC vs NPP. The taxi driver was a strong ewe man who started acting up because a man said rawlings can only manipulate his home town and the rest of the volta region. The cab man insulted everyone of us in the car and left us in the middle of the road lol actually said you stupid ashantis don’t deserve to be in this car. So find your own ride. Laughter be what we laughed at him and one man banged the door and said wo car tantan wati lol. sua nyansah and stop this ewe behavior of yours. I think ewe’s are sensitive and doesn’t want to be in any decent conversation.

    2. Kwaku, I thought you were one of the good educated ashanti, but you are obviously ignorant yourself.. I judiciously advance most of my argument with facts…Did you read my comments? The Grass Cutter “shit” faeces has blocked your head and so you can’t see the facts in my comments, right?…..hahahahahahahaha..

      You see facts in your shoeshines boys argument, but you don’t see facts in my argument, right?..You are a buffoon

      1) It is not a fact that ashanti’s like eating Grass Cutter’s “shit” faeces. The twi word for the animal is akrantia

      2) It is not a fact that you kill innocent people and then cut off their heads for your ashanti king’s burial..When your Asantehene dies…He is buried with at least 10 Human Heads.

      3) It is not a fact that most of your tribesmen look like midgets

      4) It is not a fact that most of your tribesmen are shoeshine boys and girls

      I challenge you to come and deny these facts..If you don’t know these facts then I will advice you to ask your grandfather about it…The truth hurts.

      Instead of advicing your tribesmen to stop the insults, you are rather advicing me to stop responding to them so that they can get away with spreading lies about the ewe tribe. Word of Advice, I’m not worked up at all…I’m actually enjoying myself commenting on here because it offers me the opportunity to educated some of your ashanti tribesmen.

      1. Hmmmmm………Comments are free but facts are sacred. So can’t we have matured discussions as a country. Every discussion is tainted with ethnic and political prejudice.A seemingly harmless comment provokes this kind of scathing attack? Will definitely not dignify your comments by responding to them,Lisa.It is always advisable to have a broader perspective on issues and not be myopic cos it helps you learn.

    3. lol Ewe’s are quick tempered and Lisa is just an example. Am sure if we were all closer she would have murdered us long ago with her taupe juju. lmao

      1. Yep, the fool is trying real hard on here to command respect for his wicked tribe, they are the worse people ever and most ghanaians will testify to that.

        1. Ohhh No,…I’m trying very hard to put some sense into your block head…..hahahahahaha

          Your teacher at school will suffer papa…..You find it hard to understand simple things….I’m sure you are a block head JSS student because most of your comment don’t make sense…. What a clown….Koti Boto ashanti man

          1. Yet her frustrated filthy ass keeps coming back to reply to my comments, dumb bitch had the nerve to say shes a doctor, you brainless pig, go fck your HIV infested ass somewhere, you sound like a dog on heat. After all most of the prostitutes in europe are ewes, you are very angry and frustrated, why u dont get enough customers or what? I dont blame the men, they dont want your hiv infested stinky smelly vagina, no more. You dumb nitwit ewe ho.hahahahahhaha kwasiaba or barima

          2. Mr. Shoeshine boy, I’m going to keep replying to your comments because I’m your worst nightmare….I’m gonna be in your faces 24 hours…If the insults continue, my responses will continue with vigour..

            I will advice you to circumcise yourself and stop running around town with your Koti Boto….Hahahahahahahaha.

            We all know ashanti’s are very black and ugly, but these days you will find most of them trying hard to bleach their skin to enable them look like ewes……Hahahahahahahaha

          3. hahahahahaa i dont care, i just want to frustrate you bitch, lol, you are so worked up, trying so hard to ‘educate’ us on this platform, when nobody is listening to your so called education, let me summarize what a lot of ghanaians think about your tribe ewes and i will leave you alone. You ewe bigots are full of hate, jealousy and envy, you will never be cured, you represent the worse form of crabs in a bucket, enemies of progress, poverty is your best friend. You trokosi ewes will forever be remembered for masonry, cat/chicken stealing , juju killings, raping underage girls at trokosi shrines,incests, lack of personal hygiene, inward looking twerps. Now am done with your sorry sad ass, ASHANTIS WILL FOREVER AND EVER RULE AND YOU ewes WILL FOREVER BOW AND SERVE US. oh one more thing i need a washman and a carpenter, now go and get therapy for yourself and educate your people on how to behave and act like human beings, bye

          4. Your ashanti tribesmen are not able to even control your women and you want to rule over the ewes…hahahahahahahaha..What a clown…Your women are sharing their stinking vagina around like toffee..Your mother is one of them…I will advice you to go and look for your real father because your mother lied to you…If you can’t even control your ugly women, I wonder how your tribesmen can ever rule over the ewe tribe….

            Let me ask you this simple question…Can shoeshine boys and girls rule over Doctors?…You must be dreaming….hahahahahahahaha… Go ahead and tell your ashantehene to come and rule the ewes in Volta Region and lets see if he will come back alive….

            Your midget looking body guards couldn’t even protect your ashantehene from a common thief in Norway…Are you bringing these same midget looking body guards to come and rule over the ewes in Volta Region?….Just try it and we will stick our foot up your midget Ass…..hahahahahahaha

            So when you are going to circumcise your Koti Boto?…..Hahahahahahahahahahaha.

            I know my insults are getting into your head…You can’t sleep, right?… I intentionally design the insults to get into your skin so that you will think twice when you are about to insult an ewe….I’m gonna be in your faces 24 hours…I’m your worst nightmare….

      2. I don’t believe in juju and so I would have smack you in the face if you were closer to me..hahahahahahahaha…..Shoeshines boys and girls.

  17. Eiiii I just landed on this page oo!!!, and boi eh boi, insult bi what…. but Nyame se y3nka nokware…the matter on the ground is ; Since the ashantis are the largest tribe in Ghana, it makes them look superior (that shouldn’t be the case tho but there seem a natural feeling bi* of majority carrying the vote) and the other tribes are trying hard to dispute that fact. ok we see the picture now but i think then we should find a better way to solve this than insult each other. but seriously i cldnt stop laughing. at the end of the day i cldnt help but sum these up
    EWE VRS ASANTIS boys and gals 1. shoeshine boys and gals eaters 2. “glass” cutter feces eaters
    3. ekor) aka. ayigbe jersey 3. koti bot)
    4.vstinking bodies 4. ugly midgets
    5.problem with “N” where morning turns “moring” 5. problem with “R & L” where

    grass cutter turns “glass”

    6. insecure bastards 6.arrogant bastards

    See eventually, generally speaking those stated above could be true or not……lol…. we all have a bad side and a good side. no one is better than the other. My favorite vocab “KOTE BOT)”…LMAO

  18. “Ewes stink”, “Ashantis are thieves”…Ghana is roughly 6000 km away from Germany, but this article clearly shows that prejudice and disrespect towards people who are just different from one’s own self are a global problem. When the cold war ended in 1989 I was stupid enough to believe in the dawning of a new age, but alas! everything has even turned worse. The Middle East is on the brink of explosion, Germany is being flooded by refugees from Syria and Afganistan. As a result, neo – fascist violence against immigrants and moderate politicians is speeding upward. Ghana is far away, but in Germany, intolarance and hatred a on a rise as well…