I Stand Accused…The Strengths & Weakness of Our Ghanaian Movie Stars | Let’s Get Talking!

Jackie Appiah (4)
Jackie Appiah

In the last few years and under different sheets of the various Awards organised in and out of Africa, we’ve heard ‘Best Actor’, ‘Best Actress’, ‘Best Supporting Actor/Actress’, ‘Discovery of the Year’ and several other phrases decorated with gold, having been attributed to our Ghanaian movie stars.

We’ve accepted their awards as a clear indication of excellence and their strengths—though we all have some doubt in relation to the credibility of some of these awards. But we’ve refused to point out the weakness of most of these stars, even our so called favourite actors and actresses.

I recently had a long conversation with a Ghanaian actress and we ended up by the pool of reality, telling her that, everyone has a weak spot—no matter how good that person may seems to be. Therefore, she has to work on those weak spots of hers if she indeed wants to take her career to the next level.

And interestingly, she did not even know her own weakness—which made me wonder; how can these people improve and become better if they do not even know what needs work and where they should focus their attention for improvement…

On one hand, it seems we’ve failed these actors and actresses for failing to point out to them their weakness just as we award them for their excellence. On the other hand, we all know the attitude of Ghanaians to criticism—they will probably call that hating, just as we usually do when being told about our dark side.

Against the above background, I want us to look at the on-screen weakness of our Ghanaian actors and actress-both Kumawood and Ghollywood, point out to them where they really have to improve should they want that ‘out of the box’ success they so much desire—as movie enthusiasts, critics and ordinary viewers.

Using the comment box below, mention the name of an actor or actress follow by where the person’s attention must be dedicated to, in order to improve his or her career. And if the person is beyond repairs such that she/he has to totally quit acting, do not be afraid to be truthful to the person and yourself by letting it out…

We all see different things when we watch a movie so we all should have something to say. Do not be worried about what someone has already said, including what I am going to say. Just say what you’ve witnessed—FREELY!

I will start with Joselyn Dumas, John Dumelo, Jackie Appiah and Juliet Ibrahim—dealing with the Js.

Joselyn Canfor Dumas

It is obvious Joselyn Dumas has a good level of interest in her acting career, thought at first she came across as gearing more of her energy towards TV. Joselyn has no problem with displaying emotions on-screen, when a role demands so.

For me, Joselyn Dumas has to let go everything when acting and by this, I mean she seems very conscious of her person in the movies I’ve seen her. You can easily spot that, she has some vested personal interested in how she is appearing on screen which sometimes makes it too obvious that she is acting up.

I wouldn’t want to say she is shy but if the above fails to connect with your understanding, think along the lines of “being shy or uncomfortable”—-FIDGETY sounds like that better word I am looking for.

Juliet Ibrahim

We all saw where Juliet Ibrahim started from…Her ‘Crime to Christ’ era was nothing close to good but over the years, she has really improved—-with her on-screen gestures or attitudes being her strength to me.

With dedication and perseverance, Juliet has really done great for herself as an actress. She has more of a ‘success story’ than all these actors and actresses out there—I think.

When it comes to a key area that needs urgent attention, I will point her to the region of dialogue. The way she delivers her lines must be given the needed attention. As an actress, she is able to immerse herself into her roles, intending to make things seem as close to reality as possible. But her speech and the way she throws out her lines always give her out.

Probably, she is still struggling with her multi-lingua tongue—at least that is what I think.

John Dumelo

John Dumelo has a charming personality and to be frank, I think that is the main strength of his entire acting career. When you look at someone like Robert De Niro, you will see that the Oscar-winning actor has a stumbling personality but he is an excellent actor. By this, I mean you wouldn’t be bothered with De Niro if he was not an actor but when you see him on-screen, you can’t just ignore his excellence.

On the other hand, even if John Dumelo was not an actor, I am sure he could still command some sort of attention with his personality—endowed with bold African features.

Since John has that inherent attention grabbing personality, what he needs to work on is his ‘general pretence attitude’. To me, an actor is great if his or her pretence is well camouflaged, making you believe it is real—and not pretence.

For some reason, the moment John pops up on the screen, you are reminded that, this is acting!

Jackie Appiah

Jackie Appiah has more awards to her name than any Ghanaian actor or actress but one award she has not picked up yet which I am about to honour her with is; the award for ‘Areas to Improve’.

When it comes to on screen display of DARK emotions—particularly, display of grief which can even get a viewer to share tears, Jackie Appiah is a real champ. Let me say, the success of her acting career can be attributed to the way she is able to touch viewers with her dark emotions.

Ironically, when it comes to the display of BRIGHT emotions—be it total happiness or some sort of huge jubilation, Jackie Appiah is unable to bring the same effect she easily unleashes with the DARK emotions.

When Jackie Appiah is grieving (crying her tears out), you cannot resist her, I’ve seen grown men shed tears. But let’s say if she just won a big lottery in a movie or a man she has been crying over for years returns to marry her, you will not be moved by her joy or excitement.

I am not sure why this is so—-and I am not sure if you’ve also noticed this. She is not perfect with her lines but there is nothing like perfection out there. However, if she really wants to be an all-round actress, she definitely has to work on the bright side of things…

There will be times she would be hired to play a happy woman—and she should be able to deliver with excellence just as she would have delivered if she was playing a crying widow.

Now Your Turn

You certainly must have watched some of our Ghanaian movie stars, ranging from Lil Win to Nadia Buari and from Majid Michel to Yvonne Okoro—let’s know their ‘weakest link’ and if they really want to improve, they will take your comment on board or forever remain in their seats as local champions…


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