The Kumawood Stars Have Been Added…Gov’t is Sponsoring About 7 of Them to Brazil

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Kwaku Manu

It looks like the ‘PLENTY radio talk’ and outburst by certain Kumawood stars over the fact that nobody from their camp was selected as a World Cup ambassador or to go the 2014 World Cup has paid off…

According to a report by GhanaSportsOnline, the Government of Ghana has issued a directive requesting that 7 Kumawood stars should also be picked as 2014 World Cup ambassadors.

Akua Ataa ‘Kyeiwaa’, Kwame BA, Kwaku Manu, Ras Nii, Dabodabo and 4 other Kumawood stars have been named as ambassadors alongside the already 15 or so unveiled ambassadors.

Speaking to Angel Fm, Kumawood movie producer-Jones Agyeman said “We think we (Kumawood actors) were side-lined in the naming of the ambassadors for the World Cup and so we fought through many quarters and got ourselves to the ministry’s headquarters”.

“Finally, the ministry has accepted that they made a mistake in naming the ambassadors and so they have purchased tickets for nine of our movie stars who will also travel to Brazil as ambassadors”.

“We got our tickets and they have prepared places for myself, Wayoosi, Kyeiwaa, Ras, Bill Asamoah and the others I mentioned to you”.

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  1. What are the facts of this reports because bill asamoah just disragarded this information,he just wrote on his page saying is not true

  2. At least the government is doing something about it now.. but that shouldn’t be the case… organizations should stop discriminating the kumasi stars and start involving them in stuff as well, instead of waiting for them to rant over it before they realize they made a mistake..

  3. So next will be the citizens of Ghana wanting to go and what will the government do?? Sponsor us? ?
    Waste of resources. .Ghana mehn!!!