CELEB STYLE: Menaye Donkor Rocks Ripped Jeans | Copy the Style…

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Menaye Donkor
Menaye Donkor

Though Menaye Donkor has refused to confirm or deny the state of her relationship with Ghanaian football star-Sulley Muntari, we’ve been talking to people—and several people are also talking to us, connecting the dots. Our phones have been buzzing and our email alerts are setting off more than usual.

Meanwhile, Menaye Donkor shared a photo today of herself rocking a stone washed ripped jeans, joining the ripped jeans trend.

Definitely, the ripped jeans is back in fashion so pull yours out if you still have it in the wardrobe, or click below to grab one  join the world of fashion…



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  1. I confirmed this yesterday. And is very true they’ve been seperated for a while don’t think is divorced but is what we called marriage break. Menaye don’t want the entire media to get into her case so she has to pretend just the way it is. Sulley couldn’t tolerate a lot about her so called it off. Lets hope they sort things out before it becomes too late.

    1. This is excitedly what I know meneye does not want the media to get involved. Meneye should be careful as she is spoiling her image with lies. People can follow you around and see your where about. From a close relative sources meneye is not even allowed to enter sulley house in Accra and Milan. Tonight you posted and old picture showing off. Don’t you think is bad to behave like this. What is shocking almost all her family including the triplets had visited her in Milan where she leaves alone. Even in Gh if sulley is in town he does not come to meneye family home they don’t see each other accept in public places

    2. Blah blah blah idiot did u get paid wasting ur time preying into someone marriage.u cant even find a begger to marry u but u will gossip abt oda ppls marriage.u cry at nite cos ur lonely n instead of u to look for ur own ur here pulling a gal who has already made it down.even if sulley divorces her,she has made ennuff money,contacts to sustain her for da rest of her glamourous life,see ur life,u even struggle to buy da bundle u gossip wit..fooools

      1. Now I know 100% ur not kojo….Nadia,is menaye paying u that much to spy on the media?? And it seems like the ppl talking (insidesource and fan AKA abapapabi) might be right cos from kojo’s response AKA Nadia the manager, I can smell that u all know each other. As in kojo is aware of who insidesource is.

        1. hahahaha yes i smell something fishy.. Don’t u think this menaye stepped on their toes? They have more detailed info here. Kojo is a she, so is inside source and the rest.

          1. My sister they’re all shes’…and I think kojo is menaye’s sister in law,that manager. That’s why she’s fighting our sources AKA abapapabi and insidesource

  2. I would have said more but the person might know is me. Someone closer to her told me. Chris don’t even bother because she won’t tell you nothing

        1. Commot for der,in dis day n age ur eyes no open n ur nkurasem gossiping like is gonna pay ur bills,oshofree gc gals start thinking abt ur expired life at ur age n stop dis bush behaviour,who does dat? Except beema kotobonku chris n his bunch of oshofree loosers

      1. BAM !!! See I told u ppl they know each other…kofi is not kofi,he/she’s menaye’s manager/sister in law Nadia. That’s why he/she’s attacking everybody here.

      1. Idiot go find urself a rich footballer boyfriend n leave da lady alone,begger sef dont want ur augly sef,see ur augly black face,oshofreeeee gas on gc chattiing shiat shurup!

        1. You so dumb and cant even spell.. Kojo why are you so defensive? Are you one of them? sound like an illiterate too. Get a life and stop wasting your time with ignorant comments.

          1. Am ur moda..common sense shld tell u typing wit a touch screen fon produces typing errors but bcos ur dumb u showed ur skull is empty,is dis blog a spelling compi site? find a job n stop gossing abt ppl who r way above u n dont even know u exist.foool

          2. Kojo AKA Nadia the manager, AKA Menaye’s sister in law….I can see ur job is really at stake here paaa,hence the attack on us. Now come closer lemme whisper in ur ears (how much does she pay u?? And is it by hr or week or month?? And is there a difference in ur paycheck since ur family?? If soo how much difference??). All these questions cos im willing to take ur job if and when menaye fires ur a.s.s Lmao

  3. That Instagram is run by meneye sulley does not have that account ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh the marriage does not exist meneye leaves alone in Accra and Milan is a fake Instagram by meneye showing off old picture with her and sulley to deceive the public.
    The security guard in sulley residence had refused meneye many times to enter sulley properity disgraceful evil woman stay away with your evil plans it will not work. You showing off old pictures shameful soul no man will take you as a wife that is why you cannot stand rejection

  4. There is no point insulting each other in this case. After all these celebraties get their fame and richness from the public hence everyone can have a say about their lifestyle. The truth hurts and there had been insight sources to support it. Many of the black star players had spend days and night in sulley Muntari’s house whereby meneye was not found at all. If this is not truth meneye swore by the oath or the bible?

  5. Lol….there’s something fishy about this “kojo” dude. …although I’ve not been married before, I think marriage is hard. …and goes through a lot to survive. …If menaye and sulley really love each other and it’s not all about money then I hope it all works out. …They have been together for years….They are the one in it….All the same yes my ears sweet me too oh….looool

  6. This kojo kraaa lol Chris Kojo is either sandra, roseline or yvonne. He or she seems so concerned papa.. Kojo would appreciate it if you come out with your real name and face GC. Stop being a coward please.

    1. for real, i have a feeling its a female using this “kojo” name and it wont be a surprise to me if its Yvonne Okoro.

      1. Yes is okoro or someone closer to her.. Hehehehe when that insider mentioned the rivalry between her and Dumas this kojo couldn’t comment knowing too well the insider will raise an alarm if she does. Kojo is a female lol what can we do she can enjoy the heat while we continue on the dissing.

        1. Ooh yea??? When was this?? Fill me in on that post…shyt I haven’t commented on this blog for ages. And I see some people have been using my name,I’ll change it soon kwraa.