After Ghana Watched Azonto to Die Without Making Huge Capital Out Of It – A Corporate Body is Now Investing in Teaching ‘Dead’ Azonto


The above video is a BBC Report on Azonto when it was at its peak

A recent online report has it that Hiplife musician – also credited by some write ups as Ghana’s King of Azonto, Gasmilla, has been contracted by telecommunication giant Airtel, to teach the proper way to dance Azonto at all Airtel Rising Stars events around the country.

Gasmilla, often described as the inventor of Ghana’s famous Azonto dance, according to the report, will engage fans during break time for Airtel Rising Stars’ and teach them Azonto. However, the naked truth is, Azonto is dead! Azonto – whether one considers it as a music or dance form, is no more! So why would Airtel contract Gasmilla to teach it now?

When the whole Azonto craze was buzzing all over the country, where was Airtel? Far less people dance Azonto today! Azonto songs don’t enjoy airplay any longer on radio! Artist – including Gasmilla, are not recording more songs with Azonto rhythm!

The report goes further to state that “Gasmilla said I will be teaching fans the right way to dance Azonto and Azonto plus which include moves like Alkaeeda and Kobay also known as Amanda. My target is to teach at least 10,000 people how to do the Azonto.”

How many people may be interested in learning Azonto now? What for? At a time artists are no longer recording Azonto songs? Teaching and or learning Azonto now is akin to the proverbial scenario of carrying ones bucket out to harvest water after a heavy pour of rain. The rain (Azonto) is over or has stopped so which rain water is there to fetch?

When Azonto was on its acme, Ghana could not make any huge capital out of it. Videos of some popular foreigners like Chris Brown were seen on YouTube – dancing to an Azonto song. Later, Chris Brown and other international media outlets credited Azonto to Nigeria.

Brand Ghana, which is an outfit, established by direction from Ghana’s late President, John Evans Fiifi Atta Mills in 2011, charged with the mandate of branding Ghana to become a global competitor in attracting foreign investors, could not sell Ghana with Azonto.

Now, Azonto is belated! Azonto has expired! Azonto is extinct! Whatever any person decides to do with Azonto now may not be intriguing or bankable. Peradventure, Airtel wants to resurrect Azonto or remind us that a dance craze once came into being known as Azonto. Well, they know best. Until then…MOTWUM!!


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