Alleged Killer of Fennec Okyere-Bull Dog Goes Totally Silent – Whose Injunction Is That? – Court? Family/Friends? Or His Conscience?

BullDog-Lawrence Nana Asiama Hanson
BullDog-Lawrence Nana Asiama Hanson

Ghana woke up on Thursday, 13th March, 2014 only to be banged in the face with the sad news that, manager of award winning musician, Kwaw Kesse, Fennec Okyere, was found dead in his house on the Spintex Road – his body was found in a pool of blood.

Though several reports indicated that he was shot dead, later, spokesperson for the deceased’s family, Madam Ursula Ekuful, confirmed that Fennec was not shot but rather, stabbed to death – hence, his body found in a pool of blood.

Whilst the family of Fennec Okyere, media players and the general public were crying foul – admonishing the police service to clump down on the killers, the police was at work, and the police apprehended manager of self acclaimed King of Dancehall, Shatta Wale, named Nana Asiamah Hanson aka Bull Dog.

The case was opened on 2nd June, 2014 and according to reports after the hearing, the prosecution pleaded with the court to allow them has access to the defendant – Bull Dog’s phone but the defence counsel raised objection – so the court directed the prosecution to serve the court with enough reason why the court should grant their request.

Before the arrest of Bull Dog and his release from police custody, he was very vocal in media circles – as a permanent critic on ETV’s ‘Talk Showbiz’ every Tuesday evening and PLUZZ 89.9 FM’s Sunday programme ‘Flex on Pluzz.’

It therefore came as a surprise to all entertainment players when the police, in making charges against Bull Dog, said “the suspect went hiding and was missing on all entertainment programmes on radio and on television.” In fact friends of Bull Dog called the police’s bluff!

Currently or after the first court hearing, Bull Dog has been totally silent in media and showbiz circles. He no longer speaks as a panelist on ETV’s ‘Talk Showbiz’ every Tuesday evening and PLUZZ 89.9 FM’s Sunday programme ‘Flex on Pluzz.’

Today, it’s as though there is no body called Bull Dog at all in Ghana’s showbiz industry! There are even no write ups about him or his artiste – Shatta Wale.

Meanwhile, Bull Dog is one of the deep thinkers and honest art panelists Ghana’s showbiz can boast of. So are we to lose his splendid and erudite opinions and submissions simply because he’s been alleged to have killed someone?

Is it the court that has instructed him to be silent – ‘don’t talk on radio or television?’ Does the court even have such powers to do so? Even if they have or do, in my layman’s understanding, that contravenes one of the provisions of Ghana’s 1992 Constitution – thus, ‘Freedom of Speech.’

Yes, it’s true when cases are in court, the defendant and or plaintiff (in a civil cases) and in the case of criminal cases, the prosecution and defendant, can talk about the issue but are debarred from going into the merit of the case – less they pass prejudicial comments.

But, Bull Dog speaking on other entertainment topics aside his case, will not amount to passing prejudicial comments or contempt of court; so why the silence? Is it friends and family who have advised him so? Or his conscience is flogging him up? Indeed, the dude must be going through an inward emotional conflict with himself! But Bull, we still love you! Get talking bro!

GhanaCelebrities.Com tried his known line several times for his response on the subject matter of this write up as well as other issues regarding his artiste, Shatta Wale – who was contracted by the Ministry of Youth and Sports (amongst other celebrities) as the World Cup Ambassadors, but as at now, Shatta Wale is still not in Brazil to cheer the black Stars—but we could not get through.

GhanaCelebrities.Com is still noosing around the camp of Bull Haus Entertainment for any information on Bull’s apparent silence and why his artists is still in Ghana, instead of being in Brazil. Until then…MOTWUM!!


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1 thought on “Alleged Killer of Fennec Okyere-Bull Dog Goes Totally Silent – Whose Injunction Is That? – Court? Family/Friends? Or His Conscience?”

  1. Wow… wow… wowww!! So Fennec was stabbed? And the case is still wide open? Come on Ghana Police, please do something. If the deceased was indeed stabbed to death, the killer will by all means have some minor cuts in the process of the attack. So, getting the suspects blood sample should be as easy as A,B,C,D. In my humble opinion, if there is no evidence of breaking entry, then fennec knew whoever killed him. By the way, did the police ever recover the knife? Finding the knife could be the smoking gun evidence they’ve been waiting for. In fact, there are so many ways in killing a cat. Even if they can’t find the knife, his clothes must be taken to a forensic expert for examination. They will definitely find some clues. Hmmmm…. I don’t blame the Ghana Police though because I’m aware that they’re under resource and they can’t do much.


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