Menaye Donkor is a GODDAM LIAR | The Photo She Shared with Muntari Yesterday Was Taken Ages Ago

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Menaye Donkor11
Menaye Donkor’s Instagram

Dear Chris-Vincent,

I just read an article you posted this morning titled ‘Menaye Donkor Wants You to Know That’ and a photo Menaye Donkor shared on Instagram with Sulley Muntari yesterday was used which suggests that Menaye has met Muntari in Brazil.

After looking at the photo, it is clear Menaye Donkor is a liar and she is fake. The photo she shared with Muntari was not taken yesterday or during the Brazil 2014 World Cup.

Please look at the photo well and check the jersey she is wearing together with that of Muntari. That is the old Ghana jersey which is no more in used at this year’s World Cup.

Menaye Donkor and Sulley Muntari
Menaye Donkor shared this photo yesterday

Also, we all saw Sulley Muntari playing in the Ghana Vrs USA and Ghana Vrs Germany matches, he has some bushy hair on. Please look at his hair in the photo Menaye Donkor shared yesterday, making it seem she has met Muntari in Brazil and you will see she is lying.

I am not sure how this escaped you Chris. Why is Menaye Donkor sharing an old photo on Instagram, passing it on as if she just took it recently in Brazil with Muntari?

The way this woman is carrying on makes me think that, her marriage is damn over.

I just want to point the truth in the photo she shared out to the other readers. She was in Brazil more than 48 hours before Ghana’s match against Germany so why could she not meet her husband and take a current photo?

Last thing, check Menaye Donkor’s weave in the above photo and the ones below and you will see she is lying to us with that photo she shared yesterday.

From : Stacy Ama N | Accra

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Thank You.


All these photos look RECENT

Menaye Donkor and Satta Melissa2

Menaye Donkor11

Menaye Donkor and Satta Melissa1

But this one below is OLD

Menaye Donkor and Sulley Muntari1

Chris-Vincent Agyapong Febiri, Founding Editor
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  1. what’s really wrong with you guys. it’s her own business weather her marriage has ended or not. this is really not news.

    1. IT’S BECAUSE OF PEOPLE LIKE YOU [dear author of article] THAT SHE IS PRESSURED TO GO OUT OF HER WAY TO DO WHATEVER IT IS SHE’S DOING! Congratulations for picking her marriage apart! – Remember, what goes around comes around***

  2. Oh Menaye why are you worrying yourself like this? The guy has left your sorry ass so take it and stop flaunting. Now what do you have to say about this too? Your husband is lost so you can get a chance to take a new photos for him? Sulley was all over sharing money and where were you?

  3. Ghana celebrities! High grade kokonsa. Menaye too why are you allowing them to do this? I told you to go and beg muntari and get pregnant. Don’t post these pictures again. Allowing people to just insult you. Why did you even lie? I don’t understand this again.

      1. I have looked at the photos well and it seems the menaye and muntari photo is old. this is photo of muntari against germany so check his hair and the one with menaye

        1. Yes, too many obvious giveaways. Muntari’s hair, Ghana (Muntari) wore red (not white) against Germany, Ghana’s white (“home”) jersey now has kente on the collar and cuffs, the Puma (sponsor) logo is now black (not red) on the current jersey. The girl is obviously trying to deceive the public with an old photo with Muntari.

          1. Its clear you have not done your research well…Critics without credentials. Which puma logo is black not red..huh? Go check andreayew10 on instagram and tell him the puma kit he is wearing is fake….Muntari is wearing a snapback cap to cover is hair. Next time just dont post anythn…mtchew

        2. She’s not smart at all. winners don’t talk or responds to stuffs they hear. She should have kept quiet and update her instagram without sulley’s picture. This girl don’t want to go broke so trying hard to win him back. wish her the very best.

        1. kk,you very very ignorant,that jersey sulley is wearing is one of the jerseys they wear,i mean they don’t play matches with that,if you are on instagram and you follow Andre Ayew,then go check it out now for yourself,he just posted a pic with himself,Essien,and Gyan,with the the caption,ma brothers and i before the game…

          1. Ichief, whoever you really are, continue to live in your ignorance. The truth is out there for all clear minds to see.

          2. May…am not trying to say their marriage is over or not,but what i’m saying is people are ignorant,they say the picture is old,it’s not old,they jersey sulley is wearing is one of their non competitive match jerseys they wear before a match,and menaye’s jersey is the current jersey with kente design on the hand..if you follow Andre Ayew on instagram,go check it out for yourself,you’ll see him,essien and gyan with the same jersey sulley is wearing in this pic with the caption,Ma brothers and i before the game(yesterday’s game)

          3. BAM ichief…Infact that was the first time the blackstars ever wore that white Puma Kit….The pix is current

          4. Off course! They are soooooo blind by stupid Jealousy, n can’t see, also can’t think straight!

        2. Are talking about the Jersey on Menaye or Muntari? Check her arm. People chill and let the lady be. Assuming its an old photo so what? Mtcheeew.

  4. This girl is a loser. If I were Muntari I wont even bother with her since she is becoming more desperate as days go by. oh aba

    1. @tiffanybabe my love,look at the picture very very well,muntari is wearing a cap,look at menaye’s jersey too,the kente design on the hands of the jersey is the same as what she’s wearing with her mum and kevin’s wife at the name is iChief…peace

      1. Ichief, you are confused, blind or in denial. Where is the current kente collar and the red Puma logo, which are missing from the “old”photo?

        1. kk,look at the pic carefully,hair brazilian hair or whatever hair she’s wearing has covered the collar so you can’t see the design,but look at her hair hand i mean the one she used to to take the pic,you can see the kente design on the hand of the jersey,can’t you see..

          1. At the end of the day a picture is just a picture they can both agree to snap the pictures alright but within them their marriage is over.

        2. the jersey,sulley is wearing is one of the current jerseys they were before a game…do your research very well….

  5. This woman i dont understand her at all. Is it because she depends on the charity money or what. I wonder what her next act will be. Please stop this as you are getting worse with your moves. People with big eyes are watching and not just haters but the whole world.

  6. I had no evidence to prove it but I suspected that the picture was not current as soon as I saw the picture from the original blog, particularly since Muntari’s white jersey didn’t have the current kente on the collar and I couldn’t imagine Muntari not sporting non-official or imitation apparel from the current one at the World Cup.

    1. Please its not a jersey Muntari is wearing.Its a Puma training kit which all the players wear. Menaye is wearing the current jersey as you can clearly see the Kente design on the sleeve. The pix is a current one. Whats all this fuss about??

      1. Is not a current picture but we wont argue. The jersey or the outfit menaye is wearing is totally different. We just wish it never happened but if a man says is over nothing can change his mind.

        1. It is a current picture and I will challenge you to it. Go look at the puma kit Dede Ayew wore after the game. Go to instagram …andreayew10…Look at the puma kit. Again look at the jersey Menaye is wearing…Its the current jersey. Y ou pple are just blowing up the issue..FYI yesterday was the first time the blackstars wore that white puma Kit.

        2. listen,you sleeve of the jersey menaye is wearing is the current jersey,what you should know is the kente design on the sleeve was not designed on the whole sleeve,it was design like half of the sleeve,and even if you look at menaye’s sleeve,you can clearly see the kente designed there,and talking about sulley’s jersey,it’s the jersey they wore before the match yesterday,it’s a kinda non competitive jersey,i mean what they were before a match..go check out Andre Ayew’s instagram page and verify for yourself…

          1. You are the same person coming in here with different names, you posted that picture under the name maame so no point on going there.

  7. If things seems to be alright why is Menaye fighting back. Madam upon Rihanna’s comment Kevin girl friend is relax. If you are secure relax and let the public see things themself than pushing.

    1. Exactly!!! she should stop this social network thing and be her self. Divorce is never a crime she should accept and move on.

  8. Inkoom wife Omega was there she never posted any picture of herself and husband.
    Kevin girl friend was also watching the game no picture seen with both partners together.
    Did GFA not publish no girl friend or wife at the black stars camp?
    Menaya you are doing your hubby bad than good.

  9. So because of her are you going to commit suicide lol ,it obvious she is happy with her man and muntari is happy with her .thunk about yourselves

  10. according to metro news paper online Muntari was seen in a video dashing out money in the streets somewhere in brazil and signing autograpy. Where was the Queen of all charity? She could had join the husband.

  11. I am not against separation but i hate liars. Is so obvious this girl is forcing hard to fight back. Menaye come on you are very pretty and if this footballer says is over please accept the defeat and move on with your beautiful life. Who know’s, your next hubby would be handsome, rich famous and loving. We know you’ve tried enough but is about time you come out and clear things out. The same Sulley you are fighting for is over there enjoying some hot booty while you are on social media making a fool out of your self. Now i have a reason to believe this marriage doesn’t exist anymore. Juliet walked out, Jackie and Luckie did and that doesn’t mean they bad or not the wifey type. Is just not meant to be, what will be will be hun so keep the head up and kiss Sulley good bye. We love you and from a well reliable source you two are not together. I know you’re pretending but please don’t let this sulley of a guy mock at you because you’re worth more than rubies. Anyway that jersey was designed 4years ago and is no longer in use. Menaye take my advise and pray thank you

    1. How old is this women cus she is acting like a child. Woman grow the f***k up and leave this for the kids next block…or is it that you can’t work to support yourself or what. Who does she do at all apart from her marriage. Is she the only one married to a football player? Geez get a grip

      1. She’s 32 a year older than me but i won’t behave this way. i know it hurt to be abandoned unexpectedly but life must go on. She can fix the mistakes in her next marriage. With sulley is totally over for them.

    2. Liar..which jersey was designed 4 years ago? Its clear you dont research well. Critic without credentials.Go to andreayew10 on instagram and tell him his jersey is 4 years ago…. SHAME ON YOU. @juicenet:disqus

        1. Save your breathe ichief and fiifi,the blind and the pea sized brained folks will see only what they want to see. Obviously Menaye is wearing the new Jersey as you can tell by the kente on her sleeve and Muntari is in the training Kit. Chris to resolve once and for all the the identity of the person posting on the blog why don’t you introduce a location thing like FB does,so it show a person’s location they are posting from based on IP address so the dim wits get to know that not everybody is blind……Thanks for the edit capability added .Really cool……..

      1. hahahaha shame on you and your menaye for trying hard. Fiifi my foot why not bark your model with a better identity than this fake names am seeing here?

  12. whoever posted this for should bow down his or her head in shame,cuz you didn’t do your research well,it’s current,sulley’s jersey is one of their current non competitive jerseys they were before a match,i mean one of the ones they made for 2014..and menaye’s jersey too,is a 2014 jersey,for the world cup…


        1. But did the website even write this or a reader wrote it to the website? some people cant even read so I wonder how they are able to comment

          1. I guess any reader can write trash and expect an esteem website to publish..a website is as good as what it has it the readers or the owner. The reader can write trash comments but for the publisher to accept an untrue story and make it a headline speaks a lot about the website.

        2. When did lies become acceptable? Do i have to be on menaye’s payroll to stand up for the truth. I am not available for dust to be thrown into my eyes…Maybe you are.

  13. Honestly i dont care if the picture is current or not, i believe that girls marriage is OVER, hence she doing so much for ppl to believe that marriage is not over.

    1. Same here. These people can talk and talk. Menaye can hire people or she can come here under different names to talk. the end justify the means. One day it will all be out GBAM

      1. oh these names we seeing today is one person who’s defending her but who cares? they can write all they want.

    2. U see how u are struggling to wish someone’s marriage to fall? The likes of u will reap everything u wish for others. Hamanian, keep sweating over someone’s marriage okay? That’s how less unimportant u are.

      1. But what is wrong if a man says is over? Come on she can’t be a fool for long. Is obvious she’s trying hard to accept something thats been dead long ago.

  14. Now, what I don’t understand is, why is it so important for her what the public is saying /talking about!?!?! Lady, the less you say the better. Don’t care what people are saying. At the end of the day, it’s your life. Don’t go wasting your energy on this matter.

  15. Menaye, listen, fight for what rightfully belongs to u. Don’t allow fools to compare u to any divorced celebs coz u re u, Menaye, n ur destiny is different from others. U re unique on ur own…let them say what the like, God gives children…love him till death. Shut ur ears to downfall seekers who are this aimless…let the love flow as I see in those romantic pictures. Haters can hang dead, we don’t care. Tell the to listen to “No One” by Alisha Keys.

    1. At the end of it all a picture don’t mean shit. He will never refuse to take photo’s with her. He doesn’t hate her so come on. Menaye should stop deceiving her self. Guilty conscience is a real maa##cker

      1. this is to prove that the picture she put up on instagram with Muntari was taken yesterday and Stacy whatever is wrong. not posting it to make a statement about their marriage cos at the end of the day, its their business and until either of them come out to confirm the rumours I wnt call her a liar blah blah blah.

  16. This menaye woman how old is she again? Why does she feel like she has to prove something to us if her relation is actually good and going? If someone says my name is not Akosua, do you think I will go and bring my birth certificate to show the person or I will say, that is your business because that is my name and if you dont believe it I dont care? All she is doing shows that menaye’s heart has been broken.

    menaye claims to do a lot of charity work and this is sulley muntari in brazil doing charity (sharing money) which was in all international media. A good publicity but Menaye was lost so where was she to tap into that good publicity as a philanthropist too? Tweaa

  17. But check the edge of the sleeve of the Jersey Menaye is wearing in her pic with Muntari,it had the new Kente edge trim like the new Ghana Jersey,so it is not possible this pic was taken before that Jersey was outdoored as Ghana’s new Jersey…the pic is recent….and you said hair,Muntari’s head is covered by an over the head ehadset and the picture was taken such that you can’t see the hair very clearly…so how can you conclude he doesn’t have bushy hair in that picture with Menaye?

  18. You guys are just PATHETIC, geez seriously. Did her caption say or imply that she took the picture yesterday. What is wrong with sharing a picture from years ago in support of her husband.

  19. and so should we go about shouting that Menaye has told a lie?…………..aaaaaa u guys y it looks like a glasses to make u see well even if its old he is her husband not any guy that he is throwing herself on she is married to her so she can choose to post all her old pictures with Sulley its not ya business………..mmmtttcchhheewwwww…..aaaaaaa stop it for christ sake

  20. and so should we go about shouting that Menaye has told a
    lie?…………..aaaaaa u guys y it looks like u need glasses to make u see
    well even if its old he is her husband not any guy that he is throwing
    herself on she is married to her so she can choose to post all her old
    pictures with Sulley its not ya
    business………..mmmtttcchhheewwwww…..aaaaaaa stop it for christ

  21. Its a current picture, sulley been wearing a goatee lately and you see it in the picture. I commend her for trying to save her marriage but she should try other options on having children if shes having problems conceiving, else the dude aint gonna stay.

  22. Whoever is making this argument is…Its her life. Get yours. Take a better look at her arm, and you can really tell what jersey it’s. Besides who cares. Its her marriage not you.