Menaye Donkor is a GODDAM LIAR | The Photo She Shared with Muntari Yesterday Was Taken Ages Ago

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Menaye Donkor11
Menaye Donkor’s Instagram

Dear Chris-Vincent,

I just read an article you posted this morning titled ‘Menaye Donkor Wants You to Know That’ and a photo Menaye Donkor shared on Instagram with Sulley Muntari yesterday was used which suggests that Menaye has met Muntari in Brazil.

After looking at the photo, it is clear Menaye Donkor is a liar and she is fake. The photo she shared with Muntari was not taken yesterday or during the Brazil 2014 World Cup.

Please look at the photo well and check the jersey she is wearing together with that of Muntari. That is the old Ghana jersey which is no more in used at this year’s World Cup.

Menaye Donkor and Sulley Muntari
Menaye Donkor shared this photo yesterday

Also, we all saw Sulley Muntari playing in the Ghana Vrs USA and Ghana Vrs Germany matches, he has some bushy hair on. Please look at his hair in the photo Menaye Donkor shared yesterday, making it seem she has met Muntari in Brazil and you will see she is lying.

I am not sure how this escaped you Chris. Why is Menaye Donkor sharing an old photo on Instagram, passing it on as if she just took it recently in Brazil with Muntari?

The way this woman is carrying on makes me think that, her marriage is damn over.

I just want to point the truth in the photo she shared out to the other readers. She was in Brazil more than 48 hours before Ghana’s match against Germany so why could she not meet her husband and take a current photo?

Last thing, check Menaye Donkor’s weave in the above photo and the ones below and you will see she is lying to us with that photo she shared yesterday.

From : Stacy Ama N | Accra

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Thank You.


All these photos look RECENT

Menaye Donkor and Satta Melissa2

Menaye Donkor11

Menaye Donkor and Satta Melissa1

But this one below is OLD

Menaye Donkor and Sulley Muntari1

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