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A friend invited me to an occasion and the massive crowd I met when I got to the venue nearly fazed me out (because she said it was something small). The food and drinks were not enough to go round and I left the place hungrier than when I left home.

After the occasion, I asked my friend what happened to the ‘small party’ and the non-availability of food. She said she didn’t even know where the people came from. Invitees invited others who in turn invited others.

But then, people dress up and follow people to places they don’t know….I know back home in Ghana people are always on the lookout for obituaries to attend funerals but abroad too? That’s very inconsiderate on the part of the invited guests. You don’t know people’s pocket so using their occasion as an excuse to come and entertain yourself is way below the belt. The uninvited guests are rather quick to get to the food than the invited ones.

Due to an experience I had some time ago, I don’t do ‘kogya mi (accompany me)’ stuff. A friend took us (a handful of girls) to meet her male friend for lunch. When the guy finally turned up and saw the ‘group’ stringed along – the way he looked at the girl (and us) with disgust left a very bitter taste in my mouth. Alas, Mr ‘moneybag’ was expecting to have lunch with his friend not a bunch of ‘parasites’- so I have my reservations when/if following/accompanying people to programmes/outings.

At least, we have to be considerate when people invite us to celebrate with them – of course, they won’t expect us to come alone but they are equally not expecting us to come along with friends and friends of friends.  What happened to being courteous enough to ask your host if you can come with a friend or two?

If you are looking to fete your ‘gang,’ do so from your pocket and not at someone else’s expense – and by ‘doing so from your pocket’; I’m talking about not going empty handed because what I’ve realised is people who eat a lot/ do ‘give me give me’ find it hard to part with their money and sometimes very stingy. They close their fist but expect others to give them.

I’m not even going to bother talking about the ‘food/drink’ hoarders/packers who package their takeaway (for the following days meal) when everyone has not had their share…..Exhibiting a high level of greed which can only take you to one place – the loo!

If it’s an ‘outdooring’, weddings or funerals; we have to keep in mind that the host needs the money more than anything else so stringing people along in the name of ‘adding flavour’ to the occasion is really uncalled for…..If you don’t get food, don’t complain – your gang ate your portion.

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  1. Is such a shame especially for females. I remember last year during my baby’s naming, i only invited church family and after 4 hours my entire house turned into a huge crowd. Thank God it was summer so my husband had to go out to rent some canopy’s and some chairs for the back yard. I did appreciate their coming and all but think about the planning. We had plan the meals according to the size of the event, suddenly we ended up like entire convention. My mom inlaw and her friends had to rush to the kitchen to prepare more food, my kitchen was occupied and had to beg my Ghanaian neighbors. Some people want to be everywhere even if they know the person or not. Is very common here, i know same people would have broadcast to the entire community we couldn’t give them food at the naming ceremony if we hadn’t rush to do more cooking. The entire event went so wrong as planned, more people came even at night when we thought it was over. This thing should stop, is quiet disturbing. lesson learned next naming will just be on a sunday at church and little pastries lol that will be my 5th born.

    1. Yeah it is like people wake up and start looking for parties to attend and they dont care if they are invited or not

      1. I suspect is ekom(hunger) because who will do this? you wake up and just drive to the nearest event? Wow some people can be disgraceful.

    2. Urrrrr poor you. Is ur fault. If u had invited me, I would have ask my bodyguards, Mike Tyson, n Jackie Chan to stop the uninvited at the gate. Lol

      1. hahahaha really? now most weddings i know are strictly by invites. Ghanaians abroad are disgusting, uninvited event is their middle name.

        1. Hey, I took a recap of something I said I thought I better explain before some take it wrongly, n go bow to some statues they call a god. ” prophets are not powerful like if you are one of us” simply meant disciples of Christ Jesus. I have experienced n notice that trying to imitate any of Lord Jesus’ disciples (except judas) makes you more powerful than many men of God, bcos those characteristics impulsively make you apply whatever you learnt from church n also what u read from the Holy Bible. Our God sometimes loves challenges to prove His Truthfulness and Might.

  2. I have had a bad experience of this myself. Some years ago, I had a birthday party in my flat which I invited only about 10 friends and they all turned up with about 10 people each. It became something like like almost 100 people party when I did not budget for that and the food and drinks I had was not for that. This is an African thing so stupid. You get invited to somewhere go alone. Some of us will force ourselves and follow people even if we are not invited. It shows that either we dont have anything doing with our lives to be gatecrashing people’s party or we just too stupid to understand what an invite means

    1. Say it again. I hardly go out and people always tell me May am going to this party a friend invited me do u want to go and am like no I don’t know them and why will I go to a party that am not invited to, even my cousin had a wedding but I didn’t go cus I never saw any invitation in my mail box so I mail her what I bought for her wedding. Am sorry to say but some people are so stupid. My mom is a pastry chef and people call my cell phone to ask me where the party at. They will never change tho I think since free food and drink is involved.

    2. Some people act like they cant afford to put foods on their table. You should have seen how ppl were fighting over food at our events. Is such a disgrace, some weird strangers you don’t even know.

  3. they don’t do their crashing with class too. they eat and drink like they’ve not eaten for weeks. dear writer, next time eat before going to any occassion if it’s an african one….

  4. I normally don’t post comments, but I partly don’t blame this party crushers at all. If you enter into many african stores/ restaurants today here in US, especially in the Bronx, you will see all this different invitation pamphlets by different people for all kinds of occasion. Any body can pick some. If u want to limit your audience to a smaller group, or a particular group, then you don’t need to distribute hundreds of invitation letters to every african store or broadcast them on Facebook. I see these all the time and I think it is ridiculous. I attended my friends mothers funeral and there were some crackheads and a stripper dancing their heads off.

    1. kabiom lol some of the guys.. A guy asked me of jollof, waakye and even banku he said for the week. That was favorite stranger because he lol gave my baby 60dollars for diapers.

  5. Ghanaians are cheap and they take this cheapness everywhere. They come to your birthday party or christening ( I mean those you have invited) and they come with empty hands to come and eat and drink and pack take away to their houses. They dont bring anything. For those who are not invited and come anyway, they are even the worse, they also bring their kids with them and they eat the most and go away with gossip like the food did not taste well or was not enough. How will it be enough when you came without invite

  6. Lol. I thought this was a re-occurring issue where I live, not knowing it happens erywhere. No wonder weddings and most grad-parties r strictly by invite this year.