The Queen of Black Beauty-Jackie Appiah

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Jackie Appiah
Jackie Appiah

Even if you do not like Jackie Appiah for her excellent acting and enviable charisma, I am sure you will adore her for the fact that she celebrates being black—in the face of many African celebrities bleaching their butts…

The star actress is currently in Brazil as an official World Cup Ambassador appointed by Ghana’s Ministry of Sport and she seems to be supporting the Ghanaian national team with all she has, including her finger nails…LOL

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Chris-Vincent Agyapong Febiri, Founding Editor
Chris-Vincent Agyapong Febiri is the Founding Editor of GhanaCelebrities.Com , a Film Critic and a Human Rights Advocate; he holds 2 masters degrees in Law; International Human Rights Law (LL.M) and Legal Practice Course (LL.M) from University of Leicester and Nottingham Law School--and also a degree in Law (LL.B) from University of East London. He's a Professional Truth Sayer and he is the author of the popular eBook “Success is a Right, Not A Privilege.” He currently works at Adukus Solicitors in London--where he uses his legal brains to kick real ass, for the good of clients and humanity. Contact: [email protected]


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  1. Chris, how much do they pay you to keep praising Jackie? Seriously, there is nothing extraordinary about her. So please stop already …

  2. Jackie has a pretty smooth face.. No lie about that, but her body needs to be toned she needs a stylist and a personal toner. when it comes to facially will give it to her. On top of it all she’s very humble and deserves the hype. I don’t like rude actress or wannabe celebrities. If you rude you would be dissed daily. Jackie keep being humble and don’t ever bleach or photo-shot please..

    1. This room was balling until you showed up.. Please exit and leave. Our lately discussions has been great without your insults contribution

      1. Fa wo gyimi Fri mi so, but he your right don’t even know why I commented I don’t belong in this konkonsa world

        1. Who asked you to? go away because with or without you, GC will keep going and you don’t do anything for them. Are you one of their writers? What benefit do you give them that you think they care of you. As you have not commented have they not be doing what they do? No one notices you mister

          1. You said it all he came and first was for him to insult me lol. I didn’t mind him tho since we all know he’s full of insults.

      2. Did anyone even invite him back? People say shit about GC yet they can’t even stop coming here. They keep coming back and coming back to comment when they swear they wont come back. The GC cocaine is additive. Who keeps going to a place that the owner talks shit and the place is shit? that person must be the biggest fool in the world.

  3. Chris so you think anybody who has light skin in Ghana or Africa is bleaching?in case you don’t know some people are born naturally fair skin color and they cannot change that, being black does not mean everybody should be dark as Jackie or else you are bleaching, stop this your obsession and get over yourself.

  4. As usual GC on Jackie’s Nuts…Tsewww, anyways it is a banging picture though. she looks Hot with the whole filter thinking going on. Braids are banging, nails on point. But did jackie just discover jumpsuits? That is all she been wearing in brisiilllllllllllll….

    1. hehehehe the jumpsuit has been wore for almost a month now hahaha my sweetie don’t know fashion i will give her a fashionasta to work with.

  5. Chris do you know that you are creating enemies for Jackie ,
    Well I have never seen a women with the cutest face than Jackie Appiah ,I will always love you Jackie

  6. I think Jackie went to brazil without that Samira Yakubu lady cos all her pictures appear lovely,no scare crow like make up,and packs of weave,she looks like Jackie of things we do for love series.sooooo beautiful naturally.

  7. awwww madam jackie appiah..ahuof3 dua,tumtum s3 yo :)…u r a beautiful woman,stay so :)..i know the fact tht chris likes jackie matter has caused her a lotta haters on here but hey!she will keep being herself,getting more cash and being the beautiful woman that she is..keep it up jackie,daddy lumba b3si3 yentie obiaa,y3 nia wo ho b3 tor wo!