Black Stars Threaten to Boycott Match Against Portugal Over Delayed Monies + President Mahama intervenes

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Accordingly to multiple reports, Ghana’s national team-the Black Stars who are currently in Brazil for the 2014 World Cup, expecting to play Portugal on Thursday have threatened to boycott the match over the fact that their bonuses and appearance fees have not been paid yet…

It is understood that some senior members of the team led by Captain Asamoah Gyan have held series of meetings with the management and over sight committee members of the team in relation to the unpaid monies and boycott—and the management has sought to explain why the delay.

The football players were promised $75,000 each as an appearance fee and this money was to be taken from a large amount FIFA paid to Ghana for qualifying for the 2014 World Cup. However, the players have not been given any appearance fees, two weeks after the World Cup started—contrary to the GFA’s promise.

Mr. Ibrahim Sannie Daara, FA spokesperson has confirmed that the players have not been paid anything yet and they are running out of patience, like every reasonable person will do.

Apparently, the players were supposed to hold a training session this morning but they failed to show up as part of their protest and intention to boycott Thursday’s match.

The above situation has made it necessary for the President of Ghana-John Dramini Mahama to intervene, promising the players that they will receive payments by the close of today.

Would president Mahama’s promise be honored and would all the monies be paid as being expected by the players? We have to wait to see….

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  1. Eeeiii so Fifa money mean’t to be paid to players ghana government wants to pocket or what? or Gfa? hmm.

  2. Oh Ghana when will things get better so the boys are sweating and running around the pitch yet those corrupt people dont want to give them their monies promised? They shouldnt even have said anything, just walk to the pitch on thursday and sit on the floor all of you

    1. This is why all the African Nations are not playing well, this World cup. Cameron and Nigeria is to experiencing the same problem and so is Ivory Coast!!! That is Africa for you.

      1. Yes they’ve lost focused. Our leaders are bunch of idiots. Nigerians too are worse instead of them to treat their players well their governors are using the tax payers money to build 400bedroom mansions just for popularity. Bunch of thieves

  3. eiiii asem ben nie??? oh Ghana Government this is becoming too much ahhhh.. “give to Caesar what is Caesar’s”

  4. I heard fifa gave $20-50 mil to the qualifying countries, what did they do with all that money? Wouldn’t surprise me that mahama was given his share of about 10 mil.

  5. bullshit and bullshiit again to whoever is in charge of dispersing what??? you think the players will forget to claim the cash??even if asamoah Gyan forgets i know for a fact Fatau Dauda aint gona forgrt to take his wtf????the money has been given to you ..just pass it along!!!!!!