PHOTOS OF THE DAY: Jackie Appiah, Becca, Nadia Buari, Samini & Others

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Ahead of the 2014 BET Awards, an International Talent Reception party was held last night in LA for the nominees—and Ghanaian actress Nadia Buari was out there. Wearing a white jumpsuit, Nadia Buari posed with Samini and the others for photos.

Becca’s fine backside has become a talk of the town—and if you didn’t see the video we posted few days ago of her shaking what her Mama gave her, the above mirror photo will give you a clear shot of that ermmm…

Check below for the photos


Yvonne Okoro1

Nadia Buari3

Nadia Buari2

Nadia Buari1


Jackie Appiah1

Nana Ama McBrown and Maxwell Mensah

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    1. Some of us are well connected, but we choose to follow spiritual wisdom than earthly vanity that comes to nothing

  1. Useless so called celebrities. Most of Ghanaian celebrities are straight up prostitutes and fraudsters in disguise, take a second and look into their records.

    1. Ashawo is their middle name from what i heard the stupid officials and the players all had a crashes on the girls and thats what led to the serious fights. Sulley had to come in and fight for his team while those fools had the fucking nerves to question him. Becca is a huge disgrace to our Mother Ghana.

          1. Juicenet, just so u know, I’m half Ghanaian but unfortunately, don’t know the Ghanaian side of me that much at this age. N, O, I’m not half Brazilian tho.

          2. Hehehe. God has been awesome. But I don’t want Yvonne Nelson to kill me over a Brazilian father. Lol

          3. That’s why i always have problems with u Ghanians if u saw some body in front of a man’s door then they are lover or sleeping together what is all this u don’t jump into conclusions like that

          4. Please save your problems to your self. Becca and her old soldier catch that fire that night. Believe it or not.

      1. Funny. Lol.Yet think ur Jackie won this photo contest. Heard something new a coworker goes like this, ashawo DE LA LAA LA! He’s Nigerian comedian inside Manhattan. I laughed dead. Some funny joke.

  2. Cheap ass Becca if this music thing is not working try something else rather than using your body as a slot machine, you area indeed a disgrace to our Mother Ghana. Waste of tax payers money.

  3. Now Ghanaian celebs are competing with night workers. In fact…I could never love the former group better, brew riverson, Rama Brew, Nat Banini, Sheila Nortey, Akorfa, etc… that was a long time ago childhood, down there in Ghana…wen the two Grace used to quarrel funny in most of their movies…it’s a shame how the image of Ghanaian stars has gone trash y over night.

    1. The image of the Ghanaian celebrities has gone trashy over night due to over copying of the Western celebrities. And yes, its such a shame.
      I have miss the celebs you mentioned in your comment.

  4. so u guys really think becca slept with that boy???ahhh Ghanaians we talk too much…lets not soil the image of this gal.

    1. Wot image??? Hahahaha da desperate image she n her con man kiki r trying soo hard to build n defraud ppl off their money.apuuuuuu.remember her charity ball to raise money,da money ended up in kiki’s pockect.dis gal has no image so far as we r concern,even efya who came on da scene recently has gotten international nominations n becca is still struggling wit even ghana music awards nominations.i lost da lil respect i had for her when she started sleeping with kiki n ruined his marriage n u call dis ashawo as having a image??wot image? Hahahahaha. Dat badu boy started focking her ages ago,na today?tweaaaa even asamoah gyan take his own inside too..Becca ashawo! Yet still dat foolish chris is still singing praises to her hahahahaha butt licker chris!

  5. so these Becca’s, dumelos Jackies were sponsored by government to go support Black stars and some went to bor Ashawo. Agya Mills see what Mahama is doing behind your back wen some celebs, Sinare, Mr. Beautiful, Amandzeba, Okala, etc openly campaign for the NDC, u left them behind and went for the Ashawocologies? What a miss?