GOD MUST BE DEAF: When At All Will Churches in Ghana Stop Making Excessive & Unnecessary Noise?

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It is yet another Sunday – a day for lot of churches to make unnecessary noise. Cymbals crashing, shakers shaking, drums rolling, topped up with loud shouting. The issue of churches making all sorts of noises is really not a new phenomenon in Ghana. Many rational Ghanaians and non-Ghanaian residents have raised concerns about this issue, yet, we see no positive outcome from the churches.

I’ve got lot of important things to give consideration to as I sit here but a certain loud church in the neighbourhood won’t even allow me to think. A recording studio, perhaps, won’t even be making such a noise—within.

It leaves me to wonder if the pastors and members of the noise-making churches know for a fact that there exists something called pollution and nuisance; which their noisy activities can be classified as noise pollution and nuisance.

Among other things, noise making have been identified to pose health risk to individuals and these perils include hearing mutilation, deafness, hypertension, insomnia, mental disorder and abortion. Some health specialists even indicate that exposure to excessive noise can induce premature ejaculation and lead to cardio vascular ailments.

I’m shocked at how the churches abuse the freedom of other citizens; hitherto, claim to love others. With such unjustifiable and insolent activities, how do you expect someone in his/her right senses to believe you when you preach about love for one’s neighbour?

In a report that was once submitted to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) by residents of Dansoman Estates, churches were ranked as the worst offenders of noise pollution. This should give you inkling to the level of incessant noise they make in the country.

It’s difficult to come to terms with how they expect God to listen to such shouting. I thought the Bible says God can hear His servants even if they speak in an undertone. If that’s the case, where from all the unnecessary noise from the churches?

Think about this, which father will pay heed to a child who continuously shout and command him to do something? I will not commit any transgression if I choose to call such ones sycophantic hypocrites, who want their activities (prayers, preaching, casting of fake demons) to be known by the general public in broad day light, but do all sorts of injurious things in the ‘dark’.

Can you believe a church has been reproaching and calling down Holy Ghost fire during their prayer sessions to consume a friend of mine and his family because they filed a complaint against the church for disturbing the neighbourhood? What a shameful act!

The churches have even become recalcitrant towards authorities who are in charge of curbing their (churches) noise levels. If persuasion fails, force ought to be applied to get rid of such nonsense. Our freedoms can’t be taken for granted by some hypocrites. I deserve some sort of decency in my house—especially when I am in my bed room.


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13 thoughts on “GOD MUST BE DEAF: When At All Will Churches in Ghana Stop Making Excessive & Unnecessary Noise?”

    • Has God established a church? What’s the name of that church? Did he instruct His people to disturb people’s peace? Take a lil time to reason a bit and stop letting foolishness blind your judgment

    • God bless you for u have wisdom. Plz don’t reply to any comment tha will turn into an argument. Let them go their ways. As long as you are safe, Glory be to God!

  1. I don’t get Ghanaian churches. They make too much noise. Speaking loud tongues, playing drums, mic speakers and all sort of nonsense. You will be dead if you have two churches in your neighbour. You can never sleep. This nonsense should be made to be stopped. Who told these people you need to make loud noise for God to answer you?

    • They will call u all sort of damaging names should in case you approach them to minimize their noise.They never try to accept that they are wrong in that regard. They dont care if there is a newborn baby or a sick person around or not.
      My bro, If you have one in ur area, let them keep mute b4 their loud noise attract dwarfs to the neighborhood.

  2. I have a new church disturbing the peace around my house. Once took a walk round the church premises because of the noise the PA system was making. Lo and behold i saw 15 people or less in the church, then i asked myself, do you need a mic with speakers when addressing 15 people?


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