Maame Dokono Turns Her Orphanage into Rented Houses – All Because Of STINKING Politics in Ghana

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Grace Omaboe-Maame Dokono
Grace Omaboe-Maame Dokono

In order to have her peace of mind, veteran Ghanaian actress, Grace Omaboe, popularly known as Maame Dokono, has turned all the buildings she used to run her orphanage, into rented apartments.

She said: “Yes, I’ve turned them into rented apartments and it is fetching me more money. I had good intentions for my own country and people but my dreams were shattered. At least now I have my peace. My name is also resting. I will be 70 years very soon so I don’t want any noise and things that will raise my blood pressure. What I need now is a sound mind.

Would Maame Dokono establish another orphanage before she leaves this world? She responded, “Well I can’t say no. As the saying goes, never say never. However, I’m still reaching out to less privileged people in other forms. For instance, I’m part of the team at Royal House who assist the aged, Kayayos – female head porters from the Northern part of Ghana, prisoners and others.

Every Thursday, the aged comes to Royal House. I counsel them, feed them, pray with them, sing and dance with them so that they can also feel loved and accepted in the society. I also look after some blind people in my hometown.

So yes, I may establish another orphanage given all the favourable conditions. In my next attempt, I shall acquire the certificate they wanted me to acquire before I run an orphanage (laughs). I have a vast land in my hometown and in Accra to start another orphanage.”

The ace actress, gender activist and politician, who owned and run an orphanage known as Peace and Love Orphanage, was arrested together with Mary Anaglate – one of the workers of the home some years back. The two were charged with three counts of operating an orphanage without a license and also exposed a child to harm in the home.

Her arrest was caused when the police got a scoop that an eight year old boy who was under the care of Peace & Love home, allegedly sodomised a 6 month old baby also in the orphanage. Her orphanage was thus closed down but latter when the court acquitted and discharged her, she could not continue running the orphanage again.

Maame Dokono was part of the campaign team of the flag-bearer of the New Patriotic Party (NPP), Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo in 2008, and a strong critic of the National Democratic Congress (NDC). When her orphanage was closed, she accused the ruling government NDC, of which she was once a member of of witch-hunting.

Indeed, many have said that but for that court harassment which had political influences and undertones, Maame Dokono would still be running her orphanage. No wonder recently, she told the media that politics is a bad game and admitted it has cost her so much agony in life.

She urged people in showbiz or the creative arts industry, to shun politics. “If I support a particular political party, why should I become an enemy to my brother or sister, friend or another political party? But this is the kind of country we live in!” Maame Dokono intimated.

GhanaCelebrities.Com wish her well and pray for more years with good health from the lord so that she can achieve her remaining desires to humanity before leaving this cosmic world. Until then…MOTWUM!!

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  1. There was abuse going on at her orphanage. It wasn’t just politics. It is good it was closed down. Just because a person has no parents doesn’t mean they deserve to be abused in the name of “someone doing good.” Let her rent the place. It is good for all involved.