VIDEO: Nadia Buari & Fally Ipupa Host BET Experience in LA

Nadia Buari1
Nadia Buari at BET Awards 2014

Ahead of the main BET Awards which took place last night, Ghanaian actress-Nadia Buari and Democratic Republic of Congo’s music star-Fally Ipupa had the opportunity to host Saturday night’s  BET Experience in LA for the “Best International Act- Africa”.

The event saw performances from Best International Act- Africa nominees-Ghana’s Sarkodie, Nigeria’s Tiwa Savage and South Africa’s Mafikizolo.

At least Nadia Buari landed a gig and it is quiet interesting she hosted the event alongside Fally Ipupa, considering their history…

And for the main even, Nadia Buari kicked it with the African print…

Check out the video below…




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27 thoughts on “VIDEO: Nadia Buari & Fally Ipupa Host BET Experience in LA”

    • I think nadia does well when it comes to fashion, than some of her fellow actresses. But i do agree with you on the shoes. If you’ve been following nadia closely, you will know she doesn’t do well when it comes to the shoes department. She is still looking good though.

  1. Just when i thought she was making headway with her style, she wears this and her shoe game is wack. Dang nadia, you need a fashionable friend with good taste.

  2. Nadia you are one of the few actresses i consider as a ghanaian celebrity, but i wish you would just loose this fake accent of yours.

  3. hahaha and yet she will come out and deny their love, she’s looking gorgeous but the accent is so fakeeeeeeee damn. Nadia please be your self and what happened to the Ghana accent? Baby girl don’t you think that was a quick move on? wow meaning she was seeing fally on the side i guess. She still looks good but accent needs to vanished asap.

    • Aren’t we tired of addressing that accent?? Jeeesus im done with that,cos like akosuaghana said “she cherish it more than her own life”….lmaaaoooo I was weak on that comment. But those shoes are hideous hideous hideous,she never gets it right with shoes and I thought I saw someone say Nadia does well when it comes to fashion. On which planet?? Lol

      • She’s not a fashionesta but okay when it comes to dressing. Joycelyn Dumas and Becca are the only ones than can put it down when it comes to dressing. Rest of them needs some help. EVen my own sweetie Jackie needs some lessons. Her accent is so irritating gosh needs to stop. Slangs comes natural when you are on this side of the world.

        • About the slang..ur soooooo right on that,I say the same thing. That when ur in our parts of the world,it comes naturally. And yea jackie appiah to me is the worst,I get so annoyed when she dresses and I don’t know if u’ve noticed something about jackie appiah. She’s soooo insecure,the girl always has her belly covered with her hands when taking pics. But she really came up in brazil paaaa,I think somebody designed some jumpsuits for her for brazil and she really did show ’em off. This the only time I give her credits

          • Her brazilian was suspicious too lol why all of a sudden new fashion line. Her romper was the hook tho. Thanx to her new stylist or whoever. We only blaming Becca lol for the ashawo business but i kinda suspect one of the players were making moves on my sweet jackie too.

          • Don’t wanna think this Becca lady should be putting Jackie in a mess, ryt? Plz cool down until proven guilty…lol

    • Is she dating Fally Ipupa again? I saw pictures of her and Jim Iyke just a few days ago, stepping out of a plane. The article even stated that it was going to be in jim’s reality show so it looks like nadia took him back. She also posted a picture of herself and Jim iyke in a limo just two weeks ago. So it looks like she is still dating Jim

    • Hey, what’s up sis? Have u seen the remake of ” when Jesus say yes, nobody can say no” by michelle ft kelly roland n bothering queen beyonce? It’s beautiful. U should check it out on utube. The best. Jesus said Love still Rules.

        • U haven’t seen it?? Gurl stop it…give gc a lil break wai lol. Anyway what are the new good african movies on youtube or anywhere else??Been bored lately

          • hahah girl am boring when it comes to show.. My son will say mommy is too boring. I barely watch tv ooo always with my ;phone and ipad lol then Bed.. Will send you couple of naija movies on youtube.. It takes me like a week to finish them but still loves it.

          • Watch unbeatable lairs on youtube. Hold your rips coz it’s funny to death n also a great moral lesson.

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