Mzbel Says She Nearly Got Married Few Months Ago But She Said NO Because Marriage is Not For Her…

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While most women want to be married, Ghanaian musician Mzbel (real name Belinda Ekua Amoah) seems to be the odd one—saying marriage is not her kind of thing.

According to Mzbel, she nearly got married early this year but she had to reject the proposal because she is not the kind to get married.

Speaking to Graphic Showbiz in a recent interview, she said;

“I am not looking forward to marriage because I do not want to feel dedicated to anyone. I want to be my own woman and infact, I am enjoying being a single parent,” she told Showbiz in an interview last Monday”.

She added that “I have no problem being in a relationship; infact, I am currently dating but marriage is a no go area for me. I am a hard working woman with three kids and all this while, I have been doing everything on my own so I don’t see the reason why I would allow myself to be pinned down all in the name of love and marriage. I want to be a free bird”.

The mother of one also said “I nearly got married this year but I declined after thinking through and realising that marriage was not meant for me. I don’t want to feel obliged to cook or do certain things for any man. With my current single mother status, as and when I feel like doing something, I do it and so far I love it”.

Mzbel has been on the low for some months now, though occasionally, talks about who the father of her baby boy-Aaron crops up. The musician has failed to openly state who the father of the baby is, but most people believe, UT Boss-Kofi Amoabeng is the father of little Aaron.

You hardly hear African women playing down the marriage card so this comes as shock to some of us. What do you think?

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  1. LOL………whoever proposed to you made a very big mistake. Didn’t he know you are incapable of marrying?
    We all know why you dont want to feel dedicated to anyone. ashawo………

    1. Mzbel now look at da way u continue to diagrace urself wit ur cheap lies.who propose to u?maybe a taxi driver wit a cupper ring,bcos no classy lady will reject a diamond ring from someone ur in love wit,is a blessing u will neva get cos ur not lucky n blessed for dat.evn kim k has tied her ass down.mzbel we all know u were gang raped by robbers,who do u expect to. Pay dowry on such an overuse toto rotfl.u claim ur dating a rich man yet u cant afford a nanny to look after ur kids so dat go n record musix,hahaha u dont hv kotoo to bounce back n ur desperately struggling n looking for money to do it.aboa even beyonce wit all her millions bounced bk fast n is even on tour now,by da way u know da old men u sock their old d.icks wont marry u cos dey r only using u as a fock buddyy n none oif dem take u serious,werent u da same person who use to beg maxwell to marry u aboaaaa u know dey get a man for urself.born 3 old cargo gooda rotfl

      1. Wow. U a bitter bitch. U must be a villager to take light in someone getting raped. ur kurasinii paa. Only in ghana will u hear this. How is Beyonce related to this? Bitch please, have a seat. Stupid Ghanaian people

  2. Why do I feel Mzbel is lying about this marriage proposal? Come on Mzbel, we all know you will run to get married if the offer is on the table

  3. Quit the lies Mzbel nobody would even wanna marry you. Yea rite marriage isnt for you cos you wanna be free to fuck around with married men, what a role model for young girls. shame on ur ashawo ass !

  4. Yeey as for this one Mzbel wu bua . Which woman wouldn’t wanna get married? Eve kraa marry how much more u lol eii manfo p3 akesisem but u they suffer lol

  5. hahahah this girl cracks me up a lot, seriously which woman at your age will reject such a great offer? Girl please you know is not true so cut the joke and be real, marriage is a blessed union so if truly someone proposed then avail your self for it. In all we all know you are lying about this. Stop the nonsense and be real

    1. Ehahaaaaa wot a bloody liar,da way dis gal like attention,she wld be da first to show off a diamond ring on instagram if somebody propose her.she has seen gals showing brand new cars so she is also looking for attention wit her lies,appuuuuu,even a trotro mate wont marry u mzbel cos old men hv use ur toto making ur blood old.guys of today wanna marry fresh galswit fod not ashawo wit bad market.fuck for years n still hv nothing to show for it except lies upon lies stfu