Sarkodie, Tiwa Savage & Other BET Africa Nominees Performed in Front of Cleaners, Technicians & Decorators—Not REAL Crowd & The Show Was Hosted By Nadia Buari + Fally Ipupa?

Sarkdoie BET Awards performance

If you think you’ve seen or heard the worst about how BET treats and subjects African artistes to ridicule, then this may break your nerves…

Over the years, many Africans have called BET Awards organizers ‘piss takers’ and have questioned why the organisers continue to nominate African artistes and present their awards to them—back stage.

This year’s BET Awards’ organizers came up as having done something extra for the various nominated African artistes, by staging a mini concert called ‘BET Experience At LA Live’ where Sarkodie, Tiwa Savage, Mafikizolo and others performed.

The event was hosted by Ghanaian actress-Nadia Buari and Democratic Republic of Congo’s music star-Fally Ipupa.

Few days after the above event and the main BET Awards, it is being alleged that, the crowd our African top artistes performed to at the ‘BET Experience At LA Live’ was FAKE; they were Decorators, Cleaners and Technicians who were working for BET.

Nigerian Afro Pop Artiste-Imelda J has taken to twitter to blast organizers of BET Awards to stop humiliating & treating our top African Super Stars like “crap”.

According to the Imelda, her cousin was among the BET stage technicians that worked on the 2014 BET Awards and the cousin has confirmed that, the African artistes performed and jumped around on stage to a fake crowd—not real fans as it would be expected.

If what is being alleged is true, BET Awards organizers seriously need to sit up and deal with our African artistes in a deserving manner…

Note: She also added that there were some ‘passerbyers’—whatever that means, we don’t know. But looking at the photos below, there was something WRONG. Top 3 African artistes performing and this is the crowd?










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15 thoughts on “Sarkodie, Tiwa Savage & Other BET Africa Nominees Performed in Front of Cleaners, Technicians & Decorators—Not REAL Crowd & The Show Was Hosted By Nadia Buari + Fally Ipupa?”

  1. I didnt know entertainment audience are to be ranged from fake to real…seriously…come on…are you that bored?….an audience is an audience…the whole idea is to entertain them…perhaps they will start to love afro music by the time they leave there…ahhh people talkkkkk tooo much…ad3n

    • i get your point but what if these workers were not interested in the performances but had no other choice but to be there.

      And did they know the crowd was workers of BET?

    • Did u read what the article said ? Bet brought their workers to come and stand for the artistes to perform to. That is not acceptable at all.

      • So Chris is saying BET pulled a gun on its cleaners and technicians to watch Sarkodie perform or die. Asked them to cheer them on and video their performance with tablets and smartphone. Wow!

    • Nah the bet organizers were messed up when MTV needed more people for their crowd they sent out emails to people who may be fans that’s what bet should’ve done that way it would’ve been more realistic and taken seriously

  2. Ok, what i dont understand is, why couldn’t BET allow real fans to watch our artists perform? It’s high time these ppl take us serious……..

        • Exactly lol if they don’t accept you best is to sit your as.s down wherever you are. Sarkodie to me is trying so hard to be accepted. He’s always around akon in Atlanta and only God know’s if he hasn’t sold his soul to the devil too. Bunch of illuminatis.

  3. I don’t understand Africans you go there and they dont respect you yet you keep going each year. Why do we need foreigners to endorse us before we can know we are good? Do Americans worry about our Ghana Music Awards? Why can’t we leave their BET awards to them and do our best at our own spaces?

    • My dear these people don’t respect Africans and yet our ppl likes throwing themselves on them as if they are Gods. Is a pity, next time they should learn to sit their ass down kakra and concentrate on their Ghana and naija awards.

  4. I believe African musicians invited should see this as an opportunity to use this platform and their social media followers to get their fans in the LA area to show up for these shows. Think about it. It’s an audience (African music fans in the LA area) issue. Granted, BET could have hyped the event a lil more in the LA area prior to setting up shop.


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