Becca Responds to Online Rumour Which Says ‘She Had Sex With a Black Star Player in Brazil’

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Becca has issued a statement, responding to circulating online rumour which has it that, while in Brazil as an ambassador, she was spotted leaving the hotel room of a Black Star player—and that she had sex with this said player…

It has been going on for some days and she has decided to set records straight, stating among other things that, nothing of such nature happened and that she is a practicing Christian and from a very strict Christian home who has worked hard for all she has achieved.

Read the full statement below…


Dear Friends,

My attention has been drawn to a face book posting by one Justice Abeeku Newton- Offei on the 30th of June 2014 at 7:51pm as follows:

“One of these so-called ambassadors had sex with Elvis Afriyie-Ankrah and two other Ghana Black Stars players within a spate of 90 minutes in one night”

Prior to the above statement the said Justice Offei- Newton had earlier posted on his face book page that

“i have just had the opportunity to watch a video of some GFA officials having hot sex with some of these so-called soccer ambassadors that were taken to Brazil and paid $25,000 each from the taxpayers’ money; and the content is so damn explicit and menacingly eye-popping.” 

And before the above he had posted and attached my picture and that of a fellow female and male ambassador to the text below

ladies and gentlemen, I present to you Ghana’s most notorious presidential ‘comforters’ with their fake-wigs and tons of layers of pons on their faces to fill the gaping-wrinkles, who now travel with John Dramani Mahama in the presidential jet on all his foreign trips,both official and private; and with them is Ghana’s only most accomplished porn-star”.

As a result of this posting an online magazine called Ghana vibes repeated the baseless accusations quoting him in full and soliciting comments from readers who visited the site as if the story was true.

On the 2nd of July 2014, one Valentina Nana Agyeiwaa aka Afia Schwarzenegger on her prime time TV show on   UTV, without basis alleged that I had had sex with a member of the Ghana Football team in exchange for money. Prior to the airing of the said programme she posted the agenda for the evening’s show and included one topic labeled as “sex ambassadors”.


I was recently selected to be an Ambassador during the on-going FIFA World cup in Brazil and spent 14 days in Natal-Brazil, to help sell and project Ghana in the area of the Arts. I was also engaged by the Ministry of Youth and Sports to perform as part of entertainment for the Ghanaian and Brazilian fans that were in Natal-Brazil as national service that attracted no fees or compensation of any sort for my efforts or professional services rendered by me.

May I state for the record that never in my time spent in Natal-Brazil, where I was my entire period in that country DID I EVER SET EYES ON ANY MEMBER OF GHANA’S BLACK STARS TEAM UP CLOSE.


As a practicing Christian and from a very strict Christian home, the African Woman you see today is by dint of hard work. I have always worked hard to be where I am and have never traded sexual favors to advance in life or in my career. It is against my very being and I feel saddened that people who ought to know better would without provocation peddle such palpable falsehoods about me thereby reducing me in the eyes of the right thinking members of society. I have instructed my lawyers to take legal action against the people actively involved in tarnishing my image as a testimony to how serious I view the false allegations being leveled against me. I am ready to devote my time and resources to clear my name, as the damage done to my reputation, is immeasurable.

Surprisingly, those who have erred in peddling the falsehood making the rounds on social media and main stream media are supposed to by training know better but have rather chosen for some inexplicable reason chosen to defame me in this manner.

I still remain your sister, friend and comrade…



Chris-Vincent Agyapong Febiri, Founding Editor
Chris-Vincent Agyapong Febiri is the Founding Editor of GhanaCelebrities.Com , a Film Critic and a Human Rights Advocate; he holds 2 masters degrees in Law; International Human Rights Law (LL.M) and Legal Practice Course (LL.M) from University of Leicester and Nottingham Law School--and also a degree in Law (LL.B) from University of East London. He's a Professional Truth Sayer and he is the author of the popular eBook “Success is a Right, Not A Privilege.” He currently works at Adukus Solicitors in London--where he uses his legal brains to kick real ass, for the good of clients and humanity. Contact: [email protected]


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  1. Becca pls shut the fuck up because we are not fools. You have gone to fuck and you have been caught now you say what. I just pity Mahama for sending you to Brazil to waste Ghana’s money. Christian my foot. All the men you have been sleeping with now you see that you are a christian

      1. You cant come in here to insult people if you think you burning out of this discussion then exist your self asap. You must be a fool too.

    1. Becca is so wild eh, charle the Christianity is just a cover up, guilty ones always back themselves as i am a christian am this and that. Oh please who doesn’t know how u ended up marrying your manager kiki?

    2. Gyimii, like you know what you are talking about. Why would you take a third party’s word instead of the horses’ mouth. Fuck faced piece of shit. Get a job fool!

        1. maybe it is becca herself coming here to talk.let her do the worse at the end of the day my mother and girlfriend were not the ones who were fucked by black star players. we know who was

  2. “….as a practicing christian and from a very strict christian home……..” yeah Becca, did you remember that you are a christian when you were busy making a man divorce his wife?
    Back to the matter. I feel your pain my sister but as a christian de3, why not leave it all to God to deal with those ppl for you? lol

        1. Say it again, a practicing Christian sleeping with a man who you are not married to and who left his wife for you. Big Nonsense.

          1. Are you not taught in the Bible not to judge others? If she says she’s a christian,WHO DA FCK YOU THINK YOU ARE TO QUESTION HER FAITH? Are you the one to determine who a christian is.

          2. You can say that again who are u to judge, this girl is trying to to explain what happen and u people has started crucified her already it’s not fair.

          3. Crucifying what? was the coach blind when he saw her walking out from badu’s room? She slept with the guy and it will continue to be a topic until she shut up. Becca is one disrespectful girl who feels she know’s it all. She’s sleeping with kiki a married man so she’s labeled as ashawo.

          4. Who construct a sentence with the bible and an insult? You too get yours before you attack someone.

    1. Infact BB thumbs up wow. You are my girl for life lol Christian my foot. So she knew all these and yet snatched someone’s hubby seriously you too much. BB, tiffany, Akosuaa, James, Honey, Gemzyangel are the only people i can relate with in this forum. BB thank you once again la

      1. what kind of stupid saying is i am christian. you are rather a devil because a true christian does not do any of the things you do.Were we not hear when Kiki and your father troubles came out about how the man has been using you etwe and wants to marry you after you made him leave his husband? that was your own father saying it not me

        1. hahahaha now christians are the worse hypocrites on this planet. Even those small small pastors fukk how much more we the members? Becca is one concert chic

      1. The east legon guys, the legon students even back then in achimota sss vacation classes hmmmmmmmm. let me keep my mouth shut else she will know is me. lol

          1. everything is alright here.. thanx for asking… no, they are my nieces. btw ur daughter is just too cute, and am sure she gets it from her mama!! 🙂

          2. awww thanx she’s just a chip of an old block.. Their dad’s capecoast mixed gene lmao. Am caramel and they all took after him.

    1. there are always 2 sides to every story, don’t just easily believe her coz shes talking about lawyers coming in and all that… am sure the truth will come out sooner or later..

      1. what lawyers is she talking about? if she can sleep with a married man and live with him or let him leave his wife for her what stops her from doing this? tweaaaaa

        1. ikr, her guilty conscience is killing her.. if you know the rumors are false, why talk a whole lot?? shes guilty, thats all

  3. First of all, Becca is a fool to respond to this online rumour. If it is not true why bother. I think there is no smoke without fire. She is the only woman who was in Brazil why did the rumour mention her? Maybe she wanted her share of the blackstar cash lol

    1. Thats what came to my mind. There were other women/woman in Brazil too but why you? And what did she achieved by responding to this rumour, it doesn’t change a thing.

  4. why are u always criticizing ghana vibes. plz leave the web site alone. u both are doing the same work and u have to concentrate on how u will be good than him. i have never visited ghana vibes before. always reading from here. plz stop that and bring us goods stories like u always do. that kind of ur behavior is wat i really don’t like and u really have to change pls

      1. Chris, Nana’s baseless accusations got you right? That’s how I feel when you post stupid shit. lol. #clownfaceactivated

        1. It didn’t get me I was just trying to understand what he said. You really think I care about such comments? Am I not the one who allowed it through? Couldn’t I have deleted it or ban him? Anyway if that is what you think, good for you but know that every comment that appears is not a bother to me as long as the person is not being grossly insulting.

          1. Real dumb ass who needs gc tutorial. Maybe gc staffs needs to start some for the new beginners.

    1. What are u talking about? where in the article did Chris said something against Ghana vibe? Ad3n wonti blofo ana? come on go back and read.

      1. Some children get their parents computer and instead of playing super mario they get lost and land on this website. what the heck was the nana talking about

        1. hahahaha true am sure she has about 2hours to browse and ended up on GC as you mentioned. She must be some J.s.s kid who don’t know her way around GC hahaha

          1. super Mario? is that game still alive? I thought mario fell in a pit and he died and his parents sued nintendo for some millions of dollars. Didn’t you hear about it? It was on Yahoo news

          2. oh really? lol are u serious about this? who were marios parents anyway?? i need to google this… oh gosh, am sure i look so dumb doing this hahaha

  5. This is a simple matter. If you claim Becca is lying then PRODUCE THE TAPE! It is about time we challenge some of these people who make these serious allegations. BRING THE EVIDENCE OUT!!!

      1. It is a vice versa situation here. There is no evidence to back the video claim either. If there is a video paa for the last 3 weeks don’t you think it would have leaked? Becca is not an angel but let’s not rush to pin everything on her. The person who alleges must proof.

  6. This gurl should shut up already. Christian home and yet you with someone’s hubby? Even had to leave home because of this guy. Becca come out with a better excuse and stop this Pre school comments. I have a strong feeling this gurl opened her thick legs to the men. Guilty conscience they always say is a strong [email protected]@ker which i believe is killing my sister right now. As BB mentioned if you into God and Christian values why not leave everything to God to fight for you? Nonsence, must you even respond to this claiming you are innocent? You think you can fool who? Kwesi appiah saw you coming out from the guy’s room that morning so girl shut it and focus on your career. Seriously is it a shame to sleep with a rich ex lover? lol at least your reward can get you a nice ride as sandra so keep quiet and enjoy the money.

          1. hahaha omg i saw this while driving and trust me i almost hit some dude infront of me… In our local language says WONTOMI SPELLING M3NTURO OOO.

          2. Stupid bitch have u heard of Samsung galaxy 5? Of course not. U would know dey auto correct. champions. U guys go do something better with ur F’ING selves and stop hiding behind computers. U guys r jokes.

          3. LOl if it was me will simply reply as i have fornication before. What a waste of breath. Syndeytish i think you should stop school becaus wabon. My 7year old niece just read this and she’s laughing so hard. What a disgrace.

          1. Cos in dis day and age who uses 1990 computers? I use smart phone and y de hell Will U let a 7 yr old read dis s.hit? Dis shows u sick to de head. Kwasia panin

  7. what is Becca too saying here. You go and sell your puzzy on donkomi and when you are caught you come here to write long grammar to spin our heads. All this long talk will not change the fact that you did it. So all of a sudden you are a christian when you were doing the many abortions you did not know about christianity.don’t upset some of us else will unleash it all. What about the nigerian man you were sleeping with? were you a buddist then?

    1. hahahaha donkomi paaaa she’s doing the cantamanto style in brazil. Buy one get one free torto ni3h. She now know’s God, becca just admit it and be free. The only thing to close this case is for her to shut up which she’s already making it worse. This girl is baddddddddddddd

  8. Some of you girls never cease to amaze me. Reading through the comments, it looks like some of you were actually there, and even helped opened her legs while she was getting f****k. As a reasonable person I’ll not be in haste to judge anyone based on rumors. I will wait till the dust settled then we’ll all know the truth behind these wild allegation. I’m not in the business of judging people because of their past mistakes. We’ve all made mistakes in the past. If we were to be judged by the horrible things we did in the past, some of us may never get partners to marry. Cheerio!!

      1. Hehehehe…. yes oooo…. I’ve missed you rough rough!! eiishh is that your daughter in the picture? She is a beauty Queen. I will buy you a machine gun to protect her from kuborlor boys. Lol

        1. hahahaha yes please buy us the gun because my neighbour’s sons keep coming to our crib lol daily to visit. Thank you so much you should have produced a boy for her to marryooo. I want a Ghanaian son inlaw only.

          1. So u have a dtr? Karma is a bitch I hope one day she will not go through wat u r saying here. Cos it’s obvious u were wild back in legon too, ashawo

          2. seriously??? why the insults?? cant some of you just come and comment positively?? you always have to insult, abaa

          3. hahahaha sorry am married oooo due to the pressure and sins i had to marry early to avoid all these. Go and read the definition about a public figure.. Karma will back fire you lol..

          4. Please married so wat. I bet u weren’t a saint be 4 u got married. Who de hell Will marry legon slut like u? Didn’t u use to do ashawo with becca?

    1. Thank you my brother!!! Nicely put! Atleast GC has got some mature discerning readers. You read some comments & you’re jus like 0_o… Too much negativity & “instant justice”..

    2. Do you even know who you are defending? Let me ask you this, would you or any of your brothers marry a girl who sleeps around like crazy?

      1. Wat de f.uck is wrong wit u fool? U have mental issues I bet. Did u use to sleep with ur mommy or ur sister? Kwasia baama

  9. I really think these ppl mkn this issue blow out of proportion are doing so to cover up their dirty deeds cs it’s crazy how all of a sudden the issue abt money has turn into issue abt sex and players sleeping with their wives, etc. As if it’s a crime to sleep with ur wife plus 1stly, I heard a different story abt this whole alleged “Becca sex saga”

  10. Becca I believe you did this else why are you talking plenty. You are a christian abi? are you married to Kiki to be fucking him? is this what practicing christians do now what about all the other men you fuck for money. disgrace woman

    1. Good one.. I hate it when some silly girls abuse God’s names in vain. Look at some dry response she gave. If you are a christian why did u moved out from your father’s residence to be with a man who’s not legally married to you? Am sure she doesn’t read the bible

      1. Look at dis kwasia baa. U know for a fact she is sleeping with him cos u use to do de same right? Hypocrite

  11. For those of you fools on here contributing to becca’s ashawo act should all kiss the wall. Nonsence people if you live around Accra you will know the kind of girl Becca is. SOme investors flew down to the country about 4 of them and Becca slept with them all. She sleeps around men with money, every girl that sleeps with someone she’s not married to is called a whore, ashawo or alele so you all should give us a break for defending her. Becca is sleeping with a married man she’s not married to and that makes her a complete Ashawo. Her own brothers and parents are tired of her evil behavior.

      1. Stop flooding the room with your insults. Are you new on this site? As you can clearly see GC has always been like this since day one so will suggest you stop coming here if you feel readers are being too harsh. Your waste of insults will not stop this girls from contributing their opinions. You are attacking over 10 different people without any tangible reason, are you Becca her self? If you are not why wasting your energy over someone else’s issue? I now suspect some of these ghana celebrities contributes a lot on this site. Syndeytish take my advice and stop this.

  12. Who’s this bit## called syndeytish? Seriously she sound so retarded and you all needs to give it to her. Where’s my bestfriend Miyagi the GC president? In times likes this makes me miss him maybe he should come and straighten him or her. I suspect she’s Becca

  13. lol it seems some ppl come on here just to insult others,u reallly think dissing will do u good?u either read n move on to the nxt article or simple write ur thoughts without insults ahhhba!y3 kyiri kookoo aa y3n di ni ma,edien ni?..use ur gumshin(brains) small..chale becca u chop ur body aa u haff done it looool!,wa ma ya fire wo meatpie no aa ya fire lool!

  14. So now these celebrities comes here with different names just to attack people from saying the truth huh? I can see Becca has bunch of followers under her ashawo payroll. Now am very well convinced they are all scared of the public eye.

  15. Chris can you please block this girl called syndeytish? I think she has overstayed her welcome. She’s not contributing but rather insulting everyone for nothing. Such people must be banned for good. GC staffs please take action