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Rapper-Sarkodie Was Nearly Beaten to Death By a Mob For Stealing

Spoof Friday

A young upcoming rapper at Walewale in the Upper West region who is named after Ghana’s Best Rapper-Sarkodie, because of his rapping speed was nearly beaten to death by a mob at the WaleWale central market—-when it emerged that the local star had stolen 10 GHS from a tomatoes seller.

The rising cases of mob justice has been rampant in both the Upper West and Northern regions of Ghana, with citizens constantly taking the law into their own hands and punishing those they deem punishable.

About two months ago, a young man was pushed down with several objects thrown at him for the mere fact that, he was suspected of being a homosexual. Had it not been the timely intervention of the police, he would have been burnt alive by the gather mob who had already poured a gallon of petrol on him.

Though the police later picked up Sarkodie and locked him behind bars for his own protection, it emerged later that the market woman’s lost 10GHS had been placed in one of her own containers by herself—which she probably forgot.


Note: This is a ‘SPOOF FRIDAY’ article. It is fictional and all the names mentioned are made up. The purpose of our ‘SPOOF FRIDAY’ articles which will be published each Friday is to highlight the many years of ridiculous newspaper headlines around the world while bringing to minds some of issues that need attention in our societies — constructive social criticism.

Such articles will only be published once a week—on Friday’s only and we file them under SPOOF FRIDAY!


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9 thoughts on “Rapper-Sarkodie Was Nearly Beaten to Death By a Mob For Stealing”

    • same here. I was like, oooh no, when i saw the post.
      And i realize it wasnt the real Sarkodie, I was like yes, foolish boy why will you steal 10ghs?
      Then i scrolled down only to find out its all been made up.
      hahahaha…….GC beku me. hmmmmm

  1. GC is full of fun. I was saying to myself what the heck? It is nice idea though. We get to laugh each friday then lol


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