Miss Ghana 2013-Miss Giuseppina Baafi RESIGNED & The Reasons Are SHOCKING…

Miss Ghana 2013-Miss Giuseppina Baafi
Miss Ghana 2013-Miss Giuseppina Baafi

I was quick to point out yesterday that something was not RIGHT after reading the statement issued by Exclusive Events Ghana (organizers of Miss Ghana), suggesting that they have somewhat stripped or kicked out Miss Ghana 2013-Miss Giuseppina Nana Akua Baafi for misconduct and unacceptable behaviour.

Just as I pointed out in my article “Somebody is Definitely Lying: Did Miss Ghana 2013- Baafi Guiseppine Get ‘KICKED OUT’ Or Did She RESIGN? | Evaluating the Statementthat the statement contradicts itself—and somebody is trying to throw dust into our eyes,Miss Giuseppina Nana Akua Baafi has sent out a tweet which suggests that, the organizers of Miss Ghana are bitter and are throwing out lies to destroy her person (See tweet above).

After speaking to sources close to Miss Ghana 2013-Miss Giuseppina Nana Akua Baafi today, GhanaCelebrities.Com has learnt that, Miss Giuseppina Nana Akua Baafi RESIGNED and she was not in any way sacked or stripped off. Unless we want to be told that, once a person has resigned, the same person can be sacked—thereafter.

Apparently, Exclusive Events Ghana tried convincing Miss Giuseppina Baafi as back as early May to consider her decision to drop the crown, promising some incentives—but Miss Giuseppina Nana Akua Baafi stood by her decision and called their promise a bluff, as they had not even fulfilled some major parts of the many initial promises—GhanaCelebrities.Com has been told.

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According to a source very close to the Miss Giuseppina Nana Akua Baafi, “ the actual reason why Giuseppina finally decided to move on and not take the BS anymore is pretty SHOCKING” and soon, it will all come to light…

The source added that, it is unfortunate that after the organizers failed to persuade Giuseppina Nana Akua Baafi to continue with her reign, they’ve come out with such a contemptuous statement, suggesting that Giuseppina Baafi was in the wrong when they were the devils in this.


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15 thoughts on “Miss Ghana 2013-Miss Giuseppina Baafi RESIGNED & The Reasons Are SHOCKING…”

  1. Witches. Always trying to fool and use young women. That organizer, she wants these girls to become professional spinsters for what? They should leave this poor girl alone. God will judge them.

    • Very well said. If they were true humans they wouldn’t even suggest a thing like that to the innocent girl. Am highly disappointed

  2. I knew it. these pageant organizers exploit these girls and push them to men for sponsorship and cash.what else would have been shocking and make her resign apart from pimping her and her say no?

  3. The government officials should step in and stop this whole nonsence. Inna patty am very disappointed in you. Grown for nothing organizer who encourages immorality in beauty pageant. Your ass should be arrested and your pot belly men who are all behind this. Our Country needs work, am sure in less than 2 months they will come out with new faces to contest and this foolish government will not even look into the case. May God punish you all, Enkwasiafuo

    • Look at all these useless pageants we have in the country and other Ghanaian communities. Miss Ghana, Miss Malaika, Miss Earth, Ghana Most Beautiful, Face of Tertiary, Miss Excel, Miss Road safety,Miss Tourism, Miss Ghana USA, Miss Ghana UK, Miss Ghana Germany….. (you continue, I’m tired). Gyimii nkoaaaa

      • Their rganizers end up using them for sex. Now we all aware those girls are more like sex slaves. Who’s even incharge of this stupid pageants?

  4. nana akua my dear don’t mind them, whether they like it or not you still the miss Ghana 2013. They are the loosers because you resigned. You did the right thing hun because these things are for sandra Ankobiah, Yvonne nelson, Yvonne iroko and Mzbel. You have proved to the world you are the woman of substance and virtue. Kudos to your parents for this great upbringing. I must congratulate you for stepping down in good faith. We are all solidly behind your innocent behavior. Who’s in charge of this beauty contest? Can we all send him an email to stop this whole beauty pageant in the country at least for a while

  5. This is totally stupid the girl resigned and the people say WHAT? Hehehehe too much comedy in Ghana every day from politics to Entertainment. If President Mahama is not sharing pads, people are being fired when they have already resigned.

    I dont know why girls even bother with these pageant. After one year, you become a waste without any real benefit so why bother

    • Hahahahahaha, a country full of comedians!!! The girls are stupid. They want to be “celebrities”, and yet they can’t take the heat that comes with it. Some say these beauty pageants are supposed to ’empower’ women, but none of them seriously look empowered.

  6. i just heard this news, i happen to have a relative in the same estate where the organizers house Giusepinna i hear thats the official residence for her. And according to my relative for almost a month and so now Miss Pinna has parked out and also hasn’t been seen driving her miss ghana branded car. My relative is therefore shocked at the statement and how they are asking her to return every miss ghana property in her possession. I think there is something fishy somewhere, please let your reporters go and investigate from the neighbors, if she still living in her official residence and when last they saw her there. SMH


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