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Castro de destroyer
Castro de destroyer

12:52-9th July, 2014

AUDIO: Castro Got Drowned Because of His Evil Ways – Prophet Samuel Bafo Declares

As the search for Hiplife musician Castro De Destroyer and his alleged girlfriend – Janet Bandu – continues, lot of theories are popping up. Several spiritualists are attributing the misfortune to ‘Maame Water’ (Marine god). Listening to these many theories that have come up within this few days, it is becoming very difficult for a person to choose which of these theories to believe.

Some are of the view that Castro De Destroyer and Janet Bandu are no more among the living; whilst others believe the two individuals are still alive.

The newest person to join the talk of town is Prophet Samuel Bafo, a radio prophet on Channel R. According to the man of God, the musician got drowned because of his bad or evil ways.


13:19-8th July, 2014

Asamoah Gyan Accused of Being ‘Angel of Death’ Truth or Superstition?

If there is one thing you can trust Ghanaians to do, it is to look for underlying reasons for any event, no matter how innocuous. People are always looking for the hand of the spiritual in whatever issue that happens in our physical world.

Therefore whenever any serious tragedy strikes, it does not take long for the conspiracy theorists to come out with their versions of what happened. No person of note can die a natural death in Ghana, and in Castro’s case it has not taken long for the theory surrounding his demise to come out, and this one links several past incidents, including Castro’s ‘death’, all to Black Stars captain Asamoah Gyan.


11:45-8th July, 2014

AUDIO: Cousin of Janet Bandu – Lordina- Says They Didn’t Know Janet Was At Ada; But Had Told Her Mom She Was Going Somewhere with Her Friends

In a situation like this, information is required from close relatives and friends of the missing individuals to help police and the general public search for the victims. Lot of people have had something to say in connection with this Castro and Janet drowning issue – from friends, families, eyewitnesses, spiritualists, and a whole lot. Another person to join the train is Lordina, a cousin to Janet Bandu (the lady supposedly believed to have drowned with Castro De Destroyer).

Speaking in an interview with Sammy Flex on Pluzz 89.9 FM this morning, Lordina (who was very tactful in her communication), revealed that they (family) did not know their sister Janet was at Ada.


09:04 – 8th July, 2014

A Fetish Priest Who Claims to Know Castro & Stated 2 Weeks Ago that Castro Will Be Involved in an Accident Speaks | Says Castro Came to Him for Black Magic-JUJU

I think we should embrace ourselves for the fetish priests and fake pastors to take us for granted for the next few days in relation to Castro De Destroyer and Janet Bandu’s accident that took place over the weekend at Ada.

Yesterday, a spiritualist who claims to be a ‘Maame Water’ agent told us, Castro is still alive and that he is with his ‘Maame Water’ wife under the sea. She even added that, Castro will come back to this world alive—that is if we stop grieving.


07:34 – 8th July, 2014

My Thoughts on Castro De Destroyer’s Death & the Search for His Body…So Far

It is day 3 and the bodies of talented Ghanaian musician-Castro De Destroyer (real name Theophilus Tagoe) and his alleged girlfriend-Janet Bandu who drowned with him at Ada have still not been found.

I’ve put together my thoughts (which I’ve shared on social media) so far for those interested—as I invite you all to share your thoughts on developments with us.


08:13 – 7th July, 2014

SHOT FIRED: Shatta Wale Blames the Music Industry for Castro’s Death

One ‘loud’ musician we currently have – Shatta Wale (2014 VGMA Artiste of the Year) – did not hold back his thoughts and opinion in relation to the tragic accident Castro and his friend encountered whilst jet skiing at Ada.

According to Shatta Wale, he will put the blame on the Ghana Music Industry. As he put it out in a facebook post, Shatta wrote the below statement (unedited)


17:33 – 7th July, 2014

Audio: Castro De Destroyer’s ‘Girlfriend’-Janet Bandu’s Parents Speak | They Did Not Know Her Friend Was Castro or Asamoah Gyan

The young woman who was riding on a Jet Ski with Ghanaian musician-Castro De Destroyer who got drowned together with Castro has been named as Janet Bandu. In fact, certain reports say, Janet was the girlfriend of already married Castro De Destroyer.

The parents together with the Uncle of Jane Bandu spoke to Asempa Fm today, stating that, they did not know their daughter was a friend of Castro De Destroyer or Asamoah Gyan.


13:19 – 7th July, 2014

MUST LISTEN to Audio: ‘Castro De Destroyer is Not DEAD’-He Has Gone To Visit His ‘Maame Water Wife’

Wonders shall never end in this great country we call Ghana. Following news that Hiplife musician Castro is feared dead, a self proclaimed spiritualist Dzifah Awagah has claimed that the musician is not dead, but that he has been carried away by his Maame Water wife for her own reasons.


08:51 – 7th July, 2014

Janet ‘Maame’ Bandu-The Mystery Girl Who Drowned With Hiplife Artiste-Castro De Destroyer

We are all aware Ghanaian musician-Castro De Destroyer (real name Theophilus Tagoe) married on 17 January, 2010 at the Roman Catholic Church at Akyem Swedru to Canada based Ghanaian woman-Awura Abena—and they are said to have a son together.

However, it has been confirmed that Castro was with a certain mystery woman-Janet ‘Maame’ Bandu on a Jet Ski


00:25 – 7th July, 2014

Castro De Destroyer-His Journey, His Career and His Life

The birth name of Hiplife musician – Castro – is Theophilus Tagoe. He was born in 1982 to Mrs Lydia Tagoe and Mr Coffie. Castro spent his early years and some part of his adulthood in Tarkoradi where he hails from.



Reports going round indicate Hiplife musician Castro’s body has been found. According to Benjamin Tetteh, who is currently at the scene, the body has still not been found.

In an interview with Adom FM this evening, he disclosed that search is still ongoing to make sure the two bodies will be found. “Members of the Ada community say usually when such thing happens, it takes like 3 days for them to come across the bodies so it is likely they might not be able to find the drowned bodies today”, Benjamin Added.

He further stated that where the incident happened is several kilometres away from where the resort is situated so there were no guards around to attend to the situation. Members of the community are still on the search.


Considering Castro’s relationship with Mzbel, GhanaCelebrities.Com contacted the musician for a reaction. She was in total shock—could not even speak.


According to an eyewitness account, Castro de Destroyer who tried rescuing a girl believed to be his girlfriend’s electronic trackers went off, signifying he was off his Jet Ski.

It was at this point that search started—and the search found the other persons. Musician Castro De Destoyer’s Ski was found minus him.


Castro De Destoryer
Castro De Destoryer

Though the picture is unconfirmed, we are told the below lady called Maame was the woman (girlfriend) Castro attempted rescuing from the water…

Castro's Girl
Castro’s Girl


Sad story to report but GhanaCelebrities.Com is reliably informed about the death of hip life artiste Castro the Destroyer who drowned in Ada together with his girlfriend. The bodies have not yet been retrieved.

Castro and her girl friend are feared dead at a place close to the Ada estuary. Castro and his close friend and fellow hit maker, Asamoah Gyan of the black stars were weekending in the Ada area.

Castro and his girlfriend were on a jesky (Jet Ski)  and she fell into the water.

Castro tried to save her and ended up drowning with her.

The two bodies are still being searched for.Truly sad news. We will update with details as soon as possible.

READ ALSO: Castro De Destoyer-His Journey, His Career and His Life

Castro dead


Castro De Destroyer’ (real name Theophilus Tetteh) helped in redefining and finding grounds for HipLife in the 90s. Together with Jeff Tennyson Quaye better known around the world as Jay Q, Castro De Destroyer took Hiplife to the door of every young Ghanaian—with his addictive chorus and dance.

In fact, he played a key role in shaping the musical journey of Ghanaian musician-Mzbel as his collobration with the female rapper took her to the next stage, something she should would have struggled to do on her own.



Castro De Destroyer who won the 2014 VGMA’s Highlife Song of the Year with his song “Odo Pa” was born in 1982 and comes from Takoradi in the Western Region.




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    1. its btrue oo ,they just reported on SOURCES RADIO UK and they are playing his songs all tru. HOW SAD .WE AIN’T NOTHING.

    2. I said it that if those selling their souls for a mere BET awards, unnecessary riches, do not quit, they will continue to use their collegues as sacrifices…they now shoot their videos n movies in Ghana because u people have given them access to control u. Congrate. Kill ur own people because of vanity! Shameless youth in Ghana. I spit on u! Is this the example ur leaders taught u! This people even use thier own people for sacrifice how much less u aficans they don’t even respect?! They always get something to cover up in the physical world like, heart attack, accidents, drugs etc…u want stupid vanity, u pay stupid price for vanity. These people are powerful n can’t protect yourself from them with ur dead gods unless u turn to Jehovah Almighty thru Jesus Christ. I can’t believe this Ghana of yesterday has breed this much stupid youth who don’t want the ryt blessing like our forefathers taught us. I said n I’m saying it again, may God have mercy on us all! Puke on the guilty youth! SHAME!

      1. People should show deep sorrow for the disappearance of Castro De Destroyer instead of making fun of him in a cruel way. As far as I am concern, Castro De Destroyer was an ICON. MAY HIS SOUL REST IN PEACE. Amen.

  1. Aww so sad. Heard it minutes ago but needed to confirm it here. May his soul rest in peace if he’s gone already. All the same miracles do happen.

  2. This is so sad. Oh but if he doesnt know how to swim why go into water? Ghanaians are just trouble. White people learn swimming from childhood and whatever they are doing in water be it jet skiing and the rest, they know how to do, they know how to swim. Yet our people want to be like white people. Jet ski in Ghana with no helicopter rescue, proper life guard, and all that hmmmm

    1. Akosua say it again. .. Nothing in this world will make me swim… cuz I can’t and I’m scared of water bodies unless maybe it chases me to my room. .. People are now saying is juju hmm

        1. That’s what we do best. .. forgetting ignorance kill people more than a lot of things in the world. .we forget this is also an accident. .

      1. You are not alone,,, Am so scared of pools, river, lakes, sea anything you name it gosh. Our house had a pool and i warned ma hubby to make it as dry as it looked cos none of ma kids are not going to be swimming not even the outdoor swimming play. My bestie got drowned in 1999 at the mighty beach tema and i witnessed her dead so since then i don’t get closer to water like that except my shower. I go to miami but don’t even swim. Damn this is too sad

        1. What?? are you that scared? Please let the children learn now that they are kids lol Swimming is very easy when you learn. All you have to do is to get a guard to teach them. They can as well use the outdoor pool. Come on don’t be scared we have levels of feets.

          1. awww thank you so much i feel so blessed lol… they are my source of happiness and the reason why i wake up every morning to go struggle.

        2. Water they say is life but it can take life too and that makes it scary. …You just have to be sure if you swim before going anywhere close to it… my dear don’t do swimming pool ooo.. It killed a friend recently. ..I’ve never hoped someone is so alive like I’m hoping for castro.. death menh!!!!!

    2. he was was wearing a life jacket…no way you can drown in those…unless kwaku bonsam has a hand in this too

      1. If you do not know how to swim, a life jacket is useless? And am wondering where the rescuers/lifeguards for this resort were?

      2. What??? life jacket don’t mean shit. Is so obvious he cant swim and should have called for an experienced guard for help. Him helping his g/f was a huge mistake. In crucial time like this each one for him or her self. Also don’t go to a jet skiing if you cant swim.

        1. A life jacket when properly worn and if in good condition, will kip u afloat even fr 24hrs. However when it isn’t properly worn, when u jump into the water it can block ur face and airway thus u find it difficult to swim but rather u begin to gulp in water and struggle till u r pulled out or finally drowned.
          Secondly saving a drowning person is another death trap, this is because a person drowning struggles with both hands and legs trying to survive and when u jump in to save the person, the drowning person gets hold of you and tries to grip firm but pushing you downwards trying to pull him or herself up out of the water.. So any of the two I guess caused the sad story line. Tnx

          1. lol Wow some deep sea engineer be what. thank you for this lessons. Am a swimming free person so will pass this to my friends who enjoys it a lot.

      1. Is up to God to judge or decide.. Am sure such guy of his age should have known Christ for himself before departing.

    1. am sure is over speeding. If u cannot win why ride that shit fast. no life guards rescue them face. this should b lessons. don’t ride that shit if u cant swim. God rest his soul we love u n will miss u.

  3. Oh very very sad.Were they suppose to be life guard around?Love his songs so much & wondering how I would listen to it now.sad sad sad.Castrosy ur soul rest in perfect peace & May God receive you and give u a peaceful place to rest.You will never be forgotten.

  4. The thing is I am even sure he was drunk. These Ghanaians want to live like westerners those we dont have the same protection. When did Jet Skiing become a thing of Ghana? How many people riding this ski have taken proper swimming lesson? We are too known people. All the same May his soul rest in peace

    1. Am sure the rest will learn from this.. Copy copy is now our celebrities goals. He should have stayed where Gyan and his crew was rather than this skiing. ahhhh this is too sad.

  5. I have had the same problem, but God saved me.
    I pray that God will save Castro. I hope Castro is not DEAD!!

  6. One part of this article reads that his body was found lifeless ms another part that his body has not been found. GC which one is it?

  7. Though sad, I hope Castro’s death teaches us all a lesson. We ‘Ghanaians’ pride ourselves with everything foreign and we want to do whatever we see the West do, forgetting that there are rules and conditions. Chris Brown does it so Castro must do it too…

    I have friends who Jet Skii a lot in Spain but these guys can also swim like whales. Anytime they jump on these machines, they have everything intact with life guards and sometimes coast guards not even far from them should there be any danger. These coast guards have planes and others for rescue purposes…

    I understand accidents occur but they occur most under hazardous and unfit conditions.

    It is not even every water body or sea that people are allowed to really Jet Ski in certain parts of the West.

    We need to leave behind those aspects of foreign lifestyles that we have NOT mastered.

    A 5 year old British girl can swim like hell, and I don’t mean Borla beach swimming, professional swimming!

    So if you see this girl jumping up and down into water, you don’t have to jump too! We copy everything even when we don’t have the foundation…

    How effective is even our search and rescue systems?

    I know young guys who call themselves fast and furious in Ghana, racing on those pot holes roads because they’ve seen others do it on MTV or in some damn movies…

    May His Soul Rest in Peace

    Chris-Vincent Agyapong Febiri

    1. Exactly!!! When kim and rihanna buys a ride worth 100000 our celebrities will also come out with the same ride. When Jayz and chris do something different our local boys will follow too. You said it all, Castro messed up only God know’s what dragged him on the jet ski in the first place. I just hope this whole thing will lead to some good news.

  8. Oooooh.! very sad indeed. i am really speechless at the moment. What a loss in ur Ghanaian music industry. God have mercy on us. R I P CASTRO.!!!

  9. Thank God your comment was blank am sure your presence is no longer needed. Last i heard you said you were done with GC so what the hell are you doing here now?

      1. BB you better talk to your boy lol to behave. He attacks people like he owns the blog. Me if he dare insult anyone again he wont have peace.

      2. Bb let her be even though my comment is blank she still got issues like this platform belongs to her I will deal with her at the right time but not on this topic

          1. oh we all GC siblings hahaha i knew you would soon be my buddy.. Am good ooo. welcome back yeah please take it easy in here because you mean so much to GC lol.

          2. My dear I’m not ooh, I’m a change man but some people just look for my trouble like the one who replied on my blank comment

          3. How are u doing my friend? Was in a good mood till this news came in. This really has gotten to me deeply. My heart palpitates…just can’t believe it. What are we humans yhat God is mindful of us. Safe journey Castro…hmmm, I don’t know.

          4. I know right woke up this morning feeling all bouncy got to work for me to check my whatsapp with a bad news. I feel so down, We surely don’t have control over our lives our maker is the one that hold our breath. May he RIP. I pray he’s still alive gosh.

        1. Masa u see what u was just talking about?? But its ok,let it go …lol we just talked about this,so please let it go

        2. I thought you said you are not coming here again? Buulo like you. You are a man who cant even stick to your own words. Disgrace. Why did you come back? Did anyone come and beg you to come here? Another useless Ghanaian full of nonsense talk but no action. You think anyone give a shyt about you being here or not. You can’t even stop commenting. Loser

          1. awww please lets all forgive him and reunite Looks like he came with peace this time.. I know the feeling but please i beg you all to let go of the past lol so we can have the juicy comments.

          2. this guy does not even hve any gossip or know anything. not intelligent to be here period. all he does is insult people and if he does that, i will personally be on his case until he gets ban i will personally call chris

          3. Come on please let his past go.. He’s a new person and i believe we can all have the fun.

      1. Lol your friend is very funny pls tell her not to make ………….out of herself but I’m enjoying her comments tho. Psssss lassie the dog keep writing

  10. Is it not this same river where those Junior secondary school kids all got drowned some years back? If i can remember around 1997 or 1998 someone should correct me on that? Anything about volta is so deadly yo. Most people go on Jet ski there without returning.

    1. I remember some incident but don’t really remember the location and the year. If is the same river then is a deadly place.

  11. i strongly believe hes alive..we shouldnt jump into conclusion without providing evidence..besides he was wearing a life-jacket,u cnt drown with a life-jacket on!..he was prolly rescued by some good samaritans n is still unconsious thts why we hvnt heard anything..small rumor one says p3!then ghanaians will believe ebeii lool..besides i learnt tht castro is married,so quest is,why wasnt he at home with his wife or enjoying with his wife rather than this girl?..his friends knew about it but yet were smiling to his wife smh.ah well

    1. Whatttttttttt?? he was married? if i were to be his wife wont even attend this funeral. Body is found tho someone sent me the pictures.

      1. Castro got married to a Toronto based lady called Awurama,he lives in Accra chasing any fine thing in skirt that moves.No married man has any business moving around with fluzzies.Let me shut my trap,speak no ill of the dead.RIP CASTRO.

    1. lmaoo its not true..one silly guy cld marfo posted it on twitter,tht guy is fulll of jokes…besides thts not the outfit he wore

      1. hehehehe i was wondering lol is all over bbm, whatsapp and the rest… It doesn’t look real but hey i wanted to share.

  12. Ordinary people come into the world and disappear without being noticed. Extra ordinary people come into the world and leave us with memories that cannot be easily erased. Super humans come into the world and change us forever. Castro’s music has touched and changed us all. If you’re sad and Castro’s music is playing, you just can’t help it but sing along or dance your problems away. His tragic demise is a loss to all ghanaians and the music industry. His legacy will forever remain with us. May his gentle soul R.I.P

  13. life life life….. is too short, guys let de creator lead us not our minds. God have mercy on our souls. i believe in miracles. he might be alive

  14. Castor is married, so he has been cheating on his wife. His wife and kid live in Canada, i know this because I am Canadian. I remember everyone talking about his son’s baby shower or birthday party something like that. A girl i know was one of the servers at the party. His wife goes to the same church as my aunt. Wow.. is all i have to say.

    1. This is not the time to talk about his iniquities. Don’t judge someone just because they sin differently than you. Can you honestly tell me who amongst the living is perfect and upright? Speak no vile of the dead.

      1. hahahaha well is all part of the news. Looking at the whole thing castro signed his own death warrant. Who on their right mind will go on a jet ski without any guard on? He should have prevented this by staying in the shore. He dragged an innocent girl into an early grave. Truth must be told sometimes. Am sure those who chops anything in skirt will learn something from this. It hurt alright but it could have been prevented.

      2. All of your secrets will come out dead or alive. When everyone you will be remembered for something. To the rest of the world he was a talented Musicians, but for us Ghanaian Canadians we remember him as the talented Musician who was a cheater. My uncle knew he was married and he lives in Ghana. There are people around the world who knew about his marriage, so they will see him the same way Canadians do. Do you think the wife wont show up at the funeral with her son? Everyone will hear the news about his marriage and cheat self. How do think we Ghanaian Canadians felt when heard he died with his girlfriend. We thought they made a mistake, it must be his wife, but when I saw the pictures. I was shocked, so were many Ghanaian Canadians. We all knew his wife is in Canada. Look now he killed himself because of this girlfriend, leaving behind a small child. He used her for a green card.This why most Ghanaian kids abroad don’t want to marry a Ghanaian man in Ghana and if they do, he must be born abroad. A lot of this Ghana dads do this. They go to Ghana have an affair and come back to their wife in abroad. If you are not faithful don’t get married, if you don’t want to be in the relationship anymore get a divorce.

    2. My dear this is the time for all these please do speak out because cheating is not a decent thing. We don’t speak ill of the death but is very sad for another woman to break someone else’s home like that. Please continue with this.

  15. Oh castro.,with your handsome voice and everything. I hope you gave your life to Christ,unless by now you are in hell(no offense). May your soul rest in sweet peace. Oooh Castro!….. Hmmmmmmm… Eye asem ooo Castro.nensoben! Ghana fo. Moye copy copy papa! Celebrity entity den?!(no offense)woanko nsuo no mu na anye den. There is no reason you should go into the water.are you really dead?………….

  16. You took the words right outta my mouth….I couldnt agree with you anymore!!!!! May his soul rest in peace!

  17. Of all the sad things we may endure the saddest is in saying farewell brother,when sadness fills your heart and memories of your loved one comes crashing forth.Words can’t express how shocked I’m right now. May the comfort of God help your family during this difficult time.To your family, I say please accept our most heartfelt sympathies for your loss. One of your fan from Canada.

  18. For those of you ladies who likes to break ppl’s homes should be warned. Our God says what he has put together let no demon or anything in skirt should be put asunder. We all know Mr. tagoe was a legally married man yet some cheap woman accompanied him to the shore. I mean what for? See where it has landed them. Am not speaking ill of the death but some truth must be told. I like to point out things the way it is so no one should question me on this. If the lady had respect her self enough to ignore this request her untimely death wouldn’t have happened. In all both of them were very stubborn, When in Ghana aka Gold coast became a jet ski friendly for we human beings? A place without any form of security guards and equipments yet these two only God know’s if they were on alcohol or heroine took the risk and skied around without even a jacket guard on. Am very disappointed the only person i pity right now is the lovely wife and kids. The lady will learn her lessons wherever she is now. I hope we all ladies will learn something new from this.

    1. Go to the article Chris just posted he explained a lot. Am sure you will understand life guard dont really mean shit.

  19. This is so hard for me to accept. My favorite Ghanian artist… I think I am Castro the Destroyer’s biggest fan outside of Africa. I was looking forward to seeing him mature as an artist, such amazing talent and versatility. Castro – truly one of a kind. This is tearing me right up. I feel this to my heart. Love from The Bahamas.

  20. Wow how can i stop reading GC i can never, because every information about the celebrities u will get it plain and whiet and the comments is muuah each and every one esplesses his/her feelings i love coming here every day,but am not used to comment though.

  21. From the look of the picture it seems he was wearing a personal floatation device (life jacket), so how possible could this happen? May your soul rest in peace Bro. Thoe.