MUST LISTEN to Audio: ‘Castro De Destroyer is Not DEAD’-He Has Gone To Visit His ‘Maame Water Wife’

Castro De Destoryer
Castro De Destoryer

Wonders shall never end in this great country we call Ghana. Following news that Hiplife musician Castro is feared dead, a self proclaimed spiritualist Dzifah Awagah has claimed that the musician is not dead, but that he has been carried away by his Maame Water wife for her own reasons.

According to this woman, Ghanaians should stop grieving, as Castro is not dead yet and that the more we grieve, the more likely that he would not return from his sojourn to the marine lands.

Dzifah was speaking to Peace Fm in Accra when she made her grandiose claims.

Giving more details, Dzifah claimed that issues like this are normal, and that there is nothing extraordinary regarding this case. She said people from the marine world immerse themselves in our world all the time, and that she herself is one of those people, who entered this world by entering a pregnant woman’s womb to be born through the normal route.

The spiritualist made more claims; according to her if you seek her out, she could call either Castro or Janet Bandu, for whoever was interested to have a chat with them, from their underwater base…

Dzifa Awagah also said after Castro’s spiritual wife is done with him, she would release him back to the physical world. When pressed for duration, she of course, gave varying dates.

“Some take three years, some fourteen years, even others twenty one years; some even six months or three days”

“It all depends on the purpose for which he was sent there, and so long as the purpose is fulfilled he would be returned back to us”

In what I would call more covering, she claimed by Castro’s return, he would be found mute and unrecognisable. He would have grown Rasta length hair, and would be unable to speak, and only through sign language, or by being overly familiar with Castro, would you recognise him.

What if his dead body was found? In that case, our ‘Maame Water’ expert said in that case, it was not the ‘Maame Water’ spirits who carried him away. When pressed later though, she gave her ‘professional’ opinion that the musician has definitely been carried away by his ‘wife’

If we want to see Castro anytime soon, Dzifa Awagah says we should find out what precisely the spirit wants and give it to her.

One would have thought after the unveiling of fake prophets through the Black Stars world cup campaign, these shameless attention seeking hacks would have been cautioned about making bold unsubstantiated claims. As it is usual with these people, you see double predictions and conditional statements, which means whatever happens, it was probably in their long prediction.

Castro and some friends including Black Stars skipper Asamoah Gyan were jet skiing in Ada when unfortunately Juliet Bandu fell into the water. Castro is believed to have dived after her and neither has been seen since, both believed to be dead.

The Maame Water woman’s claims make the below article written by Chris-Vincent Agyapong Febiri (Editor of GhanaCelebrities.Com) some months ago a must read…

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Listen to the Maame Water Spiritualist below and tell us what you think…



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