Asamoah Gyan Under More Attack Over Castro’s Death | And Janet Bandu’s Family is Not Left Alone Either…

Castro and Asamoah Gyan1
Castro and Asamoah Gyan

It looks like some people have a lot of problems with how Janet Bandu’s family has handled their media relation and even Asamoah Gyan over the death of Castro and Janet…

A certain Ghanaian woman who has made it her part time work to dissect and slam the above named people is back with part two of her first message, which some of our readers totally agreed with.

This woman is pretty upset and thinks Janet Bandu’s family lied when they said they did not know Janet was in anyway friends with Castro.

She also descends on Asamoah Gyan, asking, with all the money he has—he couldn’t hire helicopters on the day of Castro’s disappear to look for his friend?

Listen to the audio below…The bodies of Castro and Janet have not still been found.



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  1. I can’t stand this kind of nonentities trying to make themselves relevant when there is an important issue to deal with. Why must anyone be blamed for this? Is this the first time someone got drowned in Ghana?

    1. The important issue right now is to give advice for the young ones so nothing like this repeats it self in the next days to come. If no one takes the time to speak out a similar situation might happen every sunday. Everything related to this death is very important. We need them please, don’t sound like you know everything in the world. When one talk other has to listen so please kiss your pride some good bye and listen.

  2. This woman do make sense, helicopter could help search for those bodies. I don’t see why ppl should insult her. Yes and the girl’s family that was some big fat lie. Is all over facebook that castro drops her off at kasoa a lot so why would they even lie to the media? Anyways thats not even important most important thing right now is for God to console the lovely wedded wife and son. They are the people that matters at the moment. Sorry to the girl’s family too.

      1. Ghanaians hates the truth. Am very disappointed no wonder we always end up with fake as.s governments for example Mahama.

    1. I didn’t even click on the link to listen to whatever the woman has to say coz I already know It’s going to be gibberish. By the way, the kind of helicopter they need for the rescue operation is not in Ghana. The rescue helicopters has an infrared camera that detects images and processes data to a visual recognizable image. I quite remember some time ago that, the late Pres. Atta Mills wanted to purchase five of such helicopters but there was an outcry from the opposition party that the helicopters are not a priority.

      1. He can use the kinda money he has to rent one even from nigeria or togo. Of cuz our broke-ass country cant even afford that. They all about their pockets.

        1. emmm my good friend did you say mills? what did he even do for the country than to cut off the syto kid’s free meals? Please maybe am lost here can someone educate me on his good deeds? The only best and responsible president we had after Nkrumah was Kuffour so am lost here hmmm.

  3. Yentie Obiaaa: Castro agyimi, Janet agyimi, and Asamoah has wasted FIFA’s money. I’m with you woman: the lady in question deserves no respect whether dead or alive. The fact remains that she was hooking up with a married man and she knew damn well that he was married. I value my life very much and I will not get drown for a stupid reason as saving a hooker, especially when I’m not a life guard. That’s what makes Castro foolish! Some people have no principles in life. Seriously, did Castro value the life of the hooker more than his own life?!

    1. Castro is a HERO. He did exactly what many people would have done. Do you think if it was Asamoah Gyan drowning Castro wouldn’t have try to save him? As human beings, our natural instinct and reaction to tragedy happens so quickly that we don’t even have time to think about it. He did what he thought was right, it’s just unfortunate that he didn’t make it out.

      1. You call someone who works for satan a hero? Hero and yet he got drowned? Kweku paa i expected more on this one lol. Rechange this whole thing so i can give u a thumps up.

  4. I like this woman, she point things out the way it is. Janet is now a history, a young girl who got drowned by following a married man. I can pass this script to Hollywood or socrate sarfo to make a movie. The title can be Janet Bandu’s history, She looked ashawo rough. Becca if you don’t live my cousin kiki his wife will also curse you and your miserable body would be drowned in korle lagoon too. Thanks to the writter for the upload.

  5. Lord allmighty Jesus Christ,people in Ghana are just hungry for fame this woman here is just trying to attrack people attention that is all she doesn’t care about Castro or Janet Ghanaians are very talented when it comes to take advantage on any situation to become famous after,the mallams,the fakes prophets here comes useless attention seekers.As normal people you should know it’s not time for blames ok respect people feelings,Asamoah and the girl’s familly are suffering anought and more than you all let me remind you that those two persons that got drowned where very closed to them we’re just outsiders and some of you are acting as if the all thing concerned them,castro and Janet are not your relatives or even your friend so why all this noise for ???why are you attacking the familly and friend,they’re the one who lost their dearest not you so what is the problem???this too much people are so heartless and pointless stop feeding on people pain like that it’s evil.

  6. Now it is clear that the girls in the same game as Janet are the only ones who comes here to insult people. Sugar daddies abr3, koti oluman abr3. Ghana girls find something to do with your life and stop this stupid movement. Now we are disgracing our culture and country. A Nigerian friend i sat in the train with said instead of us to accept the girl’s stupidity we here making it feel like she’s the innocent one. Do you people even read the bible at all? We don’t judge but am sure Satan and his followers has already started whooping her bleaching face. When she was going to the beach resort, did she thought about castro other side of family? She didn’t, she even wanted wife dead am sure. This girl has a hand in castro’s death. Her parents needs to come out and apologize to Ghana for such disgrace.

    1. Your comment is laughable. What a comic relief. Give me just one reason why her parents should apologize to Ghanaian’s. And I will tell you the reason why they don’t have to. If anything at all, Castro’s family must be sued for the death of their daughter. I don’t want to get into the legal aspect of this case so I’ll end it here.

  7. Is castro the only person dead in Ghana? why must it be only him? Some people needs to get a life, kweku quincy king, dr. miyagi, bb, akosuaagh, tifany, juicenet, jeanie, maame yaa, jeff and stephen you all shoound read foriegn news and stop chasing ghana naus.

    1. Lol… aba, the controversial nature of his death is the reason why we are talking about it like that. And also don’t forget that he is a celebrity and this is a celebrity blog. We will talk and talk until there’s nothing to talk about anymore.

        1. And who says I don’t update myself with other world news???
          I’m just more into Entertainment than any other section of news & mostly entertainment news from Africa

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  8. Mama Lola,Nyame nhyiraaa wo paaa.everything you’ve said is soooo true.and it’s good advice for all of us.just like me the girl’s parent annony me.they mean they don’t have a clue abt.their daughter’s lifestyle,for Christ sake she was only 24 and could still be disciplined,even some of us married and living with our husbands we are called to order by parents and loved ones.maybe just maybe she didn’t respect anybody and as for our so called celebrities who thinks the world is for them cos of the little cash they’ve seen they shd take a lesson from all this.the husband snatchers this is your cue to start packing and leave our husbands alone,cos the tears and prayers of wifes availeth grandma will say”nimo entumi woa,etete wo ntoma”.

      1. Oh shut the crap you think we don’t know is you using all these names in here. Woni life baako kraa. Do you ever sleep?

  9. Reading through the comments makes me laugh. I have a strong feeling one person is behind all the insults. I suspect someone but name will be withheld. The same person seems to be here a lot and from the responses i smell some sign of aggression. Is very embarrassing to see human beings throwing insults and also pretend to be people they are not.

    1. Come on guys, I bet u r all making the devil happy through the insults you are throwing at one another. What ever happened to love and forgiveness? If someone even insults you and you don’t insult back, it doesn’t make you weak or stupid. Please don’t allow your egos to get in the way of your reasoning.come on, just let it go. Forgive pls.Castro and Jane’s deaths are sad enough.

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  11. Chris please help stop the identity theft on your website. Am Awiase yet another maniac is using the same name here

    1. Create a dusqus account asap. Well i didn’t believed it when that imposter used your name to insult me. I have a feeling is someone who’s always in here.

  12. hmmmm this woman to be too much. she’s funny. But she’s speaking the truth though. Hope Everybody will learn from this

  13. Chris Agyeman or whatever the hell you are called. Are you an illiterate or something, Why do you keep posting audio interviews of uneducated illiterates who dont know what they fck they talking about. Using helicopter to search a drowned body? does that sound sane to you. IN the past few weeks all you keep posting is audio interviews of NKWASIAFUOR who are clearly illiterates and dont know what the fck they talking about. I am beginning to think you are an illiterate yourself Chris. Stop posting such nonsense. ENKRUASIFOUR eni CYTO fuor WEBSITE, why did i even come on here, mschewwwwww, i am out. The woman on the audio is extremely retarded and foolish, she needs to go back to school just like most of the readers on here. Cant spelll, cant speak english all they do is sit on facebook. KWASIA TOR, helicopters are not used to search drowned bodies. MUA GYIMI SAA diyer aden?

    1. You fool pass anyone I know. kwasia, wagyimi paa. Haven’t you heard of the use of helicopter in helping to search for drowned body? Do you live under a rock? Hmmm, and u think you are well educated. Jon

    2. I wouldn’t insult you because you mentioned someone else’s name. CHris is called Agyapong so will pretend you weren’t referring to GC. Go and gather your facts before you insult.

  14. If you’re not Castro’s family or Janet’s family please spare me with your series of recordings. Unless you’ve been appointed as a mouthpiece for the families. You know what! you can’t tell Janet’s parents to be quiet. Take your own advice and be quiet. Maybe if you’re able to raise a daughter to the age of 24 years and she drowns, then you could record parts 1-20 about how you feel or think she should have led her life.

  15. So while i was being cuddling in bed, some fools in here spent their whole night to type craps using all kinda names just to insult us? Well whoever is behind this should be bold enough to use his or her real name. The attack seems more like an insider, cowards remain fools so this coward should simply attack us with the right name.

      1. hahaha you are a sad girl oooo must you follow me around? if you do then wob3br3 papa lol let the game start. Mat paaa eish was that your worse diss?

          1. hahahaha yes it feels good though. Her new quote have you fornication before? lol funny thing is after she insults she use other people’s screen name to back her own comment.

  16. Who is this woman passing blame here and there… Judging people… If its that easy why can’t she rent the helicopter to search for the missing people? Like thee saying goes ” its easier said than done” its so easy to sit behind the scenes and talk… Please this fame hungry person should go and sit down somewhere.