Celebrity Instagram & Twit Pics of the Week: Jackie Appiah, Yvonne Okoro, Captain Planet, John Dumelo, Nadia Buari, Sarkodie & Others

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Jackie Appiah
Jackie Appiah

If you have never seen Jackie Appiah rocking a skirt—and showing off her legs, we have a photo she shared this week, doing exactly this…We are waiting for the star actress to hit us with one great movie performance this year as it’s been a long since we got that from her.

Yvonne Okoro must have splashed some money on a long weave so she took a photo, showing us her new investment. Interestingly, the Brazilian hair is losing its market to Cambodian hair…

Check below for photos from Yvonne Nelson, John Dumelo, Eazzy, Sarkodie and the others…


Captain Planet1

John Dumelo1

Yvonne Nelson1


Jackie Appiah1

Nadia Buari1

Yvonne Okoro1

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    1. No. I think it’s the light. She carries the vote on here while Yvonne needs some fresh bite of healthy Subway every morning. Yvonne still my favorite yet…she needs to go back to the princes Tyra looks.

  1. Jackie lkn great, Nadia lkn good too, CP: good post marriage appearance, Sarkodie: not bad. Okoro & JD: nice change in hair/haircut. YN & Eazzy: Okay

        1. You too u dey small small papa.. you dey like you nor dey. i always thought you were quiet but lol on YN and eazzy got me to laugh.

  2. Jackie is looking sleek and fashionable. Sarkodie will always be a borger so nothing surprising there. Capt planet is no fool, he has hit a gold mine in the union with uche and he will forever be balling as long as the marriage remains intact. John dumelo needs to take control of his sudden weight gain so am glad his taking initiative to exercise, he is already getting old, therefore keeping fit is in his own interest to remain relevant in entertainment. Yvonne Nelson is getting dangerously yellower by the day but she claims it picture filters, we hear! Eazzy is also the same, both ladies are changing skin tones like Chameleons. We have eyes oo. We can see. Nadia & mum looking chilled out, go girl u don’t need a man all the time, your mama can be ur best therapy. Yvonne Okoro is just trying wayyy to hard now, it’s even embarrassing. First exposing ur boobs all over the place now your hair looks like a skunk was skinned and placed on ur head by an incompetent hair stylist. Ah well, whatever makes you happy smh…

      1. LOL it’s better we tell them the truth and stop them from putting us through some of these weekly eye sores they call pix. Sometimes it is truly embarrassing and pure attention seeking from this celebs. Very pathetic

  3. Why is Miss Jackie always trying to cover her tummy? Who doesn’t know you are fat in that area?

    Is Nadia always with her mom? I mean does she have friends who are not relatives?

    Looking at Y. Okoro makes me laugh. Stop forcing it woman.

    My darling Y.N, sorry but I dont like this look of yours.

    Eazzy who??????

    1. She’s my own sweetie but she dey hia GYM big time!! At least am being honest as a fan lol no two ways about that.

      1. You are right, they should all learn from Dumelo and start riding bicycles too. It will help their flabby tummies and wobbly asses.

  4. 1. Jackie needs to start working out.extra weight doesn’t suit her.
    2. Whats up with sarkodie’s borfroot cheeks?
    3. I can see captain planet is enjoying uche’s money ooh!
    4. That Yvonne nelson pick is not flattering at all…. her head and face looks big
    5. Nadia is gorgeous and so is her mum.
    6. Yvonne okoro looks like a tranny!