New Music Video: ‘It’s Over Now’ By Juliet Ibrahim Feat. General Pype

Juliet Ibrahim Feat. General Pype
Juliet Ibrahim Feat. General Pype

Juliet Ibrahim has released a video for her single “It’s Over Now” featuring Nigeria’s Reggae and dance-hall superstar General Pype.

In the song, Juliet Ibrahim talks about the experience many women go through when it is over—letting go the complication. And to video shows how serious Juliet Ibrahim is taking her musical career—with the quality being commendable.

‘It’s Over Now’ is Juliet Ibrahim’s official second single off her upcoming album slated for release in 2015. The track was produced by First King Music and the video was directed by Nigeria’s own Catalyst.

Watch the video below…


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17 thoughts on “New Music Video: ‘It’s Over Now’ By Juliet Ibrahim Feat. General Pype”

    • Oh puh-leeeaaase. ..As much as I love kaakie, did u see her too much video? It has absolutely no connection with the song. And did u say becca? The becca who spends crazy sum of money on videos that end up with 20000 views after 3yrs on YouTube? Please stop it…As for efya, I nor know give am sha..she needs rebranding and a management who’s ready to make her a real superstar. Stop the name dropping, they all got their own issues. This video and song is good (and I’m not even a fan of juliet’s singing career, even her acting self)

  1. This girl is serious. She. Will not give up I see. But this is better than her other songs. Still i didn’t enjoy it.

  2. Oh.surprisingly this song is good ooh, like really good (and I’m one to fastly call out juju on this singing career mess). Ok so Juliet couldn’t pay real actors to do this, she had to use mofe and his girlfriend? Even that I couldn’t see no connection in their performance and they’re suppose to be lovers in real life? Hm but apart from the over auto tuned, the song is good. And the reason u ppl find it awkward is juliet’s awkward movement in the video, she needs to stop appearing in her own videos or better still just sit still, no moving lol. Then ppl won’t find anything wrong with her songs. But in this video, it’s not the song (that song is good, surprise I know lol) ,the issue is with the singer.

  3. LMAOOOO!!i´m sorry,ma bad but damn girl!i dn even hv to listen to it cs i´m jst gn waste ma tym so LMAOOO!!hahahahahah i jst cnt help it..*singn* i cnt help buh wait *trey songz voice* LOOOOOL

  4. Jeez Lawd have mercy!! This’s ridiculous and unprofessional!! No body ain’t forcing you to sing so bitch just go and cancel those videos about this foolish song! I know your ex hubby family gonna mess up with this disgraceful video!! Get your ish straight and bare in mind that you are a mother. This bitch can’t even sing and dance….this’s such a wasteful video and nothing else.. I blame that foolish producer who signed her…this’s such phonny and shady. Ghanaians always Tryna be like Americans but they always fail!! This’s a big disgrace to this bitch!! Lmbo


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