The Posters + Do You Support Ama K Abebrese’s ‘Anti-Bleaching’ Campaign?

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Ama K Campaign 2
Ama K Abebrese’s Love Your Skin Tone Campaign

Many people have lauded Ama K Abebrese for being daring and for having the courage to stand up against skin bleaching in an industry dominated by marked skin changes both home and abroad.

It is not easy to have so many friends and colleagues who are guilty of the very crime you seek to eradicate. I am sure some of her colleagues have given her the side eye and grumbled about her nerves in her absence but let me tell you something interesting I overhead at an industry meeting.

There are people who believe this campaign is uncalled for because what adults choose to do with their skin is their business.

Others think she is deliberately trying to piss off or jab at the people who we know have bleached up a little and a lot…I will leave out names. We all know them!

Ama K Abebrese Campaign1
Ama K Abebrese’s Love Your Skin Tone Campaign

Do you think there is truth to this? Do you think that she is deliberately and subtly sending a message to specific people? Are you one of the people who are supporting her campaign or do you think she just needs to leave people alone because after all, she also has her sins?

I also heard another person say Ama K would have lightened too if she had a chance but she is too popular and everybody knows her skin colour already so she cannot do it…

Interesting opinions out there, add yours to it.

I like the posters for the campaign. I think they all look beautiful in it especially Paulina Oduro and former Miss Malaika-Hamamat Montia who we have heard nothing from in a long time.

Take a look at some of the campaign posters below…

Ama K Abebrese Anti Skin Bleaching Campaign (2)

Ama K Abebrese Anti Skin Bleaching Campaign (3)

Ama K Abebrese Anti Skin Bleaching Campaign (4)

Ama K Abebrese Anti Skin Bleaching Campaign (1)


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  1. This looks like a good campaign but will she achieve anything with it apart from noise? NO she wont. Why is Nana Ama McBrown in there? Who does not know Nana Ama has breached (in my ashanti accent). Ama K’s own cousin Menaye Donkor has also breached so what is wrong if I also breach?

    1. lool….I thought Menaye is of Europe and Ghana origin…i dont see why she would bleach…hmm its a good campaign….and i hope they get the message across…its so funny how in europe even those who have african/european parents are still regarded as “blacks”…and we think we can bleach to look white….tweeaaa….but them again it all goes to our self-image/esteem…and what we define as beauty….

    2. Yes am confuse too, because Nana Ama Mcbrown has bleached her skin. Anyways whatever…wish her all the best though.

  2. Nanama has bleached her skin and every one nos DAT. She does it good tho but she can’t be in DAT campaign. Manaye got natural skin tone and they r not cousins I believe.

    1. Yes Menaye and Ama K. are cousins. They’ve both confirmed it. It was actually Ama K. who introduced her to Muntari. She bleach too, just like most people in Africa. It’s her mother who is the mix. I believe she said her mother is Irish/Ghanaian

    2. ama and that sulley’s wife are biological cousins. She happens to be black and jealous of the fair one. If she thinks this campaign will bring her success she should waste all her energy on it.

  3. It’s a good campaign and I think AMA k should be lauded. However, my beef is that why is nana am am brown aka nana AMA Agyemang in there. Does she not feel guilty? ..or probably she has no conscience. And Hamamat I know is darker than that. Those campaign pics should be free from filter

    1. You are absolutely right about mcbrown agyeman. She has totally wiped her skin pigmentation off. She should stop the campaign and let people rest. Is it even their business some people has chosen the route to bleach their skin? it baffles me to see why some fools will make it a burden over their shoulder. Ama k if you think you are ugly try and bleach too and leave my girl yvonne alone. We know you are hosting this because of her so bleach and look good if you think you are ugly.

  4. If people want to bleach their skin, so be it. Who are you to condone what they do to their skin? If making their skin colour lighter will boost their self-esteem and confidence, then let them do it. So long as they’re warned about the long term and short term effects of skin bleaching, then it’s okay. I for one would not bleach my skin, only because I do not have the time to keep up with bleaching and the fact that I like my skin colour. Sadly, Ms. Ama K’s campaign will get no where. But I wish her good luck with getting her message across to the Ghanaians back home.

  5. this ad is pointless. first of all, i am a huge fan of twi movies and i have watched a lot from 2000-present and nana ama mcbrown skin color has changed a lot, and i dont know why they call her fair colored because she has bleached 100% they should have replace her with emilia brobbey.. 2nd of all, growing up in ghana and the US bleaching is being somethign that most african 80% do even the men.. is the norm.. so stop all this crap and let everyone do what makes them happy in their skin.. and again i will say this they have all these educated graduates out of central, legon, cape coast and the girls living abroad come in ghana with their fake accents and they put them on TV and give me all these monies.. mtchewwwwww

    1. Its not the ad that pisses you off. I think ur beef is with returnees who get more attention in Ghana than you think they deserve…lol. wahala oo…thanks for giving me a good laugh though. Your comment on men bleaching just cracked me up. One of my coworkers (an ivorian physician) has severely damaged skin all thanks to bleaching. Your words reminded me of him…lol

  6. LMAO…I first saw this on Instagram and I started cracking up…Ama K I support everything u do in your success…but some of the ppl u chose for this campaign should def not be on the list…Lol…nana ama mcbrown though…she bleached/skin toned…some of us saw her when she first started lol…DAMN…she’s faking her skin in this campaign just like her fake accent LMAO

  7. Hold on a minute! I remember the first time I saw Nana Ama in a film called A Stab in the Dark in the 90s, and her skin has fluctuated between brown, yellow and pink ever since. Mtcheew whose idea was it to put her on, who are they trying to fool?

    1. She didn’t featured in a stab in the darkoooo i beg the main character then were pascaline Edwards, Edinam atashie and psalm adjetefio along with abeiku acquah aka killer. One lady i cant recall her name but from Nana ama’s first interview her first movie was in 2001 a kumawood role.

      1. correct for 100 percent Jucinet. Felicity Ama Agyeman aka Nana Ama McBrown’s first movie was judgement day where she played the role of a driver with a gang of arm robbers if i am right (late 99-early 2000). this movie included actors like Fred Amugi, the Late Bob Santo and Kweku Twumasi .Her first leading role was kae dabi with Paa George etc followed by Madam Joan where she acted with Portia Asare-Boateng, Okyere Darko etc

      2. Jucinet i think the lady we talking about here is Comfort Dapaa and she was Psalm Adjetefio’s wife and Edinam’s mother if my memory is right. I think Juliet Asante was also one of the actress’ in the movie

        1. Yes lol she did that lottery commercial. It was hard to remember her name. Juliet and naana hayford. We had the VHS.

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          5. Thanks for entertaining me with bad grammar yet again. Its so easy to push your buttons. I hope Akuffo Addo wins the next elections. You could benefit from his free education campaign. I hope Ama K and Akuffo Addo come up with an “educate your girl child campaign” and feature you on the billboards

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  11. Nana Ama is naturally fair, she used to have a more beautiful skin tone, i think she definitely applied some sort of bleaching cream with the hope to brighten it further but ended up destroying the beauty of her natural skin. i also agree that Hamamat has also brightened her skin tone because she used to have an ebony like skin tone but looking at it closely one can detect traces of ‘toning’. overall i believe it is a good campaign which will sensitize our young ones. Last week, Tyra Banks in an interview predicted that natural Black skin tone such as that of Nyongo will become rare and exoctic in about two decades to come. I partly agree with her prediction but with a campaign like this, we can only pray and hope her prediction will not come to pass.

  12. This is a good campaign but I think if Nana Ama has so many question marks about her personality, then she should not have been included at all in the campaign. I also think they should take the campaign to the grass root level, the primary schools and start to build the confidence of the children from there. Good luck with it Ama

  13. they should have included Martha Ankomah. She has the perfect looking skin in the industry. like Lupitas