HOT & SEXY: Juliet Ibrahim on the ROCK!

Juliet Ibrahim (4)
Juliet Ibrahim

Following the release of a video for her latest single-It’s Over Now, which some have said the song could be a reflection of Juliet Ibrahim’s personal circumstance, the actress/musician has dropped some hot & sexy photos—to help push her latest single.

Officially, the photos are meant to help with the promo of Juliet Ibrahim’s second single, off her upcoming album slated for 2015 release. But unofficially, we think the photos will give the men sleepless night—the hotness cannot be ignored.

Check below for more photos…

Juliet Ibrahim (1)

Juliet Ibrahim (2)

Juliet Ibrahim (3)

Juliet Ibrahim (4)

Juliet Ibrahim (5)

Juliet Ibrahim (6)

Juliet Ibrahim (7)

Juliet Ibrahim (8)

Juliet Ibrahim (9)

Juliet Ibrahim (10)


Photography by Steve Ababio | Makeup by Alexandrina makeup artistry.


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25 thoughts on “HOT & SEXY: Juliet Ibrahim on the ROCK!”

  1. What alot of rubbish!!!!. Her vioce is awful!!! She sings as bad as when she speaks. I’m sorry but she looks like a dragqueen with all that makeup and outfit on. She is trying too hard and failing miserably.

  2. Distasteful, defective, girl get into the gym and work on your thighs and stop bothering our ears and eyes with your horrible singing/acting. Only in ghana do we call such a person an entertainer.

    • she does not only needs to work on her thighs; she also needs to get some straightening therapy to proportionate her deformed legs.

  3. @ghanaceleb You’re Always biased when it comes to news about Juliet Ibrahim. Not very good journalism. Appears she’s paying you to advertise her

  4. Azonto mixed race girl and her azonto friends. Classless , conceited, village champions. Mtcheew. Such a shame that this girl cannot advise herself into behaving decently. Your husband did well to move on and you know it. Poor guy should have listened to his parents from day one and not gotten involved but you run and got pregnant. Anyway, not my problem. My problem is for you to stop putting your azonto and fellow azontos into our faces. I swear Chris we are tired of this girl.

  5. Sing it live without any instruments and let see. I dare you to sing live with no instruments

    So now you fuking nigerian male heaux Mofe Duncan thats why hes in your video
    Why Adjoa Safos handsome brother wifed this heaux Juliet ibrahim in the first place still beats my mind.

    Thanks to Roger Troutman now everybody thinks they can sing with their autotune nonsense

    • It’s been a long time since I read a comment from you. I like your comments so please don’t stop commenting wai. 🙂

    • Adjoa Safo Hansome WHAT? Both Adjoa, his brother and father have image problem that why they have bleached their skin. the brother actually went for classless Juliet to cover his self hate and inferiority complex. by the way where is Adjoa Safo? Guess Kennedy Adjapong has settled and silence her.

      • Ei, Ghana is small oo. So you also know about them? Hahaha. Still I think he deserves someone than this noise maker Juliet.

  6. Wow so many of these comments are so judgmental. None of us know her on a personal level to be making such comments. She’s quite beautiful naturally, if you look at it. She’s no longer connected to her ex-husband, so why are you guys even bringing about that subject? She’s obviously moved on with her life. Let the past stay in the past and quit being so critical of what she does with her life. You live your life and she’ll live hers. Do not waste your time writing ill-mannered comments and go on about your business.

    • Go get the definition of “celebrity”. Juliet is not a Roman Catholic Nun, we comment on what we see and not on what is in her. besides, what she shows the world, squarely mirrors what’s in her. e.i trash in, trash out out! one can not change the meow of a cat to a symphonic tune after attending Sir Thomas Beecham concert. She simply does not fit in.

      • I never stated that she was a Roman Catholic nun. What she presents on the outside may not necessarily be what she is like behind closed doors. She’s probably this way only for publicity(may it be negative or positive), as long she gets her pay check. I will not go about attaching a label on her because I myself am not perfect. And did she ever state for a fact that she is a ‘celebrity’? People automatically assume that she is a celebrity even if she may not see it as such.

  7. What the hell is she wearing…. so she needed her freedom to do shit like this… The whole fatal effect on the pics make it look worse than worse..smdh

  8. i dunno buh she looks like a barbie doll in the pics..choobi paa..ah well,its her life so if she wants to fuck it up allow her la

  9. Classless bitch with no value…Juliet is very pretty don’t get me wrong but those outfitts on her is like a street walker who is very desperate in life!! Come on you are a mother and you should think twice before you act!! Stop living that phony reckless life of yours and just be descent for a minute! This’s all shady and very stupid!! Grow up moron and act like a mother!! Am very pissed this girl is destroying her image

  10. those are some ugly ass pictures! drab! im not surprised chris had nothing but nice things to say about her as usual…u shd be as nice to all the others as well.


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