VIDEO: Behind the Scene of Ama K Abebrese’s ‘Anti Bleaching Campaign’ Photoshoot | 50 -60% of Adult Ghanaian Women Have One Time Bleached…

Ama K Abebrese Anti Skin Bleaching Campaign
Ama K Abebrese Anti Skin Bleaching Campaign

If you thought the fact that 77 percent of Nigerian women have bleached was a staggering number, I am sure you will have to roll our eyes about the fact that, “anecdotal evidence indicates that as many as 50 -60% of adult Ghanaian women have at one time or
other bleached or used creams with the view to bleaching or bleached unknowingly”.

In fact, it is estimated that 30% of the above are currently actively bleaching. For men it is estimated that 5% have bleached before or are still in the process. And what is most worrying is the proportion of adolescents in and out of school who are bleaching.

Interestingly, it is a well known phenomenon that if a mother bleaches then she will encourage the daughter to do so or will mix the various types of soaps and creams for the daughter to take to school.

According to Ama K Abebrese, it is the above shocking information that got her thinking—paving way for the launch of her ‘anti bleaching campaign’ supported by singer and actress Paulina Oduro, actress Nana Ama McBrown and model Hamamat Montia.

Watch the behind the scene video of the campaign’s photo shoot…



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7 thoughts on “VIDEO: Behind the Scene of Ama K Abebrese’s ‘Anti Bleaching Campaign’ Photoshoot | 50 -60% of Adult Ghanaian Women Have One Time Bleached…”

  1. I commend her for doing this campaign, but am afraid its falling on deaf ears. Our people are so insecure that, they feel by bleaching their skins it makes them more beautiful and desirable whatever, they are going to continue to bleach. Its very sad that people are not comfortable with the skin God gave them. Also i agree that Ama Mcbrown shdnt be part of this since shes bleached her skin, i was hoping that Jackie Appiah would be part of this campaign. Where you at, Jackie?

  2. What is Nana Ama saying? I love my girl but I didn’t understand her English. Nana Ama and English is like “a cat and a mouse”.

  3. Truly nana ama and Pauline shouldn’t be here at all because we talking abt dark skin people, I mean real black coloured people so why the need of nana ama mcbrown and Pauline while we hv dark skin people like Martha and the rest,and from careful look nana ama and Pauline has touch their skin a bit

    • Kofi are saying every Ghanaian must be dark as charcoal?to my understanding they are talking about natural skin color and in case you don’t know some people are born naturally fair skin color,so are saying because they have fair skin color they can’t participate in the campaign?

  4. I think the whole bleaching issue is very complex. Because one does not jzst wake up one day and decides to look lighter.

    There are many factors/ people who can influence a person to bleach:

    One is the family:
    As I have said in my previous post some parents admire their lightskin children so much that they make darker skinned children feel i.ferior.

    I haven seen people who insult darkskinned people such as tuntu

    • Such as ” tuntum se bedie” .

      Another thing is that some parents advice theirdark children to only date or marry lightskin females because they dont want their grandchildren to be dark.


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