PHOTOS + What is WRONG With Our Male Ghanaian Celebrities Who Are Sending Photos of their Ding Dongs to Women Via BBM & Whatsapp| 3 Sets of Private Part Photos of 3 Ghanaian Celebrities Received

Celebrity Ding Dong
Celebrity Ding Dong


It is really unbelievable the sort of photos and videos that our actors have been sending out…And from the various screenshot conversations we’ve gone through so far, most of these men are asking for MONEY from the women—-let’s say, trying to scam the cash out of them. And that probably explains why the women are upset…

Ghanaian Actor


In less than 24 hours, GhanaCelebrities.Com has received 3 set of ding dong photos of Ghanaian Celebrities that were sent to some girls these celebrities were flirting on Whatsapp/BBM with—and for some reason, the women have decided to put them on blast.

Shockingly, one of such male celebrities is a top radio presenter in Accra—and he sent the nasty ding dong photos to a girl he chats to in America, talking to her about how he will slay her down when he meets her. What a mess…

And the next set of photos are of a Ghanaian actor which came with his black berry chats and a photo of a movie script he was reading at the time he took the photos of the ding dong (See the script above). The movie script was for Devil in the Dress—and the same actor is alleged to have acted in Yvonne Nelson’s Single & Married. Pretty nasty too…

The thing is, adults can play adult games and send all manner of photos to their playing partners but for Christ sake, why send such photos to a woman in America who you’ve not even finishied charming or why go out there talking BS about these women, when you know this is the relationship you have with them? Of course, they will put you on a blast by sending your private photos to GhanaCelebrities.Com, who wouldn’t do that?

From what we’ve been told, the actor is more of a Kiss and Tell person, bragging about women he has chopped—-and even those he has not chopped, he goes about claiming he has knocked the pot. And that is why his private BBM chats together with the photos of the ding dong has been leaked to GhanaCelebrities.Com.

Kumawood Actor
The said Kumawood Actor

And the third person; I think I should leave that for now…But I can say, he is a Kumawood actor!

I do not have any interest in these ding dong photos of the actors and they do not give me any private pleasure as a man, so I will probably get rid of them. If it was some nekkid photos of the actresses, then we would have probably added them to our celebrity scandal archives.

I am writing this to let Mr. K, Mr. E and Mr. A know that, they should check themselves and if it is the plenty talking that is putting their private business in public, then they should stop talking and respect the women they are in the messy and fun business with. Else, their secrets are not safe.

Some people should thank their stars that as I grow, I become less interested in scandals. If it was the days of Raquel, Tiffany and the others, these photos would have been smiling up here by now.

However, if you want to see these photos privately, let us know by commenting and we may send it to your inbox on the agreement that they are for your eyes only…

NB: We hear there are ding dong photos of Mr. J and another Mr. K too, which some other women have in their possession—and they have promised to send them to us with the various chats too…Now, where are the photos of the female celebrities?





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