PHOTOS + What is WRONG With Our Male Ghanaian Celebrities Who Are Sending Photos of their Ding Dongs to Women Via BBM & Whatsapp| 3 Sets of Private Part Photos of 3 Ghanaian Celebrities Received

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Celebrity Ding Dong
Celebrity Ding Dong


It is really unbelievable the sort of photos and videos that our actors have been sending out…And from the various screenshot conversations we’ve gone through so far, most of these men are asking for MONEY from the women—-let’s say, trying to scam the cash out of them. And that probably explains why the women are upset…

Ghanaian Actor


In less than 24 hours, GhanaCelebrities.Com has received 3 set of ding dong photos of Ghanaian Celebrities that were sent to some girls these celebrities were flirting on Whatsapp/BBM with—and for some reason, the women have decided to put them on blast.

Shockingly, one of such male celebrities is a top radio presenter in Accra—and he sent the nasty ding dong photos to a girl he chats to in America, talking to her about how he will slay her down when he meets her. What a mess…

And the next set of photos are of a Ghanaian actor which came with his black berry chats and a photo of a movie script he was reading at the time he took the photos of the ding dong (See the script above). The movie script was for Devil in the Dress—and the same actor is alleged to have acted in Yvonne Nelson’s Single & Married. Pretty nasty too…

The thing is, adults can play adult games and send all manner of photos to their playing partners but for Christ sake, why send such photos to a woman in America who you’ve not even finishied charming or why go out there talking BS about these women, when you know this is the relationship you have with them? Of course, they will put you on a blast by sending your private photos to GhanaCelebrities.Com, who wouldn’t do that?

From what we’ve been told, the actor is more of a Kiss and Tell person, bragging about women he has chopped—-and even those he has not chopped, he goes about claiming he has knocked the pot. And that is why his private BBM chats together with the photos of the ding dong has been leaked to GhanaCelebrities.Com.

Kumawood Actor
The said Kumawood Actor

And the third person; I think I should leave that for now…But I can say, he is a Kumawood actor!

I do not have any interest in these ding dong photos of the actors and they do not give me any private pleasure as a man, so I will probably get rid of them. If it was some nekkid photos of the actresses, then we would have probably added them to our celebrity scandal archives.

I am writing this to let Mr. K, Mr. E and Mr. A know that, they should check themselves and if it is the plenty talking that is putting their private business in public, then they should stop talking and respect the women they are in the messy and fun business with. Else, their secrets are not safe.

Some people should thank their stars that as I grow, I become less interested in scandals. If it was the days of Raquel, Tiffany and the others, these photos would have been smiling up here by now.

However, if you want to see these photos privately, let us know by commenting and we may send it to your inbox on the agreement that they are for your eyes only…

NB: We hear there are ding dong photos of Mr. J and another Mr. K too, which some other women have in their possession—and they have promised to send them to us with the various chats too…Now, where are the photos of the female celebrities?




Chris-Vincent Agyapong Febiri, Founding Editor
Chris-Vincent Agyapong Febiri is the Founding Editor of GhanaCelebrities.Com , a Film Critic and a Human Rights Advocate; he holds 2 masters degrees in Law; International Human Rights Law (LL.M) and Legal Practice Course (LL.M) from University of Leicester and Nottingham Law School--and also a degree in Law (LL.B) from University of East London. He's a Professional Truth Sayer and he is the author of the popular eBook “Success is a Right, Not A Privilege.” He currently works at Adukus Solicitors in London--where he uses his legal brains to kick real ass, for the good of clients and humanity. Contact: [email protected]


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  1. See some fools who Tryna be like lil porn stars!! It’s very stupid to send your naked pics to people…omg some men are Dumbass
    Those men should grow up and stop that copy cat life….why are they messing up with their lives with those naked pics,they should know its never safe so far as they are Ghanaians because all Ghanaians do or want is to destroy one another! So those stupid down low graded men should think twice before they act!! Blowing up your dirty mouth about women we have gone down with them it’s a big shame because HIV is knocking at your doorstep..

  2. Damn! What is soo romantic about this black bodies? Tnk God I never had any touch me n never will or josh will have to kill and go to jail for our love n immediate kins. Throw out!

    1. Are you saying black bodies are not romantic? Lemme ask. Are you a white person? Are we not the same people trying to love and embrace our skin tone and love being Africans?. Smh. I guess you wanted to write that the body was unkept or not groomed well..

      1. Hahahahaha. Waaaa look at body eh? The Ramsey Nouah’s are showing body n this n whoever they are are also showing body. ah. Awrehosem.

    2. Am sure you are the type that will go for bleached color woman or man huh? Your name Nonsense describe and fits you very well. Nonsence again, would you even get a dark skin to warm your bed for you?

      1. Ah why are u.people even replying to nonsense? His or her name(nonsense) he or she used explains it all. Lol… Anaa mi boa?

  3. Hehehe this is funny. They are messing with the wrong girls. I guess they scammed money out of the girls so this is pay back time. Chris I am not feeling you for this please put them on full blast. Let’s see the photos. lol

    1. yes Akosua i second u paaa, ahhh chris if u dont publish dem then pls dont publish the female celebs when theirs pop up. this is not fair.

  4. Hahahaha please for God sake do not published this photo’s.. 3years ago a friend had a naked picture of Dumelo which she wanted to exposed so bad. Had to plead with her to cool down. Recently she’s thinking of sending the picture to Chris but i know Chris will not even talk about his favorite male celebrity. These men are full of disgrace. Please do not send because they would be done for good. Am sure their initials alone will let them know their pictures are in your possession so ignore. Am so proud of you for not publishing them though lol

    1. My dear if your friend is truly claiming to have naked pictures of John Dumelo in her possession for 3 whole years now (which I honestly doubt) then let her bring it out. Is it only Chris she can send it to? There are several press houses and bloggers who will not hesitate to expose such inappropriate behavior so please don’t tarnish the names of innocent groups of ppl just becos a few have been irresponsible enough to do this.

      1. King where were you when John’s photos were being leaked over the net and bbm? am sure you are very new person on the blog. Contact his Dc g/f to resend you that. Calling John dumelo innocent? You don’t know him i guess. People like you don’t have to contribute on a platform like this. I myself have a dykie pic of him if your gay eyes want to see i can email it to you.

        1. EH aMMA, I WANT TO SEE IT OO..LOL. Isn’t John Dumelo engaged? I wonder what the lady might do if she sees that on the net? Lol

        2. You speak like u know all these celebrities personally. If he sent a picture to his own gf then what is the problem? If she decided to breach their trust and share it to the public becos the relationship went sour then who is in the wrong here? Can u attest to the kind of pictures she could have also sent which he has been more sensible to not embarrass her with? I am not new in town, I just don’t understand how a whole punch of ppl can be instantly condemned when we don’t know the full stories.

          1. Shut the fuck up and get your self a job to do. Who made you a lawyer in here? who said John was in a relationship with the girls. You must him pretending to use the name king to defend his ass. Dude they say birds of the same feathers flocks together which am sure you fits into his category of friends. Exist your self in here and learn wisdom.

          2. People pls note tht when someone can’t defend an accusation they make abt others they get lost for words and instead of expressing themselves intelligently, they use the F word among others becos they are actually ashamed cos they have NO proof to back their big mouths. John has over 1.5 million fans on his fan page alone, Are you so dense in the head not to realise tht some will also defend him and ask you for proof? And all you can say of intelligence is shut the F up with no proof. Shame on you! I am not John Dumelo parading here but am certainly glad I challenged you to provide evidence cos now you have been exposed as nothing but a liar who can’t even express herself decently.

          3. You could have won but is like you requested for his naked picture for a male you loose when you do that. John likes the front not behind. You should know he attended mixed school not boys school. Now i have every reason to believe you are gay. Don’t ever seek for any guys picture if you are straight because gays do that a lot.

          4. My friend are u also trying to say Chris is gay for posting these pix. We are asking for proof and factual evidence because the allegation is false and all you can say is am gay because am a man asking for proof. Are you kidding me? Did I ask for the photos to be sent to my private email for self admiration or did I challenge the lady to come out in public with it!

          5. Chris never requested for any pictures but apparently you did asked her to produced the pictures so you are in the gay category. You went too far to make such a request.

          6. If you still can not comprehend tht my request for the picture is to expose that girl as a liar because she has no such picture and can not produce any such photo then that is your cup of tea. I careless what category your petty mind regards me because I owe u nothing even if I were gay but at least i have been vindicated because all the liars who claim they have naked photos of john have gone silent.

          7. y r u kurasenii. wat is wit stfu? u dont make sense sit urself down. probably john f’ucked u dats y u r so defensive. aden

      2. Hmmm! Eii King my dear, is like u are talking for John and it’s also like u are defending him oo. What do u know about him and how well do u know him? Please no offense oo..just saying and asking.

        1. Am not speaking for John. I’ve never met him and I don’t know him but am looking at the bigger picture of the Majid’s, Van Vicker, Chris Attoh, Adjetey and all the rest who are labelled as one becos of such pictures posted today. John I have heard is dating or engaged, some of these guys are even married so let’s not jump to conclusions thts all am saying. I know girls who have circulated pictures out of bitterness or becos the guy moved on. Is it by force for someone to love you? When things were all lovey dovey the girls were also sending pictures of their private parts to theses same men so let’s not attack one side.

          1. Are you not the same as the idiot King kweku quincy who spends all day in here doing what you are just doing? Don’t deny this because your stupid friend confirmed you are mostly seen in here with different names. Shame on you now you calling your friend King. You are such a coward.

          2. Thank you i was just about to asked him that.. Lately he’s being just some 2faces guy in here.

          3. I am not surprised that you buy into this allegation about me logging in here with different names. After all, you accused me of the same crime before. Let me tell you something, I have never logged in here with any other name apart from my registered disqus account. Now it’s up to you to believe me or not.

          4. hahaha so because i replied her makes me her right? hahahaha at least she’s been observing too. I insulted you when you started being disrespectful on sandra’s article, that was then after we patched up. So What makes you think i cant insult you when i want to? You think i care about anything that goes on in here? After 11pm i throw my fon on the floor and sleep without thinking about none. So go ahead and call me Bernice. Atleast you still remain madam Lisa or kojo lol.

          5. Lol… you should have said we got into it. We both dissed each other. By the way, I haven’t insulted anyone since that time. And it looks like a lot of people are looking for my trouble and very soon trouble will visit them. I’m going to hang up my gentle man glove and get my hands dirty.

          6. ok king, kojo or lisa now you admitted you dissed me too right? Interesting. Good night you should also go to bed with your new found love Bernice.

          7. Lmao…. have you forgotten so soon? Bernice paaa…. Anyway, it’s almost time for you to sleep so good night wai. I am on GC 24/7 I am not going to sleep anytime soon. Lol

          8. Lmao… where were you when people were accusing me falsely? Hope you’re doing good? Take care brother!!

          9. Ok now this allegation about me coming here with different names is getting out of hand. As you can see, I tried hard not to insult you because I am a gentleman, but it looks like you don’t deserve such nice treatment from me. If I see my name in any of your comments again you will receive what you’ve bargain for. Dare me!!

          10. I told you morons I don’t come here with any other name but it looks like your feeble mind is not ready to comprehend what am telling you. I’ve had enough. No more false accusation or else GC cannot contain the two of us. Last warning!

        2. For all you know that’s john dumelo himself parading the site with different names just to defend his stupidity. His naked picture had his face too i was surprised when it got leaked. Some girls claimed they sent them to chris but he never mentioned it. It got leaked when 4 ladies in virginia found out they were being toyed with.

          1. Amma please just produce the naked picture of John Dumelo with his face(not the photoshop one oo) thts all. Matter close.
            And Chris-Vincent pls I beg u, confirm or deny if you received this alleged photo.

          2. Kwasia boy so you want to see another man’s nudity. Are you not even ashamed for this comment you just posted? Are you gay and who says i cant publish it if i want to? If you are a gay go to Columbia pike maryland and call for some partners than asking for this pictures. You are a real definition of homosexual. Get your self a lotion and satisfy your urge than another male’s photo. Were you not the same idiot talking of peace and now your dirty eyes want to have a feel of it right? You are a fool tell your gay John to visit you than his picture.

          3. You are funny and your understanding is also very limited. I am not gay. I am comfortably married to an intelligent and smart woman. Are u implying Chris is also gay for posting the pix in this story. IT IS CALLED EVIDENCE, FACTUAL PROOF. Tht is why I challenged u to produce it becos I know u don’t have anything, just your big mouth! Did I give u my personal email to send the nude pictures for my personal admiration of them. nonsense….

          4. Stop asking her to send the picture. Come on why would you even suggest a thing like this in here? is like your eyes are also itching so bad to view the photo’s. You asking them to produce the picture which to me is very wrong. You could have just ignored than to type asking for the picture. Now won’t be surprise if people label you as gay.

          5. There is no such photo so sit there and indulge in this lies. When we challenge ppl like amma, they will forever digress from the subject to swear words and homosexuality becos they are liars and gossips! read between the lines and don’t fall for crap

          6. The conversation between you and Amma reminds me of Ghanaian politics and politicians. The minute someone is challenged to produce evidence, they suddenly become defensive and resort to insults. It is sad and hilarious. When will we learn that insults are never the answer…Oh Ghana

          7. Thank you oo am glad u noticed. As soon as I asked for proof, the unintelligent people called me gay as if the photo is for my personal benefit. You can not support your horrible accusations with evidence therefore you digress to other irrelevant topics. Funny people!!!

          8. Why would you request for another man’s picture like that? eish are you one of them? this is something else, please leave john alone because last i checked hommie was strongly into females. no homo

          9. Awww this is sad ooo! I hate to say this but from what u said it seems like John Dumelo is a player or it’s either the reason why he has had his heart broken 5 times is his fault. How can a nice and a gentle man like him have so many broken heart from women. Hmm! There’s a question mark oo. By the way Amma, is he still dating Nneka the Nigerian lady? I think she is Yvonne Okoro’s cousin. Is he still dating her?

        3. Yes in his statement i can smell a sign of some defensive behavior. Is like the response is being directed at him.. hmm i swear this stars are all in love with GC ooo. By their fruits we shall know them. King who are you? Me i want to see that pictureooo konkonsa dey be

          1. Abby hahaha…u are funny! I now know I’m not the only one who wants to see the picture. Lol

    2. Eii juicenet my darling, mi feeli wo brutaa! Please do not let ur friend post that picture of Dumelo oo, ottherwise his fiancee will collapse if she sees it on the net. That is if only he has a fiancee. Lol What do u think?

          1. Yes lol he can. By the way John is my good friend now ooo thats why i’ve ignored all the comment on my post. We became friends after some nasty insults lol. He’s a sweet guy and doesn’t deserve this leaking.

    3. The name Dumelo irks the very inner soul in me for personal encounters n reasons. He will get to the wall where he cannot climb soon. His type thinks they can do anything n everything n get away with it. Lie , lie.

  5. Aaah, I came here to feed my eyes but then…… GC please post the pictures, what are you waiting for? These men were not ashamed of themselves when they sent those pictures so I guess they won’t be if it’s published for us to see.
    Foolish men fooling around. When will they learn?

  6. The radio presenter and the same person in Kafui’s movie could be Mikki osei berko aka master Richard or Kay elliot the popular ashawo man in town. Now am very disappointed!!!

    1. damn is true they say great minds think alike. Kweku elliot was my first guess and hommie is very capable of doing that. He’s so fake and a great pretender. Me i want that leaked photo out asap. He’s a radio presenter too. Dude used to be a neighbor in tema way back and trust me he’s been like this since childhood.

    2. Eish mama you are too much ooo how were you able to pull all this? I just heard about the two. Michael osei sleeps around with every woman so is Kay elliot. You are too much, after reading through i reserved my comment because you people had already mentioned them.

  7. To be frank, some of us women have to grown up because we all send such pics to our partners and they intend send some to us. I mean our partners. But if some actor sent such photos to a woman and after that went about saying nonsense about that same woman, then a woman scorned can do a lot. These actors will do anything for money.

    I also some dyckie photos of John Dumelo that he sent to some girl. I think the men should stop talking trash behind the women they do photos with or treat them nice else things like this will not stop.

    By the way Chris, please let me see some of the photos. I want to feed my eyes and appetite lol

    1. hahaha i also have some leaked pictures of that idiot. If is the same skype nude picture then is not new. I will have to send to chris as well.

    2. That was john then when he was so naive and stucked up. Now i doubt if he would ever send a photo like that to anyone. He should apologize to all the ladies he played with.

      1. Eii madam Abby, wa y3 wild paa ooo! You are serious on wanting to see John’s nudity paa oo! Lol. Are u in love with him? Hahaha..Abby my darling!

  8. u men r all da same. iv always wondered why you men easily send ladies pics of your langa langa with it looking all yucky n dirty. Chris Im sure u kraa u have done it before. Confess wai

    1. All men are the same? Nobody asked you to sleep with all of us (how else do you know we’re all the same?)
      Go scratch your butt somewhere else, ho

  9. Errm this kweku Elliot guy is a big time player who looks down on women am also guessing he’s the one because he featured in single and married and also the devil in a dress. The mr. K fits his description, now we all know they are bunch of jackass.

  10. As3m yi na Chris ab) so yi. Lol…hmmm,
    The clues r obvious as to who these actors r tho; now they shld turn a new leaf.

  11. John’s nake pictures is no news. Even his stupid girl in virginia leaked that photo on whatsapp so whats the big deal about it now? Am sure most ghanaians have that in their emails. John dumelo’s scandal is very old now. His small dick but wont shut up too. Chris i will forward you that soon.

    1. It’s better to see these pictures ooooo. Guys if you come across let us have a look. If they don’t respect them, why should we respect them. abeg

    2. Amma, I don’t think there is any need to send it to Chris if most Ghanaians have it in their emails and also it’s old news. The poor guy (John Dumelo) is minding his own business now. As3m oo!

  12. Ghanaian actors and actress are so fake. If the men are not into scamming they would be sleeping around anything in a skirt. Their stupid leader is John dumelo and now some new faces. After watching that boring movie called single and married i noticed that kay guy would take after john and slowly he’s in the game. I had to google the characters in these two movies to see this person and Kay was the only one that matches the description. Is a shame our stars only disgrace us everyday in Ghana. Nigerians makes fun of us for having womanizers and prostitutes celebrities which is very sad. Recently Becca too ended up disgracing herself in a great tournament. Useless celebrities, that will do anything for fame and money. Yet they cant even boost for 50,000 in their accounts.

    1. Let me make it clear to you that, I am not attacking you for expressing your opinion. I have a question, since you claimed Becca disgraced you at the tournament. Do you also believe the allegation that Jackie Appiah slept with Elvis Ankrah at the tournament??

      1. Have you finished using your fake names? fake ass boy, you telling me or asking me about Jackie’s allegation? I pity you so bad. You know why? Your value in this room is minimal, you have a picture of you and yet everyday these stupid girls go around throwing insults at you just because you don’t show your self some respect. How would you feel if your g/f or even someone you dating log in here and see you? Whenever someone comment best is for you to shut it than to contribute. You are not any different than these ratchets we call celebrities anyway. GC is not for people like you, how long have you been here? disagreeing with a male like you is a total waste of time because You are the biggest fool in here. infact fuck you now go and use all the fake names to attack me and let the game begin. Get a damn life than opening GC on your browser everydayooo. onukpa bulorr

        1. Hahahahahaha…….. why are you mad though? I thought I was dealing with a civilized person but your comment just showed how shallow minded you are. This is a blog, we can always have a healthy discourse devoid of insults. if you’re not intelligent enough to engage in a healthy dialogue just buzz off.

          1. Does it look like you are the type i exchange words with? I don’t remember being nice to you on any article. so get the hell out of my way.

          2. Lmaoo…. By the way, thanks for letting me know about my leaked information. I just addressed it.

        2. Bernice please whatever issues you have with this guy solve it with him ooo because he strongly thinks am you for responding to you comments. This is too funny, maybe you two can link and make love since all you do is to call eachother [email protected]:disqus

  13. See this Kay Elliot cow seems to be popular among the women. I was going to beg Chris to hide it. But looks like the guy sends to so many women so how will he even know who leaked this? Ashawo bone! Ashawo fii! As for the one talking about babies, that is definitely Mikki Osei Berko. He tells all women he wants babies from them. Just to make them think he loves and is serious. Look, these men be warned oo. Too! A woman scorned is dangerous!

      1. No please dontttttttttt am pleading with you. That was his past let that picture be buried now please show him some little love. Naayaa if you want to see a dick go and ride your b/f and stop requesting for someone’s picture.

          1. Search for mattew kaif with a blue jersey. He was the one displaying that in people’s email. I believe he’s still on facebook though. According to source She’s a female disguise as mattew. Good luck

  14. Illiterate men who called themselves actors….fools. They can’t even type good English…son of a bitch is what I will call them!!! Ghana actors don’t have class it’s only Chris Attoh I respect!!

  15. I dare anyone with John dumelo’s naked to put it out there. And pls the pictures should include his face. Not just showing the lower part. U guys just talk crap all the time and just naming people without any proof. People form fake accounts of celebrities on Facebook and what’s app and the rest and they think they are actually chatting with them. I dare anyone to put out John’s picture or shut up. Every day John everyday John why? I dare u!

    1. My dear the more you talk nasty the more these girls pass the photo around so if you really a john or a fan shut it and allow them to talk. Is like you are giving them the privilege to display this nude pictures. Do you think a woman will brag about a thing like this? You are not a lady stop using the name miss and reason for a minute.

      1. Thank you is like indirectly she’s asking for them to send the photos for viewing. Do you think people will wake up and make this false allegations towards him? I don’t know John but Miss sound like she want his photo so bad on the forum.

        1. You must be naive if you don’t know by now tht many people intentionally purposely and deliberately fabricate and make up stories and lies in the entertainment industry so it is not everything you read that is true. When Castro got missing JUST last week another celebrity said her cousin was standing next to castro’s dead body. This was live on radio. Today we know it was a blatant lie meanwhile ppl believed. As for entertainment business it’s just as dirty as politics. If you want to be fooled, ppl will fool you daily.

          1. If am naive then what makes your Mama? Since she doesn’t know none about life. At least i was wise enough to advice the girl. You are very stupid next time you attack someone read before you react.

      2. There is NO picture so let me challenge and push this cheap sluts to produce it because they will NEVER be able to. Shameless liars. You let these celebrities sleep with u all over the place and when they spit u out like chewing gum u come a cry abt false pictures in your possession. God is watching you all

          1. Nobody is under any obligation to use their real name here. stop digressing from your false allegation of naked pictures by asking abt names. Who cares abt tht? You have no proof but u want to damage someone’s name because you are nobody. Why? If John were ur brother would u be happy with this nonsense? Then u are more concerned abt who is miss or missy! Nonsense, go and advice your friends to either produce that picture or shut up. And now to further confuse your already confused brain I have changed the name. Kwasiafuo!

    2. Eii Madam miss, are u threatening anyone here? Please with all due respect and if I may ask, are u John Dumelo’s girlfriend, his girlfriend’s friend or a relative? Please no offense oo..just asking.

      1. I am neither. I just can’t stand ppl who just talk talk talk and when u challenge them to show evidence, they can not. This is a serious subject so if u can’t back disgusting allegations with proof then keep quiet and don’t damage anyone’s image.

  16. Is a pity why some people will loggin here and defend this scammer called John dumelo. His first nudity was leaked in some nigerian forum around 2010 so what the heck? who even cares about him anyway? Do i smell something fishy that John has found his way in here to type sweet words as usual. The more people defend this idiots the more they end up scamming innocent people. Unless those defending them tells me they are also into that same game as them.

  17. Oh people please give John a break and those of you asking for his nudity go and masterbate than looking forward for another man’s horse. That picture is not a new thing, the girls that leaked them were those that threw themselves at him and he chopped. Stacy Asiedua was one which i can recall. They only did that to disgrace him. Whoever has that picture should delete because i deleted right after i received them on whatsapp. Is not even a decent photo to send around. I believe he has changed now but that doesn’t make him an innocent guy. Kweku elliot has taken over him so lets discuss him than John please.

    1. So you saw it and deleted it, me too I want to see it and delete it too. Anyone has it please send it to me

      1. Is not decent for the eye. That picture was dead and buried. My advice to these male is that, they should watch out who they intend to play or send their silly pictures too. People on my instagram and facebook still has the pictures but John’s good side should be considered as well.

  18. But who is this Elliot? Am missing a lot and this is the first time am reading of John D’s pic of his willy. Where was I when all thses was going on? Pls somebody send me some of the pics oooo, I only want to feed my eyes

    1. Please if you get the picture pass it my way wai. Lol Kweku elliot is one ass hole who deceives women around the globe. She was nadia’s husband in single and married. The guy doesn’t play i just wish Chris will upload it for all of us to see tho. My eyes cant wait you know.

    2. I asked myself the same question. Who is this Elliot guy and where is John’s naked pic. Am like BB, pls we need to see this picture and then will delete it.

    1. My dear they are all lying. All of a sudden all of them have deleted it. Yeah right! because they can’t produce or proof it. False allegations. They even have the nerve to say they sent it to Chris but he didn’t publish it. You think Chris would have spared John. If you don’t know Chris then let me tell you point blank tht it’s always business first for him so don’t be fooled. Chris is not gonna protect anyone prick even if it’s the presidents! Liars, Give us a break!

  19. This is so funny, I’m in the states and some so called singer wanted to give me his inheritance because he was a Prince. I only had to come up with $7000 lol that never happen I know a scam. He sent me pictures and later a video of his cover erection. Was not thrilling sent me fleeing.

      1. Yea!!!! Lol only on this site to find out about Castro, saw the headline couldn’t resist adding my 2 cents into the conversation. Person I spoke of was suppose to have been part of Castro’s entourage. He didn’t go was sic with bad eye infection, smokers cough and severe joint pain. He sent a pic of his bandaged knee with his “rod” in the pic. At the time I thought the slender object was his finger! He sent me a video via Whatsup showing his recovery in his boxer shorts lying in bed with an erection? I realized the slender object was his boner lol. I deactivated my Whatsup account. Adios dude!!!

  20. lmaoooo smh..boys they cldnt even sweet talk these women small,,der norr str8 to d point?eiii lmaooo smfh..God help us all.chris abeg show us theirfaces wai

    1. You calling people hypocrite and at the same time requesting to see the picture. What is wrong with you? You define your own words.

  21. eiii kay elliot, aye kooo!!! u been exposed.. smh are u that desperate????? when will these guys ever learn??? abaaaa… hmmmm

  22. The picture of kweku elliot was taken by someone else, who took the pix? the picture was taken in one of the location of dervil in the dress. Chirs tell us more, we need the pix

  23. Oh why Eddie Watson (easy to figure out only one Mr. E common in the two movies mentioned)? The guy is married and I thought he was one of the “good” guys. Looks can indeed be deceiving.