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Ghana Should Not Go to the 2014 Miss World | We’ve Already Lost the Race to Incompetence

Miss Ghana 2013
Miss Ghana Wahala

The last two months have seen the rapid spread and growth in details of the 2013 Miss Ghana scandal, despite the many attempts by the organizers-Exclusive Events Ghana to steal from us the truth in order to protect their image and their investment…

The greatest conundrum we are faced with today in relation to the Miss Ghana beauty pageant is either to cover things up as the organizers seek to do, in order to safeguard their investments and brand or stand up with those young beautiful girls who for many years have been exploited, tricked, abused, undermined, oppressed, deceived and cheated in the world of pageants.

As a person who would not hesitate in sticking out my last finger for justice and fight alongside the ‘small’ against corporations, organisations and institutional injustices, I have decided to side with these young girls who are still under intimidation not to disclose some of the “high shocking” enterprises Exclusive Events Ghana (organizers of Miss Ghana) pushed them through before they were forced by their own values to resign.

Let me make it clear before people start with their farfetched speculations which will be that; I somewhat hate Exclusive Events Ghana or Beauty Pageants in general. I’ve been the greatest or one of the greatest supporters of Exclusive Events Ghana on the internet; from the very day they took over the franchise to organize Miss Ghana.

Even when they’ve refused to honour certain basic promises on a contract they entered with GhanaCelebrities.Com to help them with their campaigns, I still overlooked at this and continued to support their good cause—hoping they would erect a wall of reason and fairness around Miss Ghana, to help the pageant regain its lost value. More importantly, so that contestants/winners will be fairly treated and with respect…

Therefore, I do not have anything personal against the organizers of Miss Ghana as I’ve been told the CEO and the COO have started whispering into the air—-but to be frank, I hate to hear people call Miss Ghana and other beauty pageants in Ghana “undercover prostitution rings”. That hurts as a Ghanaian and more so, as a Ghanaian entertainment writer/journalist/blogger.

Then again, what should be the reasonable speculation of people when young girls are requested to go around (visit as many as 50 companies per week) to solicit for money on their own, without any put together plan or outline for them. It seems like what some people really care about is the money and not how these girls acquire the money.

For those who may be reading this for the first time, let me take you through the quick route of developments so far—with the on-going Miss Ghana 2013 scandal.

The Miss Ghana pageant is currently being organised by Exclusive Events Ghana with the company’s CEO as Inna Patty (Miss Ghana 2004 winner) and Samuel Bokorvie as a newly hired COO. Just like most family businesses, Inna Patty’s mother is reported as a Director of the company too.

It has shockingly emerged that, just 6 months after crowning Guiseppine Baafi as the 2013 Miss Ghana, Margaret Kuma Mintah and Crystal Selorm Amudzi as the first and second runners-up respectively, the two runners-up RESIGNED.

However, the organizers of Miss Ghana did not see the need or any sort of obligation they owed to the public to make anyone aware of these resignations—so they kept it under the carpet, hoping we do not get to know before the Miss World 2014 competition kicks off.

Then in May this year, the 2013 Miss Ghana winner- Guiseppine Baafi also RESIGNED. Once again, the organisers tried to play us, presenting things as if all is well with the pageant and that; they’ve rather stripped off Guiseppine Baafi’s title. What they did not know was that, this was going to put them under the radar with many people poking their noses into the affairs of the organisation as we wanted to establish the truth behind the RESIGNATION/STRIPPING OFF.

The deceit of the organisers continued and even at this stage, they did not mention to us the two runners-up had long resigned over what the girls considered as incompetence of the organisers and the excessive demand of them to raise money for the Miss Ghana organising company while being treated unfairly.

It was only some few weeks ago (through the investigations of Razz Newspaper) that we heard for the first time, that not only has indeed the Miss Ghana 2013 resigned as opposed to having been stripped off, the two runners-up had long resigned too. And as such, there was no one to represent Ghana at this year’s Miss World Competition slated for late this year in UK.

Following this, Exclusive Events Ghana has come out to say these 3 young girls were “problematic” and that is why they could not work with them, and not that they have lost the plot as an organisation. If it was one person who resigned, I would have been forced to believe the person was not up for the job but it is not even two, rather 3 people. It is highly improbable that these 3 girls are the problem—the organisers must definitely be the problem in all these.

Interestingly, Exclusive Events Ghana has stated among other things that, they will be hand-picking someone to hand over the Miss Ghana 2013 crown to her, and take that person to represent Ghana at the 2014 Miss World pageantry.

I am personally confused as to their power and ability to do so, without the grand support of the people of Ghana. By virtue of what, are they going to just pick someone (probably a family member) and take her to Miss World to present Ghana when the public did not even have the slightest say in this enterprise?

Then again, Miss Ghana is a family business and profit must be made so everything (both reasonable and unreasonable) must be done to keep the company going by the shareholders, even to the detriment of the whole country-Ghana.

Furthermore, how much time would this newly imposed (appointed) Miss Ghana 2013 have to prepare for this year’s Miss World competition, so to be able to pull a good race—close to or better than the performance of Naa Okailey Shooter who placed third in the last competition?

Mentioning Naa Okailey Shooter makes me wonder the sort of torture and the puzzling things she had to do as the winner of Miss Ghana 2012 that were well hidden by the same organizers—considering all the scandals we’ve had coming out the Miss Ghana 2013 camp.

To me, Inna Patty and her Exclusive Events Ghana have already lost the Miss World race, just as they’ve lost the little credibility that hovered over their heads in Ghana as the organizers of the Miss Ghana pageant.

The best thing (which is not a conditional reality) for the organizers to do is to pull out of this year’s Miss World Competition, sit down, re-strategize, put plans in place and sort out their incompetence issues—and be able to come out as winners in this scandal (learning something great from what has happened to re-shape their operations).

We all know things are bad and they can’t just let that go into hiding. What they can do is; accept their unpardonable mistakes and render the needed apology. And then, go back to the drawing boards to make things work, now that they still have the chance—else, I would be totally shock if they are able to get any young girl of value to take part in their subsequent competitions.


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11 thoughts on “Ghana Should Not Go to the 2014 Miss World | We’ve Already Lost the Race to Incompetence”

  1. Inna Patty and her people have failed Ghana. They dont know what they are doing and I am so glad these ladies did not allow them to take them for fools. You organise a pagaent and do not pay out the prizes. On top you ask the girls to go about whoring themselves for money and you are not ashamed to come to Ghanaains all things are well. Miss World should not accept any woman who is foolishly enough to go to Inna to be presented. People must respect themselves. Everything in Ghana is full of corruption and scandals

  2. Ghnanaians are fools that is why Inna Patty is treating them foolishly. Trust me, you will some more stupid girls going to buy forms for the next pageant despite all these revelations.Ghanaians are majorly useless in using their brains. Things can’t happen in Nigeria. NEVER

  3. Exactly what I was thinking, if Naa was able to becme Miss Africa World last year then only God knows the torture she went through to even get there. But all the same, some truths r now cmn to light & I’m guessing now, ery1 is disappointed in Ms. Inna and her team (Exclusive Events)

  4. It is rather unfortunate Inna Patty is rubbing salt into our injury after a similar episode that just unfolded in Brazil with our Black Stars, ironically Black Stars as in the Miss world contest in Indonesia drew the attention of the world in South Africa only to succumb to mismanagement from all manner of institutions that led to the most disgraceful appearance ever in the history of Ghana world cup participations. What Inna Patty has turned Ghana Beauty Pageant into is not desimilar from the money monger attititude the GFA/BLACK STARS MANAGEMENTS have turned the fortunes of the Black Stars, that eventually led to their worst performance ever.

    Inna Patty should accept her shortcomings as an overzealous individual, for her over indulgence as a moral torch bearer of discipline and utmost upright person without human falibility, she should wear down her pride and see the pageants and co-partners in the success of her Exclusive Event Company, Her style of administrations will never be accepted elsewhere especially when your duty is to manage humanbeings and their ego. You have yourself become so egoistic to the extent you see the young ladies more as your hosehelps rather than those to help you achieve successes in your venture.

    Whatever standards of Beauty Pageant management style of other countries cannot completely fit into others, however we could always take a cue from examples of those getting it right so that we can use that experience to shape how things could be done differently to avoid this disgraceful debacle. In Nigeria, the beauty pageant organisation has more than 3 decades been under auspices of SILVER BIRD franchise. Mark Brew who is the owner of SILVER BIRD Conglomirate worldwide holds the largest entertainment industry franchise in Nigeria and arguably in Africa, the reason Nigerian beauty pegeant has been without controvercy for more than 3 decades. The government of Bayelsa State has recently bought into the franchise while SILVER BIRD remains the main organisers. The pageant in Nigeria is sometimes oversubscribed to the extent SILVER BIRD is begining to loose ground to the outpouring of sposorships by major corporate organisations.

    The Ministry in charge of Culture be ready to step in and regulate the conduct of Ghana Beaty Pegeant (not directly involved) so as to bring sanity into its organisation since at the end of the day the finalists representations at the Miss World will participate in the name of Ghana. The idea where business profit minded individuals like Inna Patty whose main aim is to make money be looked into critically, because it is Ghana’s flag that’ll be hoisted at the Miss World contest and so should not be left to the whims and caprises of any business person. If that business person has the financial muscle as in the case SILVER BIRD of Nigeria or the Ghana MEDIA WIZKIDS of old, who’ll not refuse to hand winners their prizes as Inna Patty did, who also inturn sent the young ladies to go soliciting for monies in companies thereby exposing these young ladies to promiscuty. There should be a reform now and immidiately before we see ourselves as a country in another Black Stars episode once again.


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