FOR YOUR VIEWING PLEASURE: Confidence Haugen Shows Her Belly RING

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Confidence Haugen
Confidence Haugen

CEO of Aphrodisiac Night Club-Confidence Hagen is ready to take us on a ride, by showing us what she has been hiding under her dress for many years-her Belly RING.

The near 40 years old pretty socialite who is said to be currently cooling off in London, posted a photo of herself a few hours ago, putting her belly and boobies on blast for our viewing pleasure…

Check below for another photo

Confidence Haugen
Confidence Haugen

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  1. Desperation is a disease. Even if you are beautiful, your behaviour can make you ugly. Mamaga, sit down and be classy.

    1. Really idiot? U jst had to bring the tribalism here right? So because she’s Ewe all other Ewe women r whores ryt? God punish u n that ur useless stinking mouth for saying that. Every tribe has it’s good n bad dnt bring tribalism here we dnt need it jst comment n waka go with ur fucked up self. IMBECILE

      1. stop being childish and offensive. fact is most ewe girls grow up becoming desperate whores due to neglect and child abuse. confidence is proof.

          1. You can say that again. Some people are too bigoted that they can’t seem to get over the tribal nonsense!!

        1. I’m not chiildish n insolent it’s rather clear that u are the childish n insiolent one here. There are a lotta different ways u clda gone abt this situation withought insulting a tribe. The post wasn’t abt ewe girls but abt an individual n ur illiterate self jst had to throw in the tribalism card makes me think u have some kinda hate for the ewes or the ewe women. Y did an ewe woman break ur heart or something if ur a man? Or if u are a woman did one steal ur boyfriend or husband? Clearly has to be one of that otherwise u wnt comment ignorantly like that. Not all ewe women are neglected or abused or whores. Other tribes like the Ashanti’s, Fantis, Hausas,Ga’s have these same kinda women there so check before u comment n #STOPTRIBALISM it’s not needed here!!!

    2. I dislike ewes with all my heart, but never will i call them whores bcoz that ashawo behavior is in every tribe, n the most interesting part is, they seems to do it with class bcoz most of them are very well educated as compared to the ‘others’ who the hustling Nigerian cyber fraudsters living in Gh will say ”just give them fried rice, n dey go just dey follow u like fowls. u go bang, bang till u tire.’ isn’t that sad? i’m not a fan of this woman either. but leave the tribalism out of this n smack her face behind ur device if that’s what u wanna do, Guest?! Tribalism is totally unnecessary on this article.

  2. This woman too what is wrong with her? Tacky and desperate. Chris can you really stop posting this trash on here?

  3. Lol at Chris confidence is 40 or 41 not near as at the time she went on bba she was 38 and I tink dat was 3yrs ago , hmmm but honestly confidence shuld give herself some respect why can’t a woman of her age jst grow wit grace , this is not sexy at all woman give urself some respect

  4. I bet Confi is not the first person to have a belly piercing @ her age n certainly not the last. For those of u who live in Europe n North America can testify to that. Confi is just having fun n njoying herself while it last n plus she’z on holiday in London.She has only one life n she’z living it to the fullest. give mamaga abt 5 or more yrs n she’ll soon have a quiet life n be a housewife until then i think she just have to do what ever she feels makes her happy. In abt 10 yrs time she’ll look @ her fotos n have a laugh abt it. Miss Confi Mamaga y3 ti3 obiaaaaa medaase in Akumaa Mama Zimbi’s voice