Gospel Musician-Grace Ashly Caught Cheating in Exams and Suspended From School

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Even the Gospel musical evangelists can’t stay true to what they preach and be honest in their dealings. Being honest cuts across all sectors, including activities on campus.

According to Razz Newspaper which comes out every Wednesday in Ghana, Gospel Musician-Grace Ashly has be suspended from school—for examination malpractices.

I know this wouldn’t be news if it was any other student—but as a Gospel musician, the last thing expected from her is to go on a cheating spree…

Is it force to go to school?

Read below for the full Razz Newspaper Report;


Celebrated female gospel artiste, Grace Ashly finds herself in a dire situation that has the tendency of denting her image as a lady, a gospel artiste, a brands ambassador and ultimately, a role model.

The ebullient songstress, who is a Level 400 student at the Methodist University was caught cheating in the end-of-semester examination and has subsequently been suspended from the school for two semesters for her misconduct.

Findings by Razz Newspaper investigations from the school proved that; the artiste was found by the examination invigilators with a foreign material in the examination hall when she sat to write the ‘Constitution’ course paper. The action of taking foreign materials to the examination hall is prohibited per the School’s Examination Rules.

According to the well-trusted source at the University, a Disciplinary Committee was set-up to investigate the malpractice and the vivacious songstress was given the opportunity to defend her case.

The well-placed source claims that Grace was unable to exonerate herself from the offense and the Disciplinary Committee found her culpable of committing the misdemeanor and leveled the appropriate sanctions on her.

The University has therefore suspended her for two (2) semesters which means that; the artiste, who was expected to graduate this year – would have to hold on and graduate another year.

Grace Ashly was one of the many celebrity ambassadors selected to raise funds for the Black Stars in their shameful participation at the FIFA World Cup in Brazil. She is presently promoting the participation of the FIFA Under-20 Women World Cup to be held in Canada.


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16 thoughts on “Gospel Musician-Grace Ashly Caught Cheating in Exams and Suspended From School”

  1. hahahahaha…………allow her to cheat small small, aden abaa da h) a na kraman 3b3 ka no, besides a gospel musician is not equal to a saint.

  2. Leave God out of this you satanic victim finding ways n means to offend God’s children. Who never cheated before? No matter how intelligent u are, professor or whatever, u can’t certainly know everything! I cheated in examination room b4, everyone cheated b4! Unless u are a lair like some people! I have an uncle who is a Dr. Professor lecturer in one of the prominent universities in California n he once confessed that he cheated b4, a smart student doesn’t mean u know everything, u just don’t have to overdo it. Plz chris, leave God out of this, take a chill pill, n sit ur a*ss on a strong thorn somewhere in a dark forest! Nonsense! Leave God out of this! God this, God that, gay this, gay that! Stereotype! Mtweeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

      • Role model in the exams room? Tell me who is perfect, and who never cheated in an exams room n I will clap for u? Not supporting cheating n promoting lazy student’s out there but it’s gone viral just bcoz she’s a star forgetting she’s human like everyone else! Do u kno how much I’ve helped stranded ple in an exams room? N how others helped me with chemistry n french I hated so much? plz , stop making me use my broken arm to type too much words…still healing.

          • Wait a minute, do u make sense at all? Who has never cheated anyhow in an exam before. Get over it, she’s a gospel musician and not a prophet

        • See the so called christians of today? You are here glorifying shame, cheating and lies because a so called child of God did it? Under Christianity so many Ghanaians have become demons in disguise. I am ashamed in your behalf. Tofiakwa! If someone else had done it, you would have crucified the person already. But they should leave the child of God alone even if they commit the worse crime huh? The kind of christians we have these days make the devil look like a saint. Whooooo!!!!! Shame on you and christians like you. You cannot even defend wisely. Talking shit, rather insulting Chris for reporting. Did he write it first? Or did he make her cheat? You shame God with this blasphemy. Rather u want to insult innocent people here. for what? Barbaric infidel. Uncircumcised philistine! Come and call me for more.

  3. Eish Grace Minutso Yesu, nam) f3 hami3. This is too funny hahahah wonder how she got caught, she’s not a good cheater because most people do it in Ghana and get away with it.


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