The Law Enforcers & the Law; Ghanaian Policemen Are the Worst Offenders of the Ghanaian Laws

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Ghana Police
Ghana Police

Over the many years I’ve spent living in Ghana, I’ve come across a number of ill-fated things which do not portray majority of workers as professionals in their respective fields. If it’s not about a Chief Executive Officer abusing office to satisfy his/her selfish desires; then it will probably be that service provider throwing insults at his/her clients.

The list can go on and on till day break. Among all these unfortunate things within many professions, I feel extremely saddened at heart when I come across law enforcers who do not abide by the laws they put into effect.

In Ghana, the Ghana Police Service is the main law enforcement agency. The Police Service sees to it that all residents in Ghana abide by the laws that have been put in place. On many occasions, I’ve bumped into certain officials of the Ghana Police Service who treat the law as garbage.

Here in Ghana for instance, the Police arrest commercial and private drivers who stop at unauthorised places either to pick passengers or to alight them. Among other things, they are expected to apprehend motorists who do not wear helmets when riding motorbikes.

It came as a complete shock to me when two Policemen stopped a public transport which I was on board. At that particular instant, I thought they were on tour of duty inspecting drivers’ license. To my utmost surprise, they wanted to board the car as well. Even though there was a bus stop ahead, the Policemen chose to board the car at a place where they would have arrested the driver for picking up passengers.

My friend who was with me started complaining about the unprofessional behaviour of the Policemen, yet, they refused to pay heed to what my friend was saying. I guess it was out of guilt that made them not respond to the ranting of my friend.

On our way, a Policeman at the Airport traffic light bought two sachets of water and after consuming them, he threw the rubbers on the floor unashamed. As if the two Policemen who were in the same car I was didn’t see, they turned a blind eye to the uncouth behaviour their colleague Policeman displayed. It was rather the passengers in the car who complained and since the Policeman seemed not to care, the woman who sold the water to him picked up the rubbers herself.

Last year around Legon, I witnessed a policeman who was on a motorbike (perhaps on his way to work because it was early in the morning). He was comfortably riding the motorbike without a helmet. He saw a colleague Policeman walking so he gave him a lift. The two of them were all without helmet, yet they refused to see anything wrong with their actions. They happily sat on the motorbike and sped off to wherever they were going.

These few instances depict how irresponsible certain people of the Ghana Police Service can be in enforcing the laws of the land. It will be in the interest of all Ghanaians and residents in Ghana if there could be a total wipe-out in the Police Service; then recruit personnel again.

The background of these people should be considered. In some of the Western countries, an individual is fined when he goes contrary to the basic laws. Such people are put on record so it becomes quite easy for an employer to track down your criminal records. This is one system that does not work effectively here so it makes it very easy for anybody to apply to be part of the Police Service and gets recruited. This is part of the many reasons why many Policemen & women are often caught operating with armed robbers.

If the people who are to enforce the laws are actually breaking them, then what should we the citizens do?

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