Where are the 30 Ghanaian Celebs – John Dumelo, Kalsium Sinare, Mr. Beautiful, Abeiku Santana & Others Who Campaigned for NDC Government?

John Dumelo
John Dumelo

It is sad some people in showbiz or the creative industry in Ghana, enter into politics and compromise their conscience and principles – thereby disappointing their fans and the nation at large.

Most times, people in Ghana’s showbiz industry don’t care much about political, social, religious, commerce and other non-entertainment issues that become public discourse or of public concern. Nonetheless, the very issues regarding the above mentioned disciplines have either positive or negative impact on every living creature in the country.

For instance, Ghana’s legislators (Parliament) were unanimously about to pass the Bio Safety Act to make room for Genetically Modified Foods popularly known as GM Foods in Ghana and some people in the creative arts industry, advocated against this…

In other jurisdictions, celebrities advocate for social and humanitarian issues – damn the consequence. They don’t limit their involvement in their societies to only showbiz matters. Revered TV presenter, entrepreneur and actress, Oprah Winfrey, endorsed and supported Obama to become President of America.

However, she denounced and renounced herself from Obama – after the latter welcomed the US Supreme Court’s decision to strike down a law that denied the recognition of same-sex marriages. I respected Oprah for that gesture!

In the year 2012 general elections, it was reported that well over 30 Ghanaian celebrities formed a group known as Celebrities For Mahama CFM, campaigned for the current government to maintain power. Some names that became very popular were: John Dumelo, Abeiku Santana, Kalsium Sinare, Mr. Beautiful, etc.

Ghana is now going through tough times and none of these celebrities have gathered courage to censor the government – with that same star-power they campaigned for the government to come into office. What even annoys me is that though it is abundantly clear they campaigned for the ruling government; they still claim they are not part of the ruling government’s party.

If you are not, then the question is: where are you, now that organized labour is TODAY – 24TH JULY, 2014, demonstrating their frustration against the hikes in petroleum prices and high cost of living in the country? Organized labour is dismayed at the rapid fall of the value of the Cedi.

It maintains that, the current pricing formula for fuel punishes consumers and must be reviewed. According to the council, the ex-pump prices of premium and LPG have been increased by 28.08% respectively. These increases are said to have far-reaching effects on prices of a wide-range of goods and services.

Due to the above, Ghana is now hot as hell and as wicked as death! Prices of goods and service increase every blessed day. You buy something today, tomorrow the price increases. Power supply is not stable, the value of our currency keeps falling rapidly, inflation rate is high – the country is simply in a SHIT!

Once again, where are the celebrities who campaigned for this inept, inefficient and ineffective we are experiencing from this government?

If they won’t come out to condemn the bad concoction they made Ghanaians gulp down their throats, they should remain quiet. Hypocrisy will find all of us out someday. Until then…MOYWUM!!


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