Ghana’s Technological Gem – Apostle Kwadwo Safo’s Marine Powers Exposed?

Apostle Dr Kwadwo Safo’s Self Made Vehicle

Forces that inspire technological ingenuity or creativity have been linked by some conspiracy theorists as having come from the marine world – and that, Ghana’s Apostle Kwadwo Safo, is no exception.

According to these theorists, all the luxurious, sparkling, charming, mesmerizing, and expensive cars, jewels, houses, fashion designs, etc. produced or manufactured on this earth, are old or antiquated forms of arts which are imported from the marine world to this earth for our usage. When they come here, we consider them new, but to those in the marine world, they are outdated.

The man Apostle Kwadwo Safo has manufactured many things – cars, fork lifters, TV sets, irons, consoles, etc. To operate some of his works, one has to clap or tickle the gadget and it starts working. His inventions have always beaten the imaginations of many Ghanaians – some have already questioned the force behind his innovations.

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From my research, I gathered that there are seven planetary systems, which are also known as the subterranean heavens. The name of this place is called Bila-svarga (these planets are under water). There are very beautiful houses, gardens and places of sense enjoyment, which are even more opulent than those in the higher planets because the beings there – demons have a very high standard of sensual pleasure, wealth and influence.

Most of the residents of these planets, who are known as Daityas, Dānavas and Nāgas, live as householders. Their wives, children, friends and society are all fully engaged in illusory, material happiness.

Katanka Car

The sense of enjoyment of the demigods in the higher planets is sometimes disturbed, but the residents of these planets under the waters enjoy life without disturbances. Thus they are understood to be very attached to illusory happiness.

In Bila-svarga there is a great demon named Maya Dānava, who is an expert artist and architect. He has constructed many brilliantly decorated cities. There are many wonderful houses, walls, gates, assembly houses, temples, yards and temple compounds, as well as many hotels serving as residential quarters for foreigners – earthly beings.

The houses for the leaders of these planets are constructed with the most valuable jewels, and they are always crowded with living entities known as Nāgas and Asuras – as well as many pigeons, parrots and similar birds. All in all, these imitation heavenly cities are most beautifully situated and attractively decorated.

The parks and gardens in the artificial heavens (the underwater worlds) surpass in beauty those of the upper heavenly planets. The trees in those gardens, embraced by creepers, bend with a heavy burden of twigs with fruits and flowers, and therefore they appear extraordinarily beautiful. That beauty could attract anyone and make his mind fully blossom in the pleasure of sense gratification.

There is no sunshine in those subterranean worlds, time is not divided into days and nights, and consequently fear produced by time does not exist. Since the residents of these planets drink and bathe in juices and elixirs made from wonderful herbs, they are freed from all anxieties and physical diseases.

They have no experience of grey hair, wrinkles or invalidity, their bodily lusters do not fade, their perspiration does not cause a bad smell, and they are not troubled by fatigue or by lack of energy or enthusiasm due to old age.

There is a place in the underwater called Atala. In Atala, is a demon, the son of Maya Dānava named Bala, who created ninety-six kinds of mystic power. Some so-called men of God and prophets take advantage of this mystic power to cheat people – congregation on earth.

Simply by yawning, the demon Bala created three kinds of women, known as svairiṇī, kāmiṇī and puṁścalī. The svairiṇīs like to marry men from their own group, the kāmiṇīs marry men from any group, and the puṁścalīs change husbands one after another.

If a man from this earth – IF CASTRO IS ACTUALLY IN THE MARINE WORLD, enters the planet of Atala, these women immediately capture him and induce him to drink an intoxicating beverage made with a drug known as hāṭaka [cannabis indica]. This intoxicant endows the man with great sexual prowess, of which the women take advantage for enjoyment.

A woman will enchant him with attractive glances, intimate words, smiles of love and then embraces. In this way she induces him to enjoy sex with her to her full satisfaction. Because of his increased sexual power, the man thinks himself stronger than ten thousand elephants and considers himself most perfect. Unfortunately, just after she is satisfied, the man dies.

It is believed that 90% of all inventors had their creative prowess from the marine world. It is said that they receive such powers in many forms – by visiting the marine world, through visions, dreams, read mystic books, chanting, meditations, rituals, etc.

To correct some impression, there is absolutely nothing wrong if Ghana’s Apostle Kwadwo Safo is getting his powers from the marine world. The essence is that he is using such energy to help humanity. If you have a problem with that, share your thoughts. Until then…MOTWUM!!







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34 thoughts on “Ghana’s Technological Gem – Apostle Kwadwo Safo’s Marine Powers Exposed?”

  1. There are good scientific reasons for me to believe that there may be other forms of
    life—higher intelligence somewhere, maybe in a parallel universe, as part of the
    multi-verse. But this underwater world seems ridiculous to consider.

    In line with contemporary physics and as preached by Machio Kaku and the other cosmologists and theoretical physicists , there can be higher forms of civilizations ranging from type 1 to 4, but we are not in anyway in contact with them. And they may
    be living in a universe we cannot reach—at least not for the next 100 years.

    All the same Anthony, it was a nice conspiracy read so I had to comment.

    • I see you are a Moderator, If you do know about Physics and call the names of Einstein’s successors such as Kaku then you do know this allegation about a suppose MetaPhysical existence is unfounded and at best a poison to the mind of the readers, IF and only IF there are other civilizations then we won’t have a way to find out till we develop inter-planetary ways of traveling of communication surpassing the speed of Light.

  2. There are many similar theories of this nature online but……..is there any proof? Where do all these theories come from,channeled spirits ,made up imagination,etc. There simply isn’t any proof. had a good laugh tho.

  3. I can’t believe that I just wasted 5 minutes of my precious time to read this gibberish. When the white man is ahead of us in terms of innovation and creativity, we are here making unfounded allegation against our fellow Ghanaian man for being creative. Can’t the black man be creative? Must everything be associated with some kind of marine spirit? Nonsense!!

  4. This could be his own creative ideas. I doubt if is linked with marines, seriously Ghana if they will endorse this man and his hard works. Don’t we all think it could create jobs, better resources and built up our economy for us? I just pray he finds favor in our leaders with his business. I don’t know what is behind his wealth or company but he deserved to be congratulated. Even if he’s linked with the evil spirit, we all have to consider his good aspects not the evil ways. By the way those cars are very cute, He remodeled them as a range rover. Kudos to his good works.

    • sorry kristine my phone died at work, didn’t meant to ignore you. The guy on your instagram was my mate from morning star to motown. Will text you more.

  5. I have just wasted my precious time reading this garbage. Any serious person reading this superstition will consider the writer and this website as a joke. You claim 90% of inventors get their power from marine world. Do you know the MS office word you used to write this garbage and the internet are all inventions. So if you are not from the marine world, stop using mobile phones, computers, cars and 90% of inventions. I dont blame the author but this website that has permitted this ignorant piece to be published. As we are all praying for this nation to be industrious and praying our leaders support this man and his technology to move the nation forward like America and China are doing, look at what somebody thinks. Its a shame. Envy will kill as as Ghanaians

  6. Very funny seriously looks like most Ghanaians likes to criticize this man. People out there are saying they wont buy the cars because they scared of what is behind his mission. From way i see it, the government is not even willing to help him out. They are Npp and the NDC don’t mingle around the Npp’s like that. I personally don’t have money for a new car would have considered buying one. Unless someone offers that as a gift lmao. We should all stand behind safo kantanka and bring this to success.

  7. Dear oh dear what a load of garbage. The things some people believe in is beyond me. I will have to astral travel to see all these mystic beings . Seriously am doing that to night. May be I will not come back to earth and then I will leave with Mame water for ever. ” am rolling my eyes here”

  8. Chris, don’t tell , e u are new to this information? Ho, I knew about him using marine powers years time ago. A girl witch was knocked down by preyer in the eastern region of Ghana n she confessed how she was sent by marine spirits n how so many fake pastors including Kojo Sarfo goes the for powers, how much of a beautiful world it is just like the real world we live in, a whole lot of stuff said…soo bewildering. This news was so viral in Ghana. Im shock is news to others now. Well?

  9. If you have no evidence to support your allegation “which I know you don’t” please do the honorable thing by rendering an unqualified apology to the Kantanka family. Shame on you Mr writer.

    • You know what your problem is? lack of understanding, where in the article did the writer said something about safo? When you read make sure you understand the concept to the conclusion. You should be ashamed of your self for not understanding this article. Chris is rather supporting his work not accuse him.

      • If I lack understanding, you lack comprehension. Don’t argue over the obvious. We wouldn’t be having this argument if you have at least taken the pain to read and digest what is written.

          • Lol one more thing, if u both take each other seriously, then u need to stop cos we don’t take ur arguments as serious hahaha we see it as love in cobwebs hehehe

          • Hahahahahahaa….. When we’re at each other’s throat I bet you’d take us serious. Lmaooo

          • hahaha this is too much i think Bernice likes kweku.. Bernice should just upload a picture for a brother to see lol u know.

          • Naah we just kidding but we love the vibe from u two…it’s just too fun, how about u two keep it up…go head to head at each other hahaha hahaha

  10. I don’t understand why some of the comments are calling out the writer and one asking him to apologize to the kantanka family.
    After reading through the article, I need to ask which part does the writer accuse Kwadwo Safo of getting his innovations/inventions ideas from the marine world? Which part does the writer slam Kwadwo Safo down?
    Where are the scholars? I need help with this one.

    • I am sure they did not read it but just rushed to comment. You know Ghanaians don’t like to read. I was wondering too.

      • How are u doing? I still hold on to my point on any article we’ve argued on one way or the other, but find the need to apologize to you for going too far in regards to slamming insult on you. Really sorry n hope I will be forgiven. You have a blessed day.

    • If you don’t see anything wrong with this article that’s your prerogative. Some of us can read between the lines you know. The writer does not need to write in bold letters for some of us to understand what exactly he’s putting across. READ WHAT HE WROTE BELOW AND TELL ME HOW YOU UNDERSTAND IT…..

      It is believed that 90% of all inventors had their creative prowess from the marine world. It is said that they receive such powers in many forms – by visiting the marine world, through visions, dreams, read mystic books, chanting, meditations, rituals, etc.

      To correct some impression, there is absolutely nothing wrong if Ghana’s Apostle Kwadwo Safo is getting his powers from the marine world. The essence is that he is using such energy to help humanity. If you have a problem with that, share your thoughts. Until then…MOTWUM!!

      • #fallacy# lol.. kweku don’t waste your time on people who cant read between the lines. yet they will argue with u like they know it all lol…lmao anyways i concur, the writer needs to apologies for his loose comments.

    • Some people don’t like to read, they get confuse when the sentences are so long. Is a simple illustration, at the end of it Chris is rather supporting his work. Is only one person who’s against this article and this same person always has something bad to say about every article and yet he’s mostly seen in here.

  11. I am reali tired of ghanaians equating everythin to spirituality. Cant we all agree this is one man who is gifted and willing to do something good. So we blacks can get some credit. Enuf of this bullcrap. Dont we all say da white ppl used their witchcraft to create things so what if a blackman is also using his for somthing good. We would rather buy from da whiteman and leave our own.dammn

  12. This man should just give me one of the ride to tour around for free. Who knows? i can help advertised for him around the world. He has tried though, i don’t know what is behind it but he deserved to be applauded. How much is it going for?

  13. A very very intelligent and benighted Fool You are Editor, corrupting the minds of your fellow benighted readers. Nothing short of a Fish would be adequate to describe you because you think with your Spinal Cord.


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