PHOTOS + AUDIO: Miss Ghana Organisers Say the Pageant’s Car is PARKED in a Garage But It Was Spotted Being Driven in Town…

Miss Ghana car
Miss Ghana car

Few minutes ago, Miss Ghana’s COO- -Samuel Bokorvie Just shot the pageant in the leg again when he LIED on Peace Fm’s Entertainment Review that the Miss Ghana car which was supposed to be used by the winner has been locked in a garage—now that there is no winner.

But just as the presenter exposed his lies, GhanaCelebrities.Com has photos of the car -Samuel Bokorvie said is parked in a garage being driven in Accra by Inna Patty and her mother—once again, these people are taking us for idiots.

I thought by now Inna Patty and her Exclusive Events Ghana should have realized that their LIES are not helping them but they continue to fall into their own pit of lies.

Categorically, Samuel Bokorvie stated on radio (audio below) that the Miss Ghana was parked at a garage but when he was pushed by the presenter that he saw the car in town, he quickly descended from his stand, saying, they must be taking the car for a wash and re-fuel.

Who goes to wash a car that is parked in a garage and re-fuel it? It seems Inna Patty and her people are using the car meant for the pageant winners but they do not want to accept this…

Listen to the audio below


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Check out photos of the car, spotted in town and with Inna Patty & her mother in there…

Miss Ghana car1

Miss Ghana car
Miss Ghana car


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