My Take on the Two Circulating Hanky Panky Videos With One Involving Alleged Son of Ghana’s Foreign Minister-Hannah Tetteh + MORE

Chris-Vincent Agyapong Febiri

It’s been ages since I recorded an episode of the RUNUP show and this is due to the fact that I am writing a lot (leaving me with no time to record) and also, because I am trying to grow the biggest Afro in town, I want to stay off cameras…

All the same, the two videos of alleged University/College students’ hanky panking in bent over style, which started circulating yesterday, have brought me out of my shell—to talk about these videos and how stupidly some guys behave.

Taking cameras into the bedroom has lost it taboo status, it has in fact become the new IT and even though you wouldn’t want to believe it, a lot more people are recording their private enterprises—more than you know.

I stand for the case that, no one should secretly record his or her partner—and even when consent is granted for a recording to take place, the consent must live on with the tape, FOREVER.

No one has the right to subject his or her current/ex-partner to any form of ridicule by leaking or being so irresponsible or reckless with private videos. To have a clear mind, even if for the fun of it you decide to record such an enterprise, get it deleted thereafter, as some of these men (I call them villains) can’t be left with these videos.

You know what; I had a lot to say on this, so watch the video below. I hear the girls are threatening to kill themselves—-which is really bad.

And you better fall in love with my slowly growing Afro hair!



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