Now the Bloggers Are Winning Against the Deluded Celebrities…Former X-Factor Judge Tulisa is Found GUILTY of Assaulting A Celebrity Blogger + Where the Tension Between GC & Yvonne Nelson Comes From…

Tulisa and Yvonne Nelson
Tulisa and Yvonne Nelson

There is a lot of speculation out there and on this blog about why GhanaCelebrities.Com (particularly myself-Chris-Vincent) takes a sweep at Ghanaian actress Yvonne Nelson. Even though series of events have brought us to this stage, I will talk about an accident which fits the below story of Tulisa.

Let me state that, it did not start this way…I was pretty cool with Yvonne Nelson as with every other Ghanaian Celebrity and when I launched this blog in 2008, she was the FIRST person we interviewed—so we started it all with her.

Listen to our 2008 first interview with Yvonne Nelson below…


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GhanaCelebrities.Com and Yvonne Nelson have had back and forth exchanges of words in the past and that is very common in the world of celebrity blogging. You take a hit, sometimes the celebrities take a hit back at you—but mostly, their hits are weaker.

Yvonne Nelson has said a lot of ‘crap’ about every writer at GhanaCelebrities.Com (myself not excluded) which eventually gets to us somehow. But who cares, after all, we also say all manner of stuff about her—the difference is, we do so in the open and within a certain RIGHT.

I remember she once wrote on her Facebook wall that, no one at GhanaCelebrities.Com has stepped in a lecture room before. This statement was pretty weak and silly, considering the fact that, some of us are well educated than her—and still were at the time.

Then there was this particular incident where Yvonne Nelson threatened to assault a reporter from GhanaCelebrities.Com at an event in Accra, saying, if the reporter takes a photo of her, she would smash his camera.

When I was informed about this as the Editor, I got really upset—not because of her threat but because, as a public figure at a public place, she cannot compel people NOT to take photos of her. She does not have that legal RIGHT and so, she was making her threats on a dumb-ass basis.

And I asked the reporter, why didn’t she hit your camera so we will see. I would have helped you go after her in court with everything we have, including selling my boxer shorts to get a bunch of lawyers to chase her up.

So all the relationship gone wrong and sexual fantasy speculation about someone at GC and Yvonne Nelson are unfounded… Who even wants a BLEACHED girl in bed these days?

No one at GC has a thing for her—-the only person on the team who says he wouldn’t mind Yvonne Nelson is Kwame and even he says, he wants her for just one night. I don’t know why though!

Celebrities are no way above the law. Kanye West has paid a lot for all manner of assaults on annoying photographers and he continues to pay. There are laws out there in this world…

Anyway, former X-Factor judge Tulisa Contostavlos is reported to have said, she is ‘outraged’ at being convicted of assaulting a blogger at last year’s V-Festival.

Tulisa, 26, was found guilty today of hitting blogger-Savvas Morgan just days after she was cleared of supplying cocaine.

After the hearing, Sarah Asbrey, senior district crown prosecutor for the Crown Prosecution Service said, ‘It was clear from the evidence that Miss Contostavlos held a grudge against Mr Morgan for previous comments he had made about her on his blog including a link to her sex tape.

‘When she [Tulisa] saw him [the blogger] at the festival there was an argument between them, which resulted in her assaulting Morgan.

‘The outcome of this case shows that no-one is above the law and each case will be dealt with on its own merits.’

Jeremy Dein QC, barrister for Contostavlos, said in mitigation that his client was provoked by the actions of her victim in relation to the sex tape.

He told the court: Mr Morgan played a significant part in humiliating and debasing Miss Contostavlos’s reputation, clearly for financial gain.’ Daily Mail reports…

Now all the local champions called celebrities going about threatening bloggers/journalists for comments or opinions which fit well within their Free Speech should learn a lesson from this.

The delusion of being some sort of “ATL” or Diva  must end in your bathroom.


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9 thoughts on “Now the Bloggers Are Winning Against the Deluded Celebrities…Former X-Factor Judge Tulisa is Found GUILTY of Assaulting A Celebrity Blogger + Where the Tension Between GC & Yvonne Nelson Comes From…”

  1. Off topic: What happened to Tulisa? She was so cute. Why the need for plastic surgery? She has now ruined her gorgeous face

  2. The interviewer must get her accent right. is it force to tryna sound American, British, Ghanaian or whatever accent she was forcing hard to use. this is the job u wanna do then be eloquent kakraa. learn how to speak English! Ah! Aden? I was all pissed listening to her voice…forcing to act up. it wasn’t even sounding real. Adzen! ho.

  3. So Chris that is the beginning of Yvonne Nelson’s wahala? Oh Yvonne you too why? Who is the girl who did the interview Chris?

  4. Some of these so-called stars who claim to be running the world with their ugly n vain husbands are getting on my nerves. they keep hunting n tryin to force you in ur dreams n when God wins the battle, they now come physically to show their ugly faces in their cars in the middle of the night when u are walking home frm a nearby Deli. slowing down n looking at me face to face through ur door window. what was that supposed to do? Scare me? People, if Jesus have not given u the authority over me, u can never have me! keep stalking, spying whatever, still come to nothing! What kind of wahala is this? na force? if u claim to be living a better life, then why the force. Better things don’t force ple, ple go to them. U r only trying to deprive me of my emotional freedom, n that leads to me to cause God El Shadai to incur His wrath on u ple n when that happens, trust me, ur soul selling god will be nowhere to save u! let me see u try that poppycock in my visinity that late again n u will forever regret it in ur already pathetic lives!

  5. Oh so Yvonne started insulting gc and staffs thats why GC is paying her back right? This is so not cool i think she deserves her space too. That was her past please let go.


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