AUDIO: Rev Owusu Bempah in a Pickle | Caught in a Lie on Live Radio about Castro

Rev Owusu Bempah
Rev Owusu Bempah

The Castro saga continues unabated, three weeks after the hit Musician and Janet Bandu disappeared over the waters of the Volta River in Ada. During these three weeks, we have heard from spiritualists from all walks of life, explaining what happened on that fateful day of 06 July 2014.

Ghanaians have a new mystery to solve today, as the head pastor of the Glorious Word Ministry International, Rev Owusu Bempah, has found himself in some pretty hot waters over a supposed prophecy he made. Inexplicably, for the first time in my life, we’re dealing with a Man of God running away from a potentially true ‘prophecy’.

On the 31st December last year, Rev Owusu Bempah had a prophecy that a big time musician in this country was going to die. Seconds later, the story goes, he heard the word Castro whispered in his ear.

Ladies and Gentlemen, this should be the most open and shut case in the history of prophecies. Even Joseph doubted when he was told his virgin wife was with child via the holy spirit, but I see no room for ambiguity in Rev Bempah’s prophecy.

However, Rev Owusu Bempah, who two seconds earlier had announced a prominent Ghanaian musicianwould die, says he asked his congregation who Castro was? Amazingly, his congregation conveniently forgot the part about the musician, and someone in there shouted that Castro is the president of the Republic of Cuba.

So, the congregation went ahead to pray for Fidel Castro, to forestall his supposed death.

Here’s the best part: Rev Owusu Bempah actually knows Castro personally, he said they play football together, alongside Asamoah Gyan and some other prominent personalities.

So to sum up this crazy story; you know Castro the musician personally, God supposedly tells you a Ghanaian musician would die, whispers Castro into your ears two seconds later, and you go all the way to communist Cuba to find Castro?

Does any of this make any sense?

Interestingly, this long winded nonsensical explanation stems from the fact a Kumasi newspaper claims Owusu Bempah saw Castro’s death, but did not take God seriously. I guess in order to convince Ghana that in fact he takes God super seriously; the best hope is to claim the prophecy was never about Castro the musician in the first place.

So the only conclusion must be that he’s lying to us, for reasons probably known only to him. After all, we are talking about the prophet who in the past has behaved as if spiritual powers can be proven in a pissing contest (having thrown an open challenge to Kweku Bonsam), and smeared the reputations of other men of God for calling him out on another false prophecy (the Mahama ‘death’ saga’).

These prophets and men of God continue to disappoint, and ironically some of them remain the best arguments one can find against taking up the Christian faith.

Listen to the audio below…



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5 thoughts on “AUDIO: Rev Owusu Bempah in a Pickle | Caught in a Lie on Live Radio about Castro”

  1. Lol, smh. even if he didn’t know whom Castro ws, we r in Ghana so why wld sme1 bring in the name of Fidel Castro the Cuba prez. plus is it a shame for a man of God to know a hiplife musician…hmmmm these men of God of ours.

  2. This Owusu Bempah again???by the way where is his gospel musician wife Maame Justle, after her two albums we have not heard from her for a long time i learn they have divorced but that shouldn’t stop her from singing because she was good

    • These gospel musicians why do they have to marry pastors which end up in divorce?the likes of Diana Akiwumi,Stella Dugan,Esther Smith,Christiana Love and now Maame Justie if that is true hmmm these divorce issues who is save if pastors are not???

  3. No matter how Chris will try , the Christian Faith will still reign supreme, I do not see why u should smear entire faith of millions of people becos u r an atheist. Why don’t u try speaking against the muslim faith?

  4. Chris pls write an artilcle on Ghana pastors/prophets/overseers who bleach/tone their skin. remember to include Owusu Bempah and Kodjo Safo.


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