Making the EYES Pop | Juliet Ibrahim’s Stunning Appearance at 2014 Africa Musik Magazine Awards in USA

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Juliet Ibrahim (5)
Juliet Ibrahim

Styled by Ophelia Crossland from Ghana, actress-Juliet Ibrahim got everyone talking at last night’s Africa Musik Magazine Awards (Afrimma) which was held in Dallas, USA—as she displayed her enviable curves in a floor length gown.

The movie star did not just keep her appearance classy but also expensive. She wore a pair of Michael Kors shoes and held a Chopard purse.

Juliet Ibrahim who hosted the event alongside Nigeria’s Basketmouth had to change herself twice on the night.

Check out of the photos below…

Juliet Ibrahim (4)

Juliet Ibrahim (5)

Juliet Ibrahim (1)

Juliet Ibrahim (2)

Juliet Ibrahim (3)

Juliet Ibrahim (1)

Juliet Ibrahim (2)

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  1. busy body …shes everywhere yet never takes an award..any award she takes is questionable. Chris just likes her thats all. i guess he enjoys her company

      1. You call this success? either you must have a different meaning for success or have a low expectation in what life can offer you or probably the tip of your nose is your LIMIT.

  2. Her face is as yellow as her dress, im sure no one wants to see her with no makeup in the morning #GasperTheGhost

    1. Don’t just be a hater, grow up in ur way of thinking. You dnt like the actress yet you read every post bearing her name. Hmm. I don’t waste my time to read on things or people i dnt like. Just grow up haters

      1. hater? Dude, try and get your facts right, since you’re here observing me or others did you see me comment on when she got divorce? Get your facts right before you address me with some balderdash

  3. what a disgrace! our women really have a bad sense of fashion and this is the trend Ghanaian girls are following! she looks horrible from head to toe!

  4. Juju lks good honestly, although she myt be erywhere & kinda out of place; I think post-divorce life is doing her well n her ex hubbie too.

  5. Shes wearing a giuseppe replica, i can see the embellishment on the shoes is fake, and shes no movie star, come on now.

  6. Noo that didnt make my eyes pop, Miss JuJu, I cant tell if its a bad makeup or poor edicting but lovely dresses though

  7. Chris will do everything for Juliet. what is this? the ex husband better does a DNA because the kid could as well be for Chris. Some of us know something about the two

  8. I’m confused how her hips appear and disappear. What is the bulge on her upper thigh in the yellow dress? Juliet is a magician. She looks different on her pics.