Is It Wrong For Celebrities to Consult SPIRITUALISTS For Physical And Spiritual Help? | My Answer Is NO!

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Martha Ankomah
Martha Ankomah

It is high time the general public stop being hypocrites and come to terms or understanding that stars or celebrities – whichever discipline they belong to, face or can face both physical and spiritual warfare just as any other person living in this world.

Stars or celebrities are humans and not angels. They also suffer spiritual warfare: spiritual marriage, spiritual disappointments, spiritual sabotage, spiritual illnesses, amongst others. A year ago, Hiplife musician Castro de Destroyer was sent to a prophetess to cure him of a severe illness he was suffering from.

When the story got into the media, many people took the news with shock. ‘Why did he visit a spiritualist,’ ‘Castro has been exposed,’ he visits spiritualists to promote his music, etc. Those were some of the comments that came from some people.

Even when manager of Castro DJ Amess came public to explain that the prophetess is Castro’s personal spiritualist whom the latter visits for spiritual assistance as and when, those who refuse to learn and to change their minds couldn’t see the sense in that.

Another one that caught my attention for this piece is Nigerian actor Jim Iyke who visited spiritualist Prophet T. B. Joshua and was delivered of a spirit that alleged that it had married the movie star – hence his unable to marry. President of Actors Guild of Nigerian Chegune Arinze resorted to the media and said Jim Iyke’s conduct (visiting T. B. Joshua and being delivered before the congregation) is a shame to Nollywood.

My fury – so because Jim Iyke is a celebrity or star, no evil spirit can posses him or torment him?

I still don’t get it! If you and I who are not celebrities can visit a spiritualist to solve a pressing spiritual problem, then leave celebrities who also visit spiritualists for the same purpose alone! If you don’t believe in spiritual matters, I guess you don’t even have to continue reading – because you are living in a world of your own.

This write up is one that if you are a celebrity who has been attacked spiritually before, can relate to and appreciate better. Or if you know of or have a relative or friend who is a celebrity or star and has been through spiritual attacks before, would appreciate better.

As a matter of fact, the word SPIRITUALIST has been misconstrued for ages – to the extent that even supposed educated ones simply refuse to understand the word. The word has been black-coated, so the mention of the word spiritualist or spirit scares a lot of ignorant people.

It is good to be informed to dispel the fear of the unknown. Human beings are spirit beings living in a body – so those who develop the soul through prayers, austerity, penance, fasting, meditation, rituals, chanting, renunciation, etc can posses mystical powers or solve mysterious problems. Such ones can be termed as SPIRITUALISTS.

I deliberately and carefully chose the word spiritualist in this piece because, whichever religious sect one takes faith from or religious doctrines from, that is where one gets his/her spiritual authority from. If you are a Christian, your pastor/prophet could be your spiritualist. If you are a Hindu, your Guru or Swami could be your spiritualist. If you are a Moslem, your Sheik, Imam or Mallam could be your spiritualist.

Demigod worshippers – popularly known as IDOL WORSHIPPERS also take the Demigods as their spiritual authorities. Atheist – human beings who do not believe God exits also see Scientists and Realists as their spiritualists or authorities – hello!

In the same, celebrities have different sects of religions they have faith in, belong to, take knowledge from and seek assistance from. We should therefore leave them alone if they visit such authorities. We should not be alarmed when they do so.

If you are a celebrity and you have a spiritualist who gives you oil for protection or for your career, go for it! No one should force his or her religious beliefs on the other. Let’s stop judging. Until then….MOTWUM!!


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