What’s Killing Ghanaian Celebrity Marriages? Part 1

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Juliet Ibrahim1
Juliet Ibrahim

In recent years a peculiar malady has spread throughout many countries with amazing speed. News sources call it “Divorce Epidemic,” “Divorce Fever,” “Split Fever.” According to many reports, divorce is now prevalent than ever. The rate at which marriages are collapsing cannot be compared to that of decades or centuries ago.

The “Divorce Epidemic” takes place among the people we will refer to as ‘commoners’. However, a good proportion of this great pandemic strikes within celebrity marriages. One would ask; why don’t celebrity marriages last for long, upon all the money (if there is any) and fame they enjoy.

In the western world, many celebrity marriages keep collapsing due to several reasons best known to them. Among several others, I can possibly name Khloe Kardashian and Lamar Odom, Robin Thicke and Paula Patton, Big Sean and Naya Rivera, Nicholas Hoult and Jennifer Lawrence.

Back here in our courtyard, there have been quite a number of celebrity marriages that never worked. When I hear the reasons behind such cases and the number of years the marriages lasted, it makes me squirm and wonder why they got themselves into this in the very first place.

Marriage is unquestionably one of the most difficult and complicated enterprises that one can ever get into. It’s a different ball game altogether from just being in a relationship when you find yourself in it. Without putting proper measures in place to sustain it, you are surely bound to fail.

Over the world, celebrities have had their share in this divorce pandemic to which Ghana isn’t exempted. However, the case seems to be gaining stands nowadays with marriages lasting like 2 years.

I remember I once watched an interview which Pascaline Edwards was the guest. On the issue of marriage, she made it known that marriage is like buying a shoe; you drop it somewhere when you feel it’s tight on you. According to her, you have to continue with this act till you get the right one.

Among many other factors, one that dominates the divorce saga is the time that these celebrities do not have for their partners and family.

The man with the silky voice who can actually grease the wheels of love with his syrup-laden Highlife tunes and slushy love songs could not even sustain his first marriage. If you care to know, I’m talking about Kwabena Kwabena.

In recent times, our very own actress, Juliet Ibrahim, and his husband – Kwadwo Safo Jnr – annulled their young marriage. Marriage, as far as I am concerned, is expected to last forever – through thick and thin.

Just recently, the man insane – Kwaw Kesse – parted ways with his ‘yellow sisi’. The rapper took to his twitter page to broadcast the split-up of his 6 year old marriage with his American wife. In what seems alarming, some people were applauding the rapper for holding the marriage down for 6 years before coming to an end. Really? Celebrity marriage breakups have become so common to the extent that we now have to congratulate someone for been able to keep his marriage for this short (6 years) period before breaking up.

It wasn’t all that surprising when I heard K.O.D’s marriage was on the brink of shattering. I was however happy, when I later heard him say his marriage was intact.

Fame comes along with a prize which everyone determined to be a celebrity or is already a celebrity should be willing to pay. However, some measures ought to be put in place when one gets married in order for one not to cross over boundaries. Because celebrities more often than not engage in activities in connection with their work, they mostly spend more time outside their matrimonial homes.

Sometimes, the rate at which such ones leave their families behind and spend several days or months outside become too frequent. It becomes annoying for the other partner especially when they have kids. Whom do these celebrities expect to raise their children for them? Friends, that single parent, or grandparents? The truth is, most of these celebrities are not even paid for their precious time they spend attending every single event, yet they might be the first to launch themselves there—leaving behind their homes.

If you are not paid, why then do you have to exchange the quality time you have to spend with your family with every single event (both within Ghana and outside)?

Every form of relationship thrives on effective communication. I ask myself if these celebrities have ample time to communicate effectively with their partners whilst always out of the house or outside the country getting busy with productions, albums launches, movie premieres, etc? No matter how deep the other partner loves you, there might come a time when he or she will get fed up with such a lifestyle.

Everybody spend time and energy to work in order to gain some money. When the hunt for more money sets in, it simply implies that the married celebrity is choosing money over his or her partner. Making more money requires working hard. Working hard and even harder therefore implies spending most time that a celebrity should have spent with his/her family outside.

Every human being deserves some sort of attention. When the needed attention is not received, that’s when cheating sets in because the other partner’s emotional needs have not been fulfilled.

With frequent travels and night activities, I even wonder if these married celebrities are able to satisfy their partners. What do you think will happen when a celebrity is always not at home to satisfy his/her spouse ‘seksually’? The outcome will be divorce.

I have a feeling that, majority of our Ghanaian celebrities do not find time to examine themselves very well before they decide to embark on their marital journeys.

Until they decide to buy out time from their busy (apparently making themselves busy for no cause) schedules for their better halves, their marriages will continue to be in limbo.

And this is just part 1….