Forget the Atheists & Those Who Say We Were Not CREATED But Evolved!

Evolution and Creation
Evolution and Creation

Do you believe that God created all things? If so, you’re not alone; many people share your view. But others say that life and the universe evolved—without the help of a “Supreme Being.”

Did you know that people on both sides of the debate are often quick to state what they believe without really knowing why they believe it. For example:

Some people believe in creation simply because that’s what they’ve been taught at church.

Many people believe in evolution simply because that’s what they’ve been taught at school.

First, we need to ask ourselves an even more basic question: Why do I believe in God?

Because the Bible encourages you to use your mind, “your power of reason.” That means our belief in God should not be based merely on

Emotion (I just feel that there must be a higher power)

The influence of others (I live in a religious community)

Pressure (My parents raised me to believe in God—or else)

Instead, we should be personally convinced that God exists and should have sound reasons for our belief.

When I was in secondary school (in Nigerian term), listening to my biology teacher explain how our bodies function, there was no doubt in my mind that God exists. Each part of the body has its own function, down to the smallest detail, and these functions are often carried out without our awareness. The human body truly is mind-boggling!.

When I see a skyscraper, a cruise ship, or a car, I ask myself, ‘Who built this?’ It takes intelligent people to build a car, for example, because so many small components have to work just right for the whole thing to function. And if cars have to be designed by someone, then so do we humans.

When you realize that it’s taken the most intelligent human minds hundreds of years to understand even the smallest fraction of the universe, then thinking that it took no intelligence to bring that universe into existence seems completely unreasonable!

The more I studied science, the less credible evolution seemed. For example, I thought about the mathematical precision in nature and the uniqueness of humans, including our need to know who we are, where we came from, and where we are going.

Evolution aims to explain all these things in terms associated with animals, but it has never been able to explain why humans are unique. To me, it takes more ‘faith’ to believe in evolution than to believe in a Creator. Let me explain;

Imagine that someone told you that there was an explosion at a printing plant and that the ink spattered onto the walls and ceilings and formed an unabridged dictionary. Would you believe it? How much more unbelievable is it that everything in the orderly universe came about as a result of a random big bang?


You were walking through the forest and discovered a beautiful log cabin (wooden house), would you think: ‘How fascinating! The trees must have fallen in just the right way to make this house.’ Of course not! It’s just not reasonable. So why should we believe that everything in the universe just happened to come about?

Come to think of it again. How would you feel after a huge tornado happens, and a Lamborghini being packed by a side. Someone tells you the Lamborghini came about as a result of the tornado. You would agree with me it takes more than faith to believe that. How much more our orderly Universe.Some say “Only uneducated people believe in God.”

In fact, in a survey in which more than 1,600 science professors from various elite universities took part, a third did not claim to be atheist or agnostic.

Would you call those professors unintelligent just because they believe in God?”

Submitted By Kevwe Abamba (Not a Pastor But a Student of the Bible)


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12 thoughts on “Forget the Atheists & Those Who Say We Were Not CREATED But Evolved!”

  1. Your argument doesn’t add up. Your argument essentially, is that anything intelligent, organized, complex etc must surely have a maker. Thus, you say that earth is so complex, organized etc that surely, it must have been created by a God. However, you’re willing to believe that this God just came into being (& wasn’t created) although he himself is so complex, organized & intelligent? Moreover, you said it takes ‘intelligent people to build a car’ so how do you know that the earth wasn’t created by intelligent beings (several Gods) as opposed to one God?

    • where you are getting it wrong is that if anything created this universe, then that thing itself is outside space-time and therefore could not have been created in the sense that we understand creation ( a function of time). Lets get into a bit of math here. If t represents time, and the universe really was created, then that was the beginning of time. That is t=1. before then, t=0 and that would represent the non-existence of time or simply put eternity. That is why the creator of this universe at t=0 is timeless and therefore eternal and needs no creator.

      • Ok so if there is only one God.. which there is… and there is no one esle or nothing else beside this one God..from where and from what did this “Creator” create from.. think about this deeply and answer..

        • My argument was not that there is a God or not. My argument was to refute the “who created the creator” argument and only that. Notice i used no such term as a deity or even God.
          But to answer your question, The Christian God is supposed to be a maximally great being and is therefore omnipotent. An example would be the claim that he spoke the universe into existence. So there would be no need for Him to have any sort of material to create a universe from. The Christian God is also supposed to be spirit (John 4:24) and therefore is immaterial and that, of course, eliminates the requirement that God must exist in a physical world in order to create. So he did exist in a world, but possibly not in a physical world like ours.

          • good point but i dont think you understand or have really thought about the stuff you are saying..

            you can only “create” from something.. this something can either be “nothing”/immaterial or “something”/material..

            Again you can only create from something. it doesnt matter if you think/speak/ it into being(“creating out of “nothing”) or “create” the material from a material..

            Now my question is did this being create from itself or create from something(nothing/something) outside of itself?

            is it possible for ONE to exist all by themselves/ITSELF and “create” from outside of itself if they are all that exist?.. very simple question…

            There is a lot of fallacies in your post above especially the one to do with an all powerful being but we will get to that..

            i want us to establish something first. i want you to understand my question first and then the rest will lack understanding so i wouldn’t us to go off in different tangents

          • Within human constraints you are right. But Christianity has always claimed God to be a maximally great being. Therefore such a being is powerful beyond measure and certainly can create something out on nothing. I did not make God all powerful. I am only making known what Christianity has always said about its God- That he is omniscient, omnipotent, and omnipresent.

      • @ Ignoramus, your argument makes a lot of assumptions & then jumps to a conclusion. First, you are assuming that whatever created the earth is outside space-time. There’s no logical rule that says that merely because on object created another object, they must operate in different space-times. Humans create diverse object & yet we share the same space time with them. What proves that this God you’re talking about doesn’t share the same space-time with us?

        Second, you assumed that the creation of the universe was the beginning of time. There’s no way that you can ascertain this, or can ascertain indeed that there’s only one universe & not several parallel universes (that were created before the universe we’re existing in was made).

        Third,even if we were to go with your assumption that there’s some creator who’s outside our space-time, you’re assuming that this creator is only ONE. There could be a whole team of creators out there who worked to create man (same way several humans can work to craft a car).

        • Your first argument collapses on itself when we examine your analogy very well. In the case of human creations, we create things to share in the same space-time we exist in. But we are talking here about a creator who creates all of space-time, all of matter. you will do us a lot of good by explaining how such a creator could share in a space that does not already exist (since we are talking about the creation of space itself here).

          Your second argument doesn’t hold much water neither. Time is only a function of space. Therefore without the universe, there is no time at all. Theoretically that argument is a silly one. But even if we say there are any such universes as you are claiming to have existed before our universe, it only leads to an ad infinitum or an infinite regress in the sense that it begs the question “who created those other universes?” – a very credible question taking into consideration the first principle of cause and effect. Also the concept of multiverses is a silly and desperate theory which would take more faith than needed to believe in Unicorns to actually believe in.

          Roger Penrose of Oxford University has calculated that the odds of our universe’s low entropy condition obtaining by chance alone are on the order of 1:10^10(123), an inconceivable number. If our universe were but one member of a multiverse of randomly ordered worlds, then it is vastly more probable that we should be observing a much smaller universe. For example, the odds of our solar system’s being formed instantly by the random collision of particles is about 1:10^10(60), a vast number, but inconceivably smaller than 10^10(123). (Penrose calls it “utter chicken feed” by comparison [The Road to Reality (Knopf, 2005), pp. 762-5]). Or again, if our universe is but one member of a multiverse, then we ought to be observing highly extraordinary events, like horses’ popping into and out of existence by random collisions, or perpetual motion machines, since these are vastly more probable than all of nature’s constants and quantities’ falling by chance into the virtually infinitesimal life-permitting range

          About the possibility of there being more than one God, I came to a conclusion that Christianity is true based on my own research into history. Historical evidence seems to back the story of Jesus as truth and that is why i am a Christian. Now that’s a totally different discussion i am willing to have some time.

          Your final argument of proofs is true. I cannot prove by scientific methods that there is a God or not. But science is not the only way to verify or prove the existence of things. There are several things that science cannot prove and i’m sure you would agree with me on that. God is just one of them and i choose to rely on logic and sound philosophy in addition to the little that science has shown me to come to that conclusion.

          • @ Ignoramus: This is crux of what our argument boils down to- You seem to believe that the ONLY logical conclusion to the premise that ‘the universe is complex & organized’ is that it must have been created by a being who is not bound by space-time & so has always existed. I disagree with you & believe that there’re several logical conclusions to this premise- it could be that the universe just came into being & creatures evolved; it could be that the universe was created by a creator, it could be that the universe was created by a creator who was himself formed by Superior Beings. Neither you nor any human being can ever tell which conclusion is right.

            I am not a physicist (I’m a lawyer) & so it would be foolhardy of me to attempt to go into the technical arguments for or against the existence of a multiverse. But my reading on the subject shows that in the same manner that you’ve listed out reasons why you believe there’s no multiverse, several similarly qualified physicists have reasons why they believe that there we’re part of a multiverse & there are parallel universes.

            The point I’m making is that at the end of the day, both you & the atheist choose a cut-off point. The atheist chooses to believe that the Universe came into being & creatures evolved without any Creator. On the other hand, you choose to believe that there’s a Creator who just happens to have always existed. Who’s to say which of you is right? From my legal training, I’ve studied logical reasoning & can say with certainty that neither logical reasoning nor ‘sound philosophy’ (as you call it) can ever show which conclusion is right in this matter.

  2. this whole debates about God this and that is silly..most of you debate the God concept without even the slightest idea of GOD..

    First and foremost both theist and atheist will never be able to prove or unprove the existent of God.. the arguments are futile and all based on ignorance..

    You cannot prove or unprove a TRUTH.. TRUTH simply is..

    Here is the kicker both theist and atheist are actually right… depending on your perception GOD EQUALLY EXISTS AND EXISTS NOT…

    If something is omnipresent , thus by default of being everywhere it is equally nowhere in particular..
    Furthermore something that is all powerful by default exists and exists not at the same time.. it is simple but it takes a deep mind to grasp and really understand this.

  3. btw the concept of a supreme being is really an illusion.. it is erroneous to believe that God is infinite and then believe that this being is also a supreme being..

    an inifnte entity knows no beginning or no end.. a supreme being or entity has an end and thus is finite.

    supreme means highest.. well something that is supreme is thus finite and cannot be said to be an infinite entity.. Food for thought..

    The truth is that All That is or God or the universe is infinite, there is no biggest or smallest in the universe..An infinite entity has no biggest or smallest side to simply is infinite..

    God/Energy is all there is..We are all individuation of this infinite one God vibrating at different frequencies.. There is none outside of us.. There is no God or Devil outside of you..We are One…We are the ONE CELL THAT BECAME THE MANY SIMPLY BY “DIVIDING” ITSELF..but there is really no separation or biggest between the cells in your feet and your head.. it is still just the one cell from the beginning playing different roles…

    we can neither be created or destroyed. we simply disengage or change form…


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