CELEB STYLE: Christabel Ekeh Goes in for Bold & Brave Animal Print | Are You As Daring?

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Christabel Ekeh
Christabel Ekeh

Actress-Christabel Ekeh is surely revealing her wild side of fashion with this bold and brave animal print outfit she recently rocked.

This look is truly to be categorized under animal print as the halter neck cut off top and skin tight matching leggins shows the tiger print trend in detail. The outfit shows off her fabulous curves and I love how she has matched it with a more modest crop top.

For a touch of sophistication, Christabel has added  gold rimmed shades with sleeked back pony tail. Do we love it? Hot or Not?

If you aren’t as daring as Christabel with this outfit but love the concept of the distinct tiger print pattern check out these gorgeous Tees that will give you an edge to any pair of skinnies or leggins.

This pattern works great with white or black jeans. Wear it with a leather jacket at night for a gorgeous evening outfit look.


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Christabel Ekeh2

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Gossip Mama is one of the dumbest writers you will ever meet. What she lacks for in brains she makes for in.....As a female with some lil sense in her mind, she wants to give it out to the celebs lacking it. If you dont find her glued to the Tv, check her out by the computer bashing some celebrity with words.. I am not a journalist nor do I aspire to be one. I am a blogger who saw the potential of this site and joined the bloggers. And yes, I am biased. I only report on artists/celebrities that I like or find interesting..... [email protected] BBM pin: 2320FEE4


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  1. Now I know why Ghanaian market women don’t care about invading people’s privacy. They see a random girl showing ugly navel and they’ll adjust bra for them. Kindly return to where ever you got your clothes from and get the right size your whole outfit is a mess as well as the combination

  2. Hypocrite; that’s what whoever wrote this article is.If Yvonne Nelson had wore this,you would have talked down on her but this girl dresses this way & here u r crowning her a queen.With this motor bike glasses,you have the nerve to use the word sophistication.
    Very funny but Chris can never face the truth.Girl looks thrashy with her half naked self.

    1. Totally agree with you. I’m looking at the pic thinking where is the sophistication? is it the pubic hair on her bally?!?! cause I don’t se it (the sophistication).

    2. There are some celebrities who pay Chris to write positive stories about them be smart to figure that out,don’t tell these names to anybody Jackie Appiah,Juliet Ibahim,Christabel Ekeh etc..Those who don’t pay are the ones that always receive bashing and negative post

  3. Kalsoume Sinare, do u hate peace that much??? What has come over u these days? Listen woman, if u would win it would have been long ago. It seems the spell u casted is not good enough for you. Jesus Christ has taught u that He is not dozing but watching over me! U can’t in any way crush my live n life like u n ur ple do to feeble ones. If you want me to help you jump into ur grave soon, just keep on with the secretive demonic nonsense. And i will show u where the POWER LIES! KWASIASEM KWA!!!

    1. Man wtf is all this nonsence about? How does the article relate to kalsoume? You seems confuse, a specialist wont be a bad idea for you.


  4. This girl is so hungry for fame,you would be shocked when you find out what shes doin jus to stay relevant ,GC this is where you need to dig instead you are praising her smh!

    1. Byna if u know how she stays relevant pls spill it. This is a news page! We tired of nay sayers like you already. Dont know abt the outfit tho.

  5. I went to gh for the first time last summer. Is hot as hell y will u wear this walking the street like a hoe. In them shoes on sandy gravel grounds? And imagjne how thst weave will smell like after all the heat. Dust. And sweat and smelly gutters infuse it.