Which Company is the Worst Telecom Service Provider in Ghana? The Verdict!

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Telecom in Ghana
Telecom in Ghana

If you asked me this last month, I would straight away without thinking it through say MTN! But after the events of the past few days, I believe most of the Telecommunication companies in Ghana are actually competing against each other not to provide us with good service, but to frustrate and rip us off over the most easy to solve problems. Why do they do this? There are certain situations that make you the customer feel straight out disrespected and you wonder: ‘’is it because this is Africa?’’ Because you cannot do this in Germany! Haha!

Now why was I so quick to lambast MTN? After several years of hearing people complain about MTN sneaking their credit and data away, I never expected it to happen to me in such an insanely large scale manner. I had just topped up some credit and because I did not want to finish it up on calls, I decided to buy data.

My new credit was 50 Cedis and I had 883 mb left from my old bundle. It had not expired yet but usually when I buy a new bundle on an old bundle, they just merge the two and I have what I paid for. But what was different this time? I am yet to figure out. I bought a new bundle of 2.5gb and within two minutes, almighty MTN had cleaned out my 883 mb and left me with only the new bundle I had just purchased. I was livid! Going crazy. So I called their office. Luckily for me, after two days of investigations from their end, they decided to refund my credit but their second mistake? They refunded only 5 Cedis. I marched to their office again and screamed my head off.

How do you even take away almost 1 gb of my data and expect me to keep silent? Why didn’t they take something as little as 5mb or less? I would have let that go instead of going through the stress of complaining over and over. But let us give MTN a round of applause because after my second crazy show in their office, they actually compensated me by refunding me double of what was taken. Whoop, whoop!

Now in the middle of all this, my sister said MTN was actually better because Vodafone will never add your old bundle to a new bundle when you buy a new one while you still have unexpired old data. Ei Vodafone? Really? Where does the old bundle go then? Into your pockets? So unfair! For this one I will say, VODAFONE, YOU CANNOT DO THIS IN BRITAIN! Hahahaha!

But are we done on just MTN and Vodafone? No! Can we talk about Airtel? Not because they took my 10 cedi credit which never got refunded after 3 weeks, can we talk about how they send you text messages helter skelter as if you signed up for your time to be wasted reading any floating crap that advertisers and individuals choose to float out!

Airtel, I have actually called you once to ask if there was a way to unsubscribe my number from any random messages completely. You agreed but continued texting! And that ridiculous 6060 number they have which will call you anytime, anyhow and just start to talk about products and services. For what!!!?

And before I forget, they gave me major drama just a few days ago when I bought credit in traffic, only to get home and it won’t load. The system kept feeding me with ‘’Voucher unavailable’’ so I called 121. You know what the attendant said to me, that the serial number of the sim card is not in the system so I should go to their office for a solution. Wow! That was a first. A new low! You want me to be responsible for feeding serial numbers of top up cards into the system? Why does the client take all the suffering for the incompetence of the service provider? If I bought the credit on Friday night and I cannot top up, I have to wait till Monday to go to your office? And your call centre cannot help me? What are they sitting behind computers for? Indeed!

As for Glo, I will not even worry my pretty head over their exorbitant charges.

Now Tigo, you claim you are the most youthful, cheapest and understanding network. Can you do us a favour and expand your network? Because there’s no point going cheaper if I cannot go longer!

So, is there anything good anybody would like to say about these networks? Because I found next to nothing!


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