‘Prophet’of God Rapes Young Woman seeking Spiritual Help

Shocking News
Shocking News

The Bible tells us that during the end times, fake prophets would spring up everywhere, thus going by that yardstick we must be at the very end of time, because it seems everywhere you turn these days you said nothing but false prophets.

You see them on television, you hear them deep into the night disturbing your sleep; the entire planet is saturated with them. One of these fine specimens has landed himself in deep trouble in Nigeria, as his heinous actions has seen him arraigned before a Yaba Magistrates Court.

The Daily Post of Nigeria reports 23 year old Adewale Adeleke was arraigned before court on four charges of stealing, obtaining by false pretext, impersonation, and rape.

Adewale is a self professed prophet of the Celestial Church of Nigeria and according to the prosecutor, used his position and influence to extort N13, 000 from the victim and forcibly have sex with her.

Narrating the facts of the case, Prosecutor Chris Takim said the accused met the victim on the premises of Original Inn Hotel at Ebute Meta on July 26 and approached her, informing her about a supposed spiritual problem she had.

Adeleke told her they should meet for a prayer session, and asked her to pay the N13, 000 as mobilisation fees.

He told the court “Adeleke collected her phones and N13, 000 to begin the prayer session with her, and later forced her to strip naked as a prerequisite for her prayer to be answered.

He thereafter unlawfully assaulted her and had sexual intercourse with her without her consent”

The ‘Prophet’ faces life imprisonment if convicted, but pleaded not guilty on all four counts and was granted bail by the presiding magistrate.

Inasmuch as you berate these false prophets for leading people down these paths, you cannot help but wonder what kind of mentality a person must have to actually strip naked just because a man of God told her to do so.

This sort of actions requires blind devotion devoid of all intellect, the kind that only religion and politics are capable of instilling in people.

Sure the world is labelled with false prophets, but it takes a certain kind of thinking to fall for their schemes, especially one as extreme as this one.

The day we stop thinking for ourselves is the day we take our first step towards a meaningless existence.


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  1. Dear Readers. The Celestial Church of Nigeria also known as Cherubim and Seraphim or OLUMBA OLUMBA is a sect or a cult group, they are NOT recognised as a sound doctrine denomination by mainstream christianity. The writer should do more research about this before publishing his story. Whereas I m not in the affirmative that what is alledged is right. He is innocent until proven guilty. God bless Christianity, may the gospel spread all across the world. Amen

      1. You importer. do u kno what that name carries? From today, bet it anywhere, ur life will be worse done cabbage. u will live to kno that some are mere humans and others are….just from now, u will see for your self. trust me

    1. I know who u are. an American Famous rapper. Do you see how Powerful God is to even reveal that to me? We serve a God is not subjected or created by another. Almighty I AM THAT I AM. AMEN!

  2. VICTORIA ZUGAH the sacrifice arrow is pointing @ you now. listen, take precaution in Jesus Christ b4 is too late. They want to use u…Vicky, may the Spirit of God guide you to a Christ Jesus believing church and pray yourself out of this. God reveals to redeem. I will do my own part for you, since He has revealed it, He will not let such demonic activities victimize you. JEHOVAH IS EL SHADAI! JESUS IS THE ONLY LOVER OF ALL SOULS!

    1. All Ghanaian Celebs must know that as long as some foolish ones have gladly joined this demonic pyramid Cult, the world know about, they will continue to sacrifice whoever they wish, whether their members or innocent colleagues. You all must just be extremely careful every single second that passes by. The likes of Sarkodie, Kojo Antwi, Daddy Lumba, Christiana Love, the gospel musician, [shocking ], VVIP, A. Anamoah, [expose more names when God permits me] are members, so there is no way being a celebrity in Ghana is free like it used to be. Step up ur game in Jesus Christ the non members. How many celebs can Gh boast of not talk of loosing them already. If God’s will is for me to put my people on their toes, then so be it. When i see the truth, i will speak it just as Almighty God has asked me, n if the world will hate me for that, let God’s will be done. I’d rather be hated by men than by God. It’s heading to the end of the years n i’m sure they will need more blood shed like any other demonic world. May the Holy Spirit of God roam in the Entertainment Industry of Ghana. May The Lord Jesus Christ who is The Lion of Judah guide and Protect the non member celebrities from their heads to toes! JESUS CHRIST IS KING OVERALL FOREVER !!! Peace!

  3. Chris the banana journalist, copy and post journalist,

    The last time you were asked by your readers why are you not writing about Muslims since you are known for replying every question, Chris you did not show up lol.

    I guess you did the right thing,because you won’t dare, I thought you will come out as usual to spit your ignorance but you weren’t man enough to come out from your mini apartment in the village to defend yourself.

    Mr banana Lawyer why didn’t you come out to show your judgmental skills since you are the best lawyer in UK,lawyer banza

    Mr self claimed Lawyer if you dare writes about Muslims your big booty, your pot belly and your case 5 balls will be crashed together.

    Prophet rapes young woman, your next topic is, prophet frauds someone
    I dare you to write about Muslims Chris Lawyer banza fake lawyer

      1. Hahahahahahahaha de only reason Chris support gays right because he live the UK he dare not write anything negative about gays or Muslim else he’s done.

        1. Now i get it. But as for me will proclaim Jesus even in the midst of numerous Isis coz to die in Christ is eternal life. I hope Christ finds the light before his topic becames ”Jesus came n we missed the rapture if u are reading this”…May God guide n protect his ways.