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It’s Now #BringBackOurBoys: Boko Haram Strikes Again with Kidnapping of 100 Young Men

Boko Haram


The Islamist terrorist group do not look like slowing down anytime soon, as reports indicate they captured around 100 young men and boys in Doron Baga, a village in Borno State.

Punch reported yesterday that the group attacked the village last Sunday, during which 10 people were killed. In the aftermath, it emerged that 100 young men and boys had been captured by Boko Haram.

It is believed the group plans to forcefully recruit the abductees into their midst and have them do, whatever it is they do.

Survivors fled the village and narrated their ordeal to journalists, one woman in particular who said they had to flee because there continued to be constant attacks on their village.

She said she lost six family members in the latest attack alone, and revealed the group captured 100 boys and young men.

Boko Haram has been a thorn in the side of Nigerian authorities for a while now, particularly in April when they attracted worldwide attention after capturing over 200 young girls.

That sparked the #BringBackOurGirls campaign, yet unfortunately to this day officials are no closer to finding neither the girls nor the terrorist organisation causing so much havoc.

These groups hide behind religion to cause so much carnage, carnage that no decent religion would endorse. Yet they manage to twist their goals to fit their ideology, such as the belief that dying in a Jihad (holy war), sees you go to heaven.

I’m not sure I want to be in a heaven that requires shedding innocent blood as an entry requirement, but then I don’t think much of religion either, so maybe that’s just my bias talking.

For now the militant group has struck again, and it’s probably only a matter of time before the #BringBackOurBoys campaign takes off.

Looking at the plight of the girls who have been in captivity for months, I wouldn’t hold my breath.


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1 thought on “It’s Now #BringBackOurBoys: Boko Haram Strikes Again with Kidnapping of 100 Young Men”

  1. At long last GC is writing something that is NEWS WORTHY. For our common humanity may God protect these innocent boys and Nigeria and the world from these terrorists. They have an agenda to establish Islamic Calipahte- Islamic rule free fom infidels. 1. Denounce ur religion 2. convert to Islam. 3. Pay Gizya (a severe form of taxation for “infidels”) 4. Beheadings. These are all byproducts of the so called Sharia law. The caliphate ideology is to wage religious war all around the world. We see it in Gaza (HAMAS), and Yassir Arafat FATTAH movement. HEZBOLLAH in Lebanon, BOKO HARAM in Nigeria, ALQAEDA in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Indonesia and cells in other countries. ALSHABAB in Somalia and Kenya, ISIS in Iraq and syria at the moment. They also have cells in other countries.

    Eg. When a man and a woman are caught in an act of adultery in sharia interpreation only the woman should be stoned to death. You may argue that such is it Judaism but I put it to you when was the last time you heard of a jewish woman being stoned. In the Holy scriptures of the Bible such incident was brought before The Lord Jesus Christ. His merciful response was ” He who is without sin should cast the first stone” John 8:7. Notice it was only the men present to stone this woman to death. Sadly this is happening daily in many countries. Lets embrace JESUS and Christianity and the true path to God and serve the PRINCE of PEACE. Isaiah 9:6. Shalom


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