HOT SHOTS: Actress Nuong Faalong Releases New Promo Photos + Talks About Her Next Films

Actress Nuong Faalong (6)
Actress Nuong Faalong

We’ve had long talks about branding among Ghanaian celebrities many times—if there is one young actress out there who understands branding, it must be Nuong Faalong. And that’s why GhanaCelebrities.Com caught up with her to throw more light on her journey so far as an actress.

She also had some new pictures to share—and I am finding it hard to choose my favourite out of them. So gorgeous, all covered up and still totally breathtaking. Keep reading!

GC: Who is Nuong?

“Nuong is every woman. Haha! But everything you see is 20% . The major deal goes on beyond what you see and that’s how it should be. I am myself completely and I am every woman when the need arises”

GC: Where exactly are you from and where did you school?

“I am Dagarti and I studied at Aburi Girls’ and then in Legon”

GC: We are aware youou are one of the UNAIDS young ambassadors, how do you blend that with acting?

“That’s easy. Everyone has a heart and that heart must be put to use to feel and reach out to people who need you. The typical actress is empathetic and that gives her an extra big heart. We exist to reach out and make the world better. I have an anti-hiv campaign that has been going on for a while with great response. The message is simple, use protection! And that’s how UNAIDS recruited me. When I have the least break, I try to propagate that message”

GC: What’s next for you in acting?

I am playing two Supporting roles in two good films!. Freetown and Cursed Ones. They will be released mid 2015.

GC: That’s amazing, how did you land those roles?

” I auditioned for both. The teams came to Ghana for that and luckily for me, I was called back for exactly what I auditioned for. I am looking forward to working with them. I have done my research on the films and I am delighted to be on board. It’s listed on IMDB and is set in the period of the Liberian war. It opens my eyes to a lot of things I haven’t been aware of. The Liberian war story is largely untold and I am pleased to help tell it.”

GC: We have watched you several times on GhOne TV’s Tales from the Powder Room. What makes you confident enough to give other people advice?

“Well, I have been blessed with a great mind and I like to think God did so so I could share it with others. When God gives you a gift, your only gratitude to him is your ability to share it with the world. I usually reflect on the situation before I speak. Because these are real people with real problems. You cannot just give them rhetoric and go away”

GC: I see, sounds very efficient. What are your hopes for the Ghanaian film industry?

“O wow, that’s a big one. You know, the industry has so much potential to be great and so much potential to be the opposite at the same time. It comes down to our individual goals. What do we each want? And do we deserve what we are asking for? For instance many actors say they want better roles, better pay but in the meantime, they are not learning their craft. They are not ready for what they are seeking. Let us give more to the art and the art will give more to us. Always give your best performance”

GC: Any last words?

“Work hard, learn harder, stay alert”

Check below for the photos…

Actress Nuong Faalong (7)

Actress Nuong Faalong (8)

Actress Nuong Faalong (9)

Actress Nuong Faalong (10)

Actress Nuong Faalong (11)

Actress Nuong Faalong (1)

Actress Nuong Faalong (2)

Actress Nuong Faalong (3)

Actress Nuong Faalong (4)

Actress Nuong Faalong (5)

Actress Nuong Faalong (6)


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  1. Ei. Jesus! See fine something. And she speaks well too. This girl will be Ghana’s first export to Hollywood. Chris I want her number. Is she married? Herrrh!

  2. hhmmm not being tribalistic but them northern ghana ladies are really beautiful…black black, light skinned light skinned…shes really beautiful….I can see even without makeup she still will look great…her pics are so georgeous and lady like…keep it up dear….;)….proud ghanaian

    • Very true. These northern girls will not kill us. Ahuofe papabi. And very decent. Even as a woman I am liking too much.

  3. So happy she did not show us her nudity. Even though I think she will be very gorgeous naked too. This lady is very beautiful. I always thought she was from Nigeria or Somalia. Seen her on broadway and miser. Very natural acting. My dear we are proud of you Wai.

  4. She is pretty. I saw her in northern affair and I liked her performance. I would to see more of her in movies. Keep it up girl

    • Lol. Well, Jim iyke’s love spell has expired n exposed so Nadia is free now…never too late. Jim, The idiot has been kicked back to where he belong…@ age 90 he will still be living single or married to the wrong person who can pay him back for all the disrespect he ever showed women in his life tym!


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